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Any kind of back problem (minor/major) could be easily detected by observing pain and/or tenderness on points (9 and/or 16) on back of palm(s) and also on sciatic nerve points on the legs.

Stiff back/Backache

If there is a pain on point no. 9 on the back of the palm(s), then back pain is related to Spinal Disc and it could be cured by pressing point number 9 for 4-5 minutes. Even in one sitting one can feel the difference. This pressing can be done 3 times a day for 4-5 minutes each time.

Sciatic Nerve Problems (Pain in Hips, Thighs, Legs, and Lower Back/Lumbar)

It is observed that due to unexpected jerks and lifting of heavy objects, cold, wearing of high heeled shoes etc. the sciatic nerve gets damaged, causing pain in the legs from waist to toes, knees, lower lumbar etc.

The problem of sciatic nerve could be detected by the presence of pain/tenderness on point number 16 on the back of palm(s) and also on the Sciatic Nerve point on the legs. In addition if there is also pain/tenderness on point number 9 then some vertebrae is also damaged; but the absence of pain on point number 9 indicates that there is no damage to vertebrae.

The problem of sciatic nerve can be corrected by pressing the point number 16 on the back of palm and on the points of sciatic nerve in the legs for about 5-6 minutes each. This process can be repeated 3 times a day. Most of the patients need only 4 sittings.

Herniated/Bulging/Slipped Disc, Spondylitis

It is possible due to several reasons, like falling down, sever jerk, faulty way of sitting etc. any of the vertebrae might have pinched into the spinal cord thereby causing inflammation of sciatic nerve and causing serious problems. Or sometimes swollen sciatic nerve can also cause disc to move, split, or rupture. The severe pain in back spreads to the legs through the sciatic nerve and the patient finds difficulty in walking. In such cases, the patient has to wear collar or waist band, lie down for a long time in a sandbox, keep hanging heavy weights on the legs.

In all such cases, the following treatment may be tried before going for an operation. During the following treatment patient may find pain, may cry out in agony for half a minute but afterwards, there will be great relief as the sciatic nerve gets freed. If necessary, repeat this treatment after one or two days. With only 2 to 5 sittings, in most of the cases, the patient will get cured. If the patient has already undergone an operation of the spinal cord or the knee within one year this treatment should NOT be taken.

  1. Take a cushioned bed 1.5 to 2 feet wide and 6 to 7 feet long and 18 to 30 inches in height. Ask the Patient to lie down on stomach and keep a soft small pillow (14 x 14) under the chest. Then 3, strong straps are to be tightened – one as higher as possible between vertebrae number 5 and 9. The second one is to be tightened in the middle of the buttocks and third one is to be tightened in the middle of the spinal cord. These straps are to be tightened as much as possible so that the body does not move but not so tight that the patient finds difficulty in breathing.

  2. Then take the head of the patient in both the hands and rotate it slowly but steadily and with as much pressure as possible in round, circle, upper, sideways, down the other side and rotate it for 3-4 times without giving jerks as shown in the figure.
  3. Then ask the patient to relax the head and keep it down on folded hands. Now go the lower side of the body. Lift one leg and slowly bend it so that the heel touches the buttock. Then follow the same process with the other leg. Repeat 3 times. Then take both the legs and bend them simultaneously.

  4. Ask the patient to sit on a chair (if possible). Keep left foot firmly on the ground. Then keep right leg on the knee of left leg as shown in the figure. Then with two hands try to press down the right knee 3-4 times. Repeat same way with the other leg.
  5. In case of split and/or rupture of disc one can also apply “Dr. Christopher’s Bone and Tissue Formula” massage oil or ointment on the problem area. One can also mix DMSO (only from Dr. Stanley Jacobs lab) and Dr. Christopher’s formula. DMSO basically takes any medicine by penetrating the skin within few seconds. Make sure that you mix DMSO and Christopher’s formula only in Glass bottle and mix it every time when you want to apply the mixture. Moreover, applying DMSO causes garlic odor from mouth.

How to stretch Sciatic Nerve

It is very vital for the overall body that the sciatic nerve works properly. For this reason sitting erect is necessary and the following exercise will be found useful.

In the morning stand erect keeping the legs 12/15 inches apart. Raise the hands and try to go backward from the waist as much as possible inhaling at the same time. Then come forward and bend from the waist with extended hands while exhaling at the same time. It will be observed that that due to improper sitting and sleeping practice, the sciatic nerve is contracted and it may not be possible to touch the ground. However, when this exercise is repeated you will be surprised to observe that not only you are able to touch the ground but even go further touching behind the legs. Thus, the spinal cord gets fully stretched and flow of energy is ensured all over the organs.

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