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Bottom Line: “We eat to live, and not live to eat.” Consume sensibility whatever is available in Nature (Plant kingdom) as per season. We need food for survival, nothing more than that. It’s that simple for perfect mental and physical health.

What is Food?

Every living thing on the face of the earth, irrespective of man, plants and animals, need nutrition to survive, grow and reproduce. Basically we eat food to live and not live to eat. It means that for the survival we can have simple food that nature is providing us: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Nuts etc. Food not only sustains our physical being, but it also affects our mind. “We are what we eat”. Determination is directly related to what we eat. If we eat bad food, it will affect our mind in negative way and therefore we will face diseases. On other hand, if we eat food with good vibrations, then it will help achieve calm mind and physical health.

Raw/Live Food

As we go deeper into the biophysics of live foods, we begin to understand that live/raw food has the highest quality of nutrient concentrates, the highest amount of phytonutrients such as bioflavonoids, which are key components for activating positive gene expression (anti-cancer genes, anti-aging genes, anti-inflammation genes etc.), vitamins, minerals, bioelectrical energy, biologically active water, pi-electrons, bio-photons, and even the most structured SOEF patterns. In other words, from the physical to electrical, to subtle organizing energy fields, live foods are superior for our health and well-being than any other type of food preparation. Basically, live foods act as superconductors for electrical energy and cosmic energy.

Professor Hans Epinger, who was the chief medical director of the first medical clinic at the University of Vienna, found that a live-food diet specifically raised the microelectrical potential throughout the body. He discovered that a live-food diet increases selective capacity of the cells by increasing their electrical potential between the tissue cells and the capillary cells. He saw that live food significantly improves the intra- and extracellular excretion of toxins, as well as absorption of nutrients. This helps maintain, repair, and activate the DNA. We can say that by restoring electrical potential to cells, live food rejuvenates the life force and health of the organism.


Cooking significantly diminishes the amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, organic acids, and other lesser known phytonutrients. High percentages (almost 100%) of phytonutrients are destroyed when foods are cooked.

If it not feasible to eat raw/live food, then try to cook your food by steaming, boiling, or baking. Never over-cook the food. Always try to get some raw food in your diet including fruits and salads.

Selection of Food

The selection of food is according to each one’s temperament. The soul must be satisfied with the food and drink. Soul always tells if a particular food is good for us or not, but we tend to ignore it and eventually suffer. If we follow our soul then right food will be selected at the right time, and digested. The body goes through changes like the season in Nature. There are times when stimulating and warm foods are best as in cold seasons. The summer season supplies its own answer in producing fruits and vegetables.

How to Eat Wisely for Health:

  • Always remember that we “We eat to Live, and not Live to eat.”
  • Eat when hungry or 5-6 hrs gap in between meals; stop eating when ¾ full.
  • Simple food is healthy food; there should not be too much variety at one time.
  • Food should be well masticated; chew each bite 36 times before swallowing.
  • Do not drink water after meals. But after 2-3 hours drink plenty of water.
  • In morning, 30-40 minutes before eating anything drink hot water or with lime.
  • Always include 3 salads in your meal. Tomatoes, Onion, and Cucumbers.
  • Stimulants and spices are specifics, and should be used sparingly, when needed.
  • Eat food as per the season.
  • Balance is very important. Eat different shapes, colors, polarity type of foods.
  • Do not sleep after meals. If you need rest, then lie on the left side only.
  • Remove processed salt and sugar from diet and do not consume meat and alcohol.
  • Do not consume Incompatible Foods:
    • Acid foods, such as citrus fruits, and sour foods containing vinegar, should not be combined with starches, like bread, cake, cereals or grains of any kind, nor with potatoes or rice.
    • Orange juice and cereals are bad combination, but sweet fruits and juice combine well with cereals.
    • Protein and Starch foods (potatoes, rice, all cereals, and bread) are bad combination. But Protein and Acid foods are good combination.
    • Starch foods (potatoes, rice, all cereals – wheat, oat, rye, barley, bread etc.) should be chewed dry and not washed down with liquids, such as milk, coffee, tea, soups, or water and other beverages. It is because starch molecules need to be broken up by the saliva to enable digestion to take place. Due to this reason, the so-called modern breakfast of cereals with milk is dangerous.
    • Protein foods (milk, cheese, soy etc.) are digested entirely by the enzymes in the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. That is why protein foods should be eaten first when they are part of the meal. This enables the proteins of peas, beans, lentils, cheese etc. to swim in the juice in the stomach and become saturated with it, before all the other foods or drinks dilute this enzyme mixture of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Moreover, high protein diet is not good for health.
  • Adding butter or any kind of oil during cooking is not good for health at-all because high temperature converts them into ingestible. It is not good for liver and kidney. But one can add cold-pressed oil (olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, almond oil, safflower oil) or butter while serving as it will build up the health. Without heating the oil is an antidote for the liver which is clogged but the same oil heated is a killer for liver.

