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Root Causes of Eye Problems

  1. Lesser supply of electricity to the eyes.
  2. Damage in optic nerve, or Pituitary gland, when eyes do not get enough nutrition.
  3. Slower function of lymph gland which is responsible to remove carbon from eyes.
  4. When Diabetes continues for a long time, there is deficiency of glucose in the cerebrospinal fluid and so the eyes do not get enough glucose to work efficiently and throw out the carbon.

What is Cataract

To get cataract is a common thing in anybody’s life. And due to ageing process, anybody of 55 years or more can get cataract. When there is an increase of carbon in the transparent liquid of the eyes, the vision is reduced, i. e. becomes hazy. This is the beginning of cataract. Now, because of the internal pressure, the carbon starts gathering around the lens of the eyes—diminishing its transparency. Later on, when more carbon is pressed-gathers behind the lenses, the transparency is blocked-the lenses become opaque. And operation of cataract is performed and brownish jelly-like substance—carbon is removed.

Prevention/Treatment of Any Eye Problems (Cataract, Blindness, Glaucoma, or any other serious/non-serious eye problems)

Any treatment of cataract must restore the proper functioning of: Pituitary gland, Lymph gland, and also Optic nerve. This treatment can be used for any kind of eye disease and cure could be achieved within 40-45 days.

Acupressure and Diet: This step alone has the capability to cure any eye disease.

  1. Press the following points for one minute each twice a day: 35 (for Eyes), Optic nerve (for cerebrospinal fluid nutrition), Endocrine glands (3, 4, 8, 14, 15, 25, 28, 29, 38); 16 (to activate Lymph glands).
  2. Drink 2 glasses of gold/silver/copper/iron charged water reduced from 4 glasses.
  3. If possible, drink at-least 1 cup each of “Carrot Juice” and “Green Juice adding 1 teaspoon of health powder and 1 tablespoon of honey in it.”


  1. Rub one black pepper with water on clean stone and apply it in the eyes. There will be burning sensation-water will come out of the eyes and along with it the carbon in the eyes will get diluted and removed in 40/45 days.
  2. Put the lemon drops in the eyes twice a day and observe the improvement.
  3. Optional:
    1. Dr. Christopher’s Eye-bright formula. This is optional.
    2. Mid stream of healthy urine (which does not contain either sugar or pus)-should be collected in the morning and allowed to cool down. Then fill it in an eye-glass and wash the eyes by opening and closing-by blinking the eyes in the urine.
    3. Apply a little saliva in both the eyes when you get up in the morning.

Eye Exercises:

  1. Press all points around the eyes. Pressure on bones and not on eye balls.
  2. Do palming for a few minutes of the eyes two to four times a day.
  3. Do "Full Face Squint".
  4. Do the lion’s pose for 30/40 seconds.
  5. Do "Prana Mudra".
  6. Keep the eyes in eyeglass filled with cold water and blink the eyes for two minutes three to four times a day.


  1. Up to 30 minutes of sunrise or 15/20 minutes before sunset, let the sunrays fall directly on the eyes. At that time roll your eyes in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction.
  2. Up to 90 minutes of the sunrise or 60 minutes before the sunset, let the sunrays fall on the closed eyes.
  3. During the moon-night of 8th to 23rd moon days, lie down on your back and while blinking, see the moon for 10 to 15 minutes. The eyes will get great relief.

List of Formulae/Procedures under this Therapy

Gold/Silver/Copper/Iron Charged Water (Dr. Vohra)

This charged water is found useful for good health and is helpful in many diseases. But it is a must for the treatment of any problem connected with the improper flow of the current of bio-electricity. If you want to use tap water it is advisable to first boil the water and then use it for charging; otherwise use distilled water if possible.

  • Copper: Useful for all diseases and problems connected with the nervous system i.e. High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Polio, Tension and Leprosy.
  • Silver: Useful for the diseases of the organs connected with digestive system and the urinary system.
  • Gold: Useful for disorders of the breathing system, lung, heart, brain and is a general tonic.
  • Iron: Proper quantity of iron in the blood is utmost necessary because they carry oxygen and supplies it all over the body and thus increases stamina.


The charged water can be prepared as shown below: Take a pot of Pyrex glass, if possible; otherwise take a copper vessel, if readily availabe. In that case copper is not to be included while boiling. Otherwise stainless steel vessel or even earthen pot can be used. Do not use Aluminium or brass vessel.

  • Copper charged water : Put 60 grammes of pure Copper plate/ingots/wire or 6 to 8 copper coins in 4 glasses of water and boil it.
  • Silver charged water : Put 30 to 60 grammes of silver-pure bullion or pure coins (.999 purity) in 4 glasses of water and boil it. Do not use silver ornaments.
  • Gold charged water : 15 to 30 grammes of gold pure bullion gold coin or ornaments (chain or bangles not enameled of 22 carat gold in 4 glasses of water and boil it).
  • Iron charged water : (In case of deficiency of iron in blood, anaemia or during pregnancy) Put 60 grammes of unrusted/non-galvinized piece of iron (nails, etc.) in 4 glasses of water and boil it.
  • Copper/Silver/Gold/Iron charged water: All these metals can be put together in water, in the "proportion of gold 15 to 20 grams /silver 30 grams /copper 60 grams/iron 60 grams. It should be borne in mind that all metals put in the water are thoroughly cleaned and do not contain any dust or rust.

Boil away 25% of water i.e. retain 3 out of 4 glasses of water after boiling. Filter this water, keep it in a thermos if possible and drink it lukewarm/hot during the day. Drinking of ;l glass of such water the first thing in the moming is very beneficial. When this water is reduced by 50 %, it becomes medicine-best antibiotic and is a MUST in treatment of all serious diseases. In acute cases, this water may be boiled down to 1 glass or even half a glass. When you drink such {soncentrated water (i.e. when more than 60% water is boiled away e.g. 3 glasses of charged water reduced from 8 glasses) avoid sour things like lemon, sour buttermilk, etc.

Quantity : The above quantity is for all above 12 years. For children over 2 years 50 % of the quantity is to be given. For children below 2 years give only half quantity.

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Lion's pose

Prana Mudra

Full Face Squint


Eye Pressure

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