Spiritual Topics > Faults That Lead to Bondage > 5 Bhed (Doubts of Mind)

There are only 5 kinds of doubts which comes between us and salvation. When with Veechar these doubts are removed, then this Jeev (Soul) and Brahm (God) will be one. These are the following:

  1. Difference Illusion (Bhed Bhram): God and I are two separate entities, that He is someone else. To remove this doubt, there are lot of proofs in religious scriputes which states that we (Soul) and God are one.

  2. Action Illusion (Kartatt Bhram): 'I' am the one doing all the actions, and 'I' will get due rewards or punishments (heaven, hell, etc). To remove this think about this: The purport is that the Sun illumines the whole world; all good and bad things happen under its light; but the Sun neither becomes the doer of any of these nor the enjoyer. Same way, Atma/Soul is not doer, but using Atma's force, the karma are done by body, senses, and prana. Atma is neither doer nor enjoyer.

  3. Attachment Illusion (Sang Bhram): I am the body and that its characteristics are within me. e.g "I'm good, I'm bad, I belong to this religion etc. etc.". This is physical body, but as Atma/Soul is Nirakar (without attributes) it does not belong to the above mentioned charactertics. Atma is seperate from 3 bodies and 5 kosh.

  4. Separation Illusion (Vikar Bhram): To consider this world as a separate entity from the God. In other words, thinking that this world is nothing and only God is truth. To remove, keep in mind that God and this world are one and same.

  5. Element Illusion (Tattav Bhram): Just as Brahm is Truth, this world is Truth too. Illusion is to not consider this world as Hari-roop. e.g things made of sugar are sweet, same way this world which is made up of God is also truth. Everything is God.