Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Faults leading to Bondage >>> 4 Primitive Needs

All emotions arise from desire. All desires arise from 4 primitive fountains: Food, Sleep, Sex, and Self-preservation.Those who have regulated the 4 primitive fountains have control over their emotions, and those who have emotional maturity are successful in the world and can be successful in attaining the purpose of life. If they are not regulated, they will be the source of many problems and diseases; and problems will be created in one’s mind. Extreme (over/under) of every primitive urge is dangerous.

If one has emotional problems, he is making a mistake somewhere in controlling one of the urges, because all problems come from them. It is not difficult to know the source of problems if we learn to observe these 4 primitive fountains.

Self-preservation: It is the strongest primitive. People are always trying to protect themselves from any fear. Fear of death, fear of being proved wrong in relationships etc.

Sleep: It is second strongest primitive. If one does not get the rest which sleep provides, he will full of fears and will think that everyone is his enemy and may even become insane. The mind should be free from conflicting thoughts before going to sleep; otherwise sleep will be unhealthy and mind won’t get the rest. “Yogic Sleep” is best deep sleep. 

Food: it is third strongest primitive. Poor food habits can make one emotionally upset, insecure and physically ill. Learn to be cheerful while taking food. Take food consciously.  

Sex: It is the least strong of the primitive urges and the only one we can live without. It should neither be overdone nor be suppressed since doing so can create many nervous and mental diseases. It is not the most important urge, but it appears to be so important because it is more related to the mind than the other 3 primitive urges. People should prepare themselves mentally and unconsciously for having sex. A regular date and time should be set for this. By regulating one’s sex habits, one’s mind does not run to the grooves of sexual thoughts all the time. Learn to be fully under control while doing sex. Do sex consciously.

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