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Test of good health:

  1. The head should be cool.
  2. The soles should be warm.
  3. The stomach should be soft, which is possible only if constipation is avoided and solar plexus is in order.

To prevent any kind of disease(s) please follow the following protocols which involves: Food-Habits, Special Foods, Exercise, and Nature.

Food Habits: “We eat to Live, and not Live to eat.”

  • Chew each bite 36 times before swallowing i.e well masticated.
  • Do not use refined salt and sugar. Use Sea-salt and Jaggery.
  • Do not drink water after meals. But after 2-3 hours drink plenty of water.
  • A gap of 5-6 hrs in between meals is good; and stop eating when ¾ full.
  • There should not be too much variety at one time as simple food is best.
  • Drink ½ body weight (in lbs) of water in ounces. 180lb=90oz. daily.

Special Additions to Food:

  • Daily at-least 2 slices of raw ginger (length and thickness of index finger); and Half raw onion (of normal size). Or if grated mixture 2 tablespoons. It is blood thinner, purifier and reduces cholesterol. (Channeled Information)
  • Very small quantity of garlic along with lots of onion and ginger. Excess of garlic will cause urinary problems. (Channeled Information)
  • Eat sprouts: Mung beans, Alfalfa, and Fenugreek.

Exercise: Regularly do the following exercises.

  • “Corpse Pose Relaxation” (5 minutes)
  • “Perfect Neutral Position of the Body” (5 minutes)


  • Press the following points for one minute each once a day. Endocrine glands (3, 4, 8, 14, 15, 25, 28, 29, 38); 16 (to activate Lymph glands).
  • Press all points of palms once a day.


  • Walk or stand on grass with barefoot for at-least 10 minutes.
  • Gaze towards sun for 2 minutes in morning and evening; or spend some time in open air and under sun for at-least 10 minutes.

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