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What is Allergy

A rough explanation of allergies is that any substance in the air, water, food, or through physical contact can act as a 'foreign object' in the body.  The body then produces anti‑bodies to neutralize or help rid the body of the foreign substance.  In the process, histamine and other chemicals are released which cause allergic symptoms.

Often allergic symptoms are good in that the body seeks to expel the offending substance.  Sneezing or coughing when you breathe dust, for example, is a normal reaction of the body.  If, however, the normal defense mechanisms malfunction or become extra-sensitive, the reaction can become prolonged or excessive. These days lot and lot of people are dealing with allergies even from wheat, and milk.

Causes of Allergy

Allergy is one of the major misunderstood disease. The main root cause of any kind of allergy in the body is the presence of excess heat in the body; in other words, the non-efficient functioning of Adrenal glands lead to allergies as Adrenal Gland controls the 'fire' element in the body.


Do you know that even a suppression of common cold with medicines could lead to problems in Thyroid and Parathyroid glands which controls the digestion of calcium and so when this endocrine gland does not work efficiently slowly, but steadily a deficiency of calcium is created in the body. Disturbance in the Thyroid/Parathyroid gland leads to disturbance of Adrenal gland, which controls ‘fire' element of the body, i.e. spleen, liver and gall bladder and it also controls proper oxygenation. Thus, less functioning of these vital endocrine glands reduces the of resistance power of the body. This vicious cycle continues. The drugs consumed to cure common cold only increase heat in the body which in turn damages the liver-the radiator of the body. Moreover, due to the continuation of cold for a period of two to three years, even the lungs lose their capacity to throw out toxins gathered from the blood. The net result is that the body develops Allergy for something. The overburdened nerves develop irritation against certain things like perfumes, pollen, dust, etc. And so when the patients come in contact with that particular thing; the nerves get excited.

How to Detect Allergy

If point number 21 on the back of right hand is paining, then it denotes some kind of allergy in the body. There is no need to undergo painful tests to diagnose the kind of allergy.

What happens during Allergy attack

In case of allergy attack, point number 21 sends two signals: One to the liver to slow down its functioning so the excess heat can be produced and the other an SOS to the brain to defend against this enemy (the foreign object in body). The body knows only one language of defense - it creates Heat. The Brain produces more Histamine. After a while, the brain comes to know that Allergy point had sent a wrong signal and realizes that nothing has gone into the system of the body. And so, in order to remove the excess heat from the body it creates cold. This results in sneezing, watering of the nose and eyes, coughing, vomiting, etc. This fight in the body between the excess heat and cold results in breathlessness, depression, etc. This is not understood and so instead of helping to remove the excess heat and increasing the power of resistance of the body by reducing the deficiency of calcium, drugs like anti-histamine are given to curb the Allergy. For the time being, this process of removing the excess heat from the body is arrested. But very soon, the body starts this process of throwing out the excess heat-which is considered to be another attack of Allergy. The vicious cycle continues. And so, even Adrenal gland is more damaged- which damages oxygenation in the body—creates more breathlessness and creates more and more weakness in the body—leading to more depression and the power of resistance of the body becomes so low that the patient develops Allergy even against microscopic dust.

Immediate Treatment for Allergy

  1. Give treatment on point no. 21 on the front and back of palm on the right hand.
  2. Start taking Cal. phos 6c or 12c i.e. 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the evening-This will reduce the deficiency of calcium.
  3. Take Kali Phos 200c - 8 pills on the first day and then once a week. Then take Kali Phos 12-3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the evening. This Biochemic medicine will soothe the excited nerves, and the Allergy will be under control.
  4. During this treatment, drinking of charged water of 2 glasses reduced from 4 glasses is also advisable.

Permanent Treatment for Allergy

  1. Take the treatment for " Formula to Remove Excess Heat from Body (Dr. Vohra)".
  2. Press the following points on both hands twice a day, 1 minute on each point. Point nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 34, and 38.
  3. Drink 2 to 3 cups of "Green Juice Recipe (Dr. Vohra)" by adding in it 1 teaspoon of "Health Powder Drink (Dr. Vohra)" + 1 tablespoon of honey. This will supplement Vitamin “C” and digestive power and increase the power of resistance of the body.
  4. Drink 2 glasses of "Gold/Silver/Copper/Iron Charged Water (Dr. Vohra)" reduced from 4 glasses. This will empower the brain and the resistance power.
  5. Take the following Bio-chemic salts:
    1. Cal. Phos. 6c or 12c -3 pills in the morning & evening for 45 days.
    2. Kali Phos 200 -8 pills once a week.
    3. Kali Phos 12 or 30—3 pills in the morning & evening.
  6. In case of breathlessness, do the following: Ask the patient to lie down on the back between 11 A. M. to 4 P.M. and open his/her mouth wide open. And pour 1 tablespoon of honey directly into the throat in such a way that honey does not touch the tongue.

Just in 45 days, the body would have built up enough resistance power - removed the deficiency of calcium and also empowered all the endocrine glands. So the patient will become free from Allergy and its fear.

It is very likely that during this treatment, cold sneezing may increase—that brings out the suppressed cold and so you need not worry and therefore do not stop it by using allopathic medicines.

