Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
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This is your own portal for Mind, Body, and Soul needs. Some quick tips to locate information:
  • Top menu acts as map displaying all the possible choices.
  • Left column displays the list of "Spiritual Topics" but NOT any religious topics.
  • Right column displays the list of "Health Therapies".

Reason for creating this Website

There are basically 2 driving factors (apart from God's grace) that lead to the creation of this website.
  • People are fighting in the name of Religion: Ideally Spirituality and Religion should be One, but unfortunately this is not the case in modern society which is creating lot of problems in world. Everyone is claiming that their religion is better and they know and own God. But Religion is just a school and Spirituality is the subject. Religion's purpose is to practice discipline while learning Spirituality (which is the aim); just like we get admission in school to get education. Same way practicing any religion in itself is not destination, it is merely just the starting point on GOD's path.

  • Diseases increasing day by day despite Medical advances: It is unfortunate that people are just turning blind eye to increasing diseases day by day despite of medical advances. In the name of Health-Care people or cooperations who for their financial benefits either hide truth or tell half truth to the public and spread misinformation intensionally among public. Public should be able to access free, ancient, well researched, demonstrated and proven treatments.

About Us

The sole purpose of this website is to provide information that I have acquired through GOD's grace by reading books, scriptures, and by listening to many discourses from Saints, yesteryear's doctors etc. I'm not interested in getting donations or any other monetary benefits for the information offered on this website. I do not claim to be the knower of everything but my intention is just to share knowledge. This website is NOT commercial.