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What are Intestinal Worms?

Intestinal parasites are parasites that populate the gastro-intestinal tract in humans and other animals. They can live throughout the body, but most prefer the intestinal wall. Intestinal worms may further give rise to many other symptoms which are troublesome and which may lead to severe complications and diseases. This is not only a common problem with children but adults are also infected with it. Whenever person complain of:

  1. Pain around stomach
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Growth has stopped (in case of children)
  4. Eyes look pale (the eyes will look whitish)

In any of the above mentioned points, first of all try and find out about worms.

How to Detect Worms in Intestines?

When pressed on the point on the outer side in the middle of the smallest toe or last finger of any of the legs or palms, if pain is observed, it is an indication of the presence of worms. In case of worms, the children even get ear infection and in that case, point no. 16 of lymph gland will be found to be tender and paining.


Treatment for Intestinal Worms:

  1. Give homeopathic medicine “Cina 200C” (children under 6: 4 pills; Under 10: 6 pills; Over 10 and Adults: 8 pills) once a day for 4 days preferably before going to bed. Then stop the medicine for 4 days. After 4 days, repeat the medicine for 4 days again. On the 13th day, give some powerful laxative so that it causes 3 to 4 loose motions. From 14th day give “Cina 30C” 3 pills once a day for 30 days.
  2. Press points (22, 23, and of both the small fingers and small toes) each for a 3 minutes twice a day.

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