Principles of Food Digestion: Page - 79 from Health Building and Oils on page -45

  • Always remember that we “We eat to Live, and not Live to eat.”
  • Eat when hungry or 5-6 hrs gap in between meals; stop eating when ¾ full.
  • Simple food is healthy food; there should not be too much variety at one time.

How to determine one’s Constitution: From ¼ glass of water (at room temperature) take one sip; pause; take another sip. And think about the taste. Once we determine our constitution, then we can easily avoid the foods that aggravate that condition.

  • If it tastes bitter, it denotes Vata Prakruti (Air + Space dominate)
  • If it tastes sweet, it denotes Kapha Prakruti (Earth+ Water dominate)
  • If it tastes salty, it denotes Pitta Prakruti (Fire + Water dominate).

How to determine if a particular food/drink is good for us

  • First stand straight.
  • Keep left hand fist closed on heart, and outstretch right hand parallel to ground.
  • Ask someone to pull down right hand. Resist as much as possible.
  • Keep the eatable in left hand and keep it on heart & right hand parallel to ground.
  • Ask someone to pull down right hand.
  • If the food is beneficial to you, your resistance power will increase; but if the food is not beneficial then the resistance of right hand will be decreased.
  • You can also test the drink and/or any other food by touching it with left hand instead of placing the food in left hand.

Problems with Modern Food

  • Chemical foods: Most of the foods in market are GMO and sprayed with chemical fertilizers, pesticides. Is this natural?
  • Processed foods: Most of the time we eat processed food which are stripped of their main nutrients and laden with synthetic ingredients, preservatives etc.
  • Over-eat or Under-eat: We either overeat with wrong food or under-eat. In either body is not provided the nutrients it requires for healthy body.
  • Working in wrong direction: These days the people who thinks of themselves as educated in health related matters (including most of the nutritionists) are not aware of the real-facts of food; they are so concerned with the protein, calories, vitamins, and minerals in food that they totally forget that every food once inside body is bound to have bio-reactions. And foods also contain other subtle and phytonutrients.

Growing Own Food

It is best if we can grow our own vegetables and fruits from non-GMO seeds by using natural agriculture techniques suggested by Viktor Schauberger and Rudolf Steiner.

How to adjust with Modern Processed Food

In this modern world, it is not possible for everyone can grow its own food and very hard to get non-GMO food. So, the next best option is to adjust with whatever we have. The nutrients of any fruit and/or vegetable slowly reduce once it is picked from its source; then again it losses more while storing, transportation, and cooking. On top of it, it also acquires some negative energy from fertilizers, pesticides, and pollution. Therefore, it is very important to charge the food before eating as follows:

  1. Pray to God before having your food
    • Thank God for providing us food as food is His grace or not our work.
    • Pray to God: As we do not know if the food contains good or bad vibrations, please take care as we are eating what he has provided.
  2. Charge your Food
    • Touch food with all of 10 fingers. Finger tips emit electromagnetic forces.
    • Place your hands at the sides of your bowl, as near the food as possible. Then visualize the energy flowing through you, into the food, making the food radiant with light. This can be done mentally without the hands, but it is best that you learn to walk before attempting to run, so it’s best to do it with the hands at first, and at least until it’s mentally automatic.
  3. Eat/Drink Consciously
    • Be silent and pay attention to the type of food it is, its color, how it tastes, and how you are enjoying it. This is the conscious way of eating food.
    • Do not watch TV etc. while eating food.
    • Don't eat if you are not calm. It’s unhealthy to fight at the dining table and before going to bed.


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