Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Knowledge for Freedom >>> 3 Requirements for Salvation

We know that Mind and Maya are the source of all problems and bondage, but remember that it is also the mind which could help us remove all the problems and can help us go beyond itself. God's reflection could be seen in the Mind, but in order to do that the Mind (acting as Mirror) should be free from Maya's power: Clean, Static, and without veil. 

e.g[ We can only see our face in water if the following 3 conditions are met: First, water should be clear (free of filth); Secondly, there should be no ripples in the water (water should be static/Calm); Thirdly, nothing should be between you and water (e.g curtain). Same way, we have to see God in our Mind; but Mind should be purified, one-pointed, and without curtain. ]

The detailed steps to eliminate all problems are as follows. These are also the steps defined in ALL religious scriptures, in other words this is the Crux of all religions and their religious scriptures: Karma, Upsana, and Gyan.

Karma/Actions (Purity of Mind):

This is the first requirement on spiritual path. Remove the first power of Maya i.e Filth (Mal) through Karma (Actions).

Purity of mind is achieved by staying away from filthy deeds like alcohol, meat, someone else's woman or man, gambling, stealing, lying, betraying, bribery, etc. and by investing in good, honest actions. Be charitable, take bath at ambrosial hours to keep body and mind clean and pure, do positive selfless service (sewa), practice restraint in sex.

e.g: [ A king very often visited a saint to seek his blessings. He would always pray to him only to give him some holy sermon. The saint paid no attention to his frequent requests. One day the king made a forceful appeal to the saint. At length the saint was appeased and said to the king, "Tomorrow I shall visit your royal palace and deliver my sermon there." The king was overjoyed and again insisted that the saint should oblige him by taking his meals too in the royal palace. The saint readily consented to it. The next day the saint reached the royal palace at the appointed time taking his begging bowl. The king had devotedly got prepared various types of delicacies and dishes for the saint. At first the king wished to serve to the saint kheer, a preparation of milk and rice. The saint brought forward his begging bowl to take it. The king peeped inside the bowl and drew back his hand without serving the kheer into the bowl. At this the saint stood up and got ready to go back. The king was terrified, as the saint had neither taken meals nor delivered sermon. The perturbed king said, "O holy saint! You neither took meals nor delivered a sermon as per your promise; still you are going back home leaving us in the lurch." The saint promptly replied, "I have delivered my sermon, which you have failed to grasp." The king stood dumbfounded. Then the king asked the perplexed king, "Why did you not serve the kheer into my bowl?" The king said, "Holy Sir! Filth including cow dung and pebbles were lying in your bowl. I did not serve the kheer into the bowl, lest my nectar like sweet and tasty kheer should get spoiled." The saint said, "I had also to teach you this lesson that your mind is full of filth and dirt in the shape of evil passions like selfish desires, anger, greed, attachment, ego. Until and unless your mind on being relieved of these evil passions becomes purified, how should I deliver my sermon to you? In the present state of mind my sermon will also be futile and go waste." ]

Upsana/Worship (Concentration of Mind)

Remove the second power of Maya i.e Vikshape (Poison) through Upsana (Worship).

When mind is purified, then the desire for concentration arises in mind. One-pointedness of Mind is achieved through worship with full concentration so that mind does not create ripples (thoughts) to disturb us. The concentration is achieved by devotion and worship. It could also be achieved through Meditation/Simran. The more concentration of the mind improves, the more happiness and peace is obtained.

During concentration, the various rays of the mind are collected and focussed on the object of concentration. There will be no tossing of the mind. In other words mind will not create ripples to disturb us. One idea occupies the mind. The whole energy of the mind is concentrated on that one idea. The senses become still. They do not function. When there is deep concentration, there is no consciousness of the body and surroundings. One should always concentrate on his/her Guru and do meditation of Gur-Mantar.

e.g:[ In tropical countries, the temperature often goes above 130 degrees, but you cannot cook your meal with that heat because it is not concentrated. Similarly, if you train your mind so as to be able to concentrate well, you can transform your whole personality. Concentration is most important during meditation. ]


Remove the third and final power of Maya i.e Veil (Avaran) through Knowledge (Gyan).

When the search of Self is done with purity and concentration of mind, one realises that the same God that once appeared as separate is one's own; in fact the entire universe appears to be one. The scene and the witness both appear to be one. Duality completely disappears and only One prevails.

It is not possible to gain Gyan/Knowledge without Guru. But we do not have to search for Guru because as per God's Law, Guru will appear itself once we have removed the first two powers of Maya i.e once our mind is pure and steady (one-pointed), Guru will appear to give us Gyan/Knowledge using which we could realize God. In this scategorye all the 5 Doubts are removed. This scategorye is beyond the Mind (Kal Niranjan).

 Vig-gyan: In this category, one's Atma/Soul unites with Param-Atma/God.

The bottom line is: Remain in fortress of Atma where arrows of ignorance, desire, anger, greed, attachment, ego have no effect. Bombs like pain, pleasure,false happiness, pride, humility, summer, winter, hunger, birth, death fall on fortress like cotton balls i.e does not harm fortress. 3 types of problems (Aad, Beyad, Upad), Asa, Trishna, Chinta, Shabad, Sprash, Roop, Ras, Gand, Avidaya, ego, attachment, hatred, fear of death have no entry inside that fortress. In that fortress only true happiness and enjoyment resides.

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