Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Knowledge for Freedom >>> 3 Techniques for Salvation

Everyone wants Supreme Happiness which neither recedes nor vanishes. But that supreme happiness is only in the God. All religions have laid down various rules and regulations in order to achieve the same happiness just like each university has its own rules and regulations but still their aim is common i.e to educate the student.

The following are the core 3 techniques using which anyone can attain the supreme bliss.

  1. Leave Ego (Haumne da tayag): Leaving the thinking that "I'm a body and attachement with objects due to this body". This thinking is called I'amness (Ego/Haumae) and is the base of birth-death and all pains. Without killing this feeling it is not possible to get happiness. This ego could be killed by practice of Guru's teachings (Shabad). One should think oneself as "I'm different from body, I'm Soul which is always in supreme happiness."

  2. Contentment (Bhana Mitha Manana): Always feel contented in Sukh/Happiness and Dukh/Sadness because the current life problems, success, and whole environment is due to previous karma.

  3. Remembrance of God (Naam Simran): By not allowing mind to wander and with full concentration and one-pointedness remember the God (it is a combination of Simran, Dhayan which eventually leads one to Gyan).

e.g [ A lame (with one leg) lion cannot kill deer, he needs to have both legs. God's Simran is lion, but "leaving-ego" and "contentment" are legs of this lion. Therefore, it is necessary to have 2 legs intact in order to kill Agyan/Ignorance (just like deer). In other words, one needs to practice "Leave Ego", "Contentment", and "Naam Simran" together in order to be successful. ]

The above mentioned 3 techniques could also be redefined as: Veerag, Bhagati, and Gyan.

One Saint has given the following flow-chart to achieve Salvation:

  1. Do the company of Sant/Mahapurash/Saint.
  2. If you cannot do that, then do Naam (Meditation); Dan/Charity of 10% of your income to needy; Isnan (Bath).
  3. If you cannot do Naam, Dan, and Isnan, then do not overburden yourself with sins. In other words, avoid doing sins.
  4. If you cannot refain from sins, then it is better to die because without doing steps 1, 2, 3 you are bound to fall to lower planes.

One should also follow the following while living in this world

Isnan: It is taking bath during ambrosial hour while chanting God's name. It would and meditating; one's physical and mental body becomes diseaseless and many obstacles are removed from future.

Dan (Charity): Do charity to needy. Charity is not always of money.

Naam: It is the remembrance of God. Please refer to "Meditation" article to have more details about this step.

Single most powerful method for Happiness (Surrender)

According to this method, one should surrender the body, mind, intellect and ego entirely to the ultimate reality in order to being down into one's daily life the peace, purity, truth, consciousness and bliss of the supreme Self. Two other qualities of action characterize the life of aspirant whose method is self-surrender: Faithfulness, and Sincerity. This is a sacred process, but it does not require any effort other than Self-Surrender. In this, all of the habits, and actions should be surrendered and exposed to the divine light. Self-Surrender is not a thing which can be done in a fit of emotion or in a day. The human ego resists surrender. The mind has its own ideas and cling to it. SUrrender is the way of accepting the divine. Surrender means to offer all one has and not to insist on the primacy of one's own ideas and desire. Surrender empties one's ego and then fills him with divine truth. If he lets its mind take over, however, discussing and deciding what is to be done, he will be in danger of losing touch with the divine force. Then the lower energies will begin to act for themselves, and this will lead to confusion.

When one surrenders to God, then there is no need to study mind, karma etc., just surrender ourself completely to HIM. "Surrender everything to God: Body, Mind, Money, Property, Meditation, Workship, if bad then I'm yours, if good then I'm yours, Sinner ve tera, Punni ve tera, kami, angry, ego, peace, satisfied ve tera. Chatan ve tu aap haan and body ve teri ha. Therefore, I does not exist."

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