List of Formulae/Procedures under this Therapy

Formula to Remove Excess Heat from Body (Dr. Vohra)

If there is pain on point no. 28 then it denotes excess heat in body and the following treatment should be taken. The following treatment takes 55 days to complete as follows:

  1. First 10 Days: Take as first thing in the morning 1 teaspoonful of haritki churna (Terminalia chebula retz) plus Half teaspoon of crystal sugar for 8 to 10 days continuously, then twice a week during the following. This will also keep the bowels clean.
  2. Next 25 Days: Soak powder of 15 black pepper plus 2 teaspoonful of (preferably crystal) sugar in One-And-Half glass of water at night. Blend them and sip all as first thing in morning for 15 days. After 15 days, add 5 almonds to the mixture at night and drink it for further 10 days in the morning. This is very useful even in jaundice, psirosis, sunstroke, etc.
  3. Next 10 Days: Take 5 black pepper plus 10/12 black dried raisins plus 1 teaspoon of Saunf. Soak them in a glass of water in the evening. Next day, blend them and drink it in the afternoon. A useful drink in summer.
  4. Next 10 Days: Take an equal quantity of Cumin seed powder (Jera), Black pepper, Saunf, Amla powder, Crystal sugar, and Ginger powder (Saunth). Grind them into powder and keep it in a bottle. Take 1 teaspoonful of this powder with water anytime in the morning and evening.

Buttermilk/Lassi (Mixture of Curd/Yogurt and Water) is also very useful for digestion and removal of heat from the body.

Gold/Silver/Copper/Iron Charged Water (Dr. Vohra)

This charged water is found useful for good health and is helpful in many diseases. But it is a must for the treatment of any problem connected with the improper flow of the current of bio-electricity. If you want to use tap water it is advisable to first boil the water and then use it for charging; otherwise use distilled water if possible.

  • Copper: Useful for all diseases and problems connected with the nervous system i.e. High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Polio, Tension and Leprosy.
  • Silver: Useful for the diseases of the organs connected with digestive system and the urinary system.
  • Gold: Useful for disorders of the breathing system, lung, heart, brain and is a general tonic.
  • Iron: Proper quantity of iron in the blood is utmost necessary because they carry oxygen and supplies it all over the body and thus increases stamina.


The charged water can be prepared as shown below: Take a pot of Pyrex glass, if possible; otherwise take a copper vessel, if readily availabe. In that case copper is not to be included while boiling. Otherwise stainless steel vessel or even earthen pot can be used. Do not use Aluminium or brass vessel.

  • Copper charged water : Put 60 grammes of pure Copper plate/ingots/wire or 6 to 8 copper coins in 4 glasses of water and boil it.
  • Silver charged water : Put 30 to 60 grammes of silver-pure bullion or pure coins (.999 purity) in 4 glasses of water and boil it. Do not use silver ornaments.
  • Gold charged water : 15 to 30 grammes of gold pure bullion gold coin or ornaments (chain or bangles not enameled of 22 carat gold in 4 glasses of water and boil it).
  • Iron charged water : (In case of deficiency of iron in blood, anaemia or during pregnancy) Put 60 grammes of unrusted/non-galvinized piece of iron (nails, etc.) in 4 glasses of water and boil it.
  • Copper/Silver/Gold/Iron charged water: All these metals can be put together in water, in the "proportion of gold 15 to 20 grams /silver 30 grams /copper 60 grams/iron 60 grams. It should be borne in mind that all metals put in the water are thoroughly cleaned and do not contain any dust or rust.

Boil away 25% of water i.e. retain 3 out of 4 glasses of water after boiling. Filter this water, keep it in a thermos if possible and drink it lukewarm/hot during the day. Drinking of ;l glass of such water the first thing in the moming is very beneficial. When this water is reduced by 50 %, it becomes medicine-best antibiotic and is a MUST in treatment of all serious diseases. In acute cases, this water may be boiled down to 1 glass or even half a glass. When you drink such {soncentrated water (i.e. when more than 60% water is boiled away e.g. 3 glasses of charged water reduced from 8 glasses) avoid sour things like lemon, sour buttermilk, etc.

Quantity : The above quantity is for all above 12 years. For children over 2 years 50 % of the quantity is to be given. For children below 2 years give only half quantity.

Health Powder Drink (Dr. Vohra)

In 300 grams of amla powder, add 100 grams of dried ginger powder. Mix them. Take one teaspoonful of this powder along with water in the morning and evening. Otherwise, in 4 glasses of water add 2 tea spoonfuls of the above powder of amla and dried ginger (use fresh amla and ginger if available) and boil it and reduce it to 3 glasses. Filter the water and drink it during the day. If desired, honey can be added to it. This is good for growing children.

Green Juice Recipe (Dr. Vohra)

Leaves of tandaljo/spinach, methi (fenugreek), cellery, lettuce, cabbage, green coriander, pudina (mint), tulsi (holy basil), even cucumber, radish, simla capsicum, wheat grass and sprouted cereals, etc. In short, use leaves of any nonpoisonous plant/tree and vegetables from which juice can be extracted. While preparing such green juice, add one amla when available in the season or add dry amla powder/dry ginger powder also, (amla has 16 times more Vitamin C than an equal size of lemon.

In case, such green leaves are not available, dry leaves can be used. In that case, soak such dry leaves in water for two hours. Then throw away the water and extract juice. PLEASE CLEAN THESE GREEN LEAVES THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING THEM. It is possible that till toxins are cleared from bowels /intestines, one may get loose motions when they drink such green juice. Afterwards, such loose motions will automatically stop.

Green Paste: While preparing such green juice paste/pulp will be available. Do not throw it. Add little turmeric powder and cream of milk to it and apply it on the face or any part having skin problem/even on white spots as a MASK. Take blue light on it for 6 to 8 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash with water, and see the wonderful result just in 15 days.

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