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Knowledge for Freedom >>> 4 Qualities for Salvation

One needs to acquire 4 qualities for salvation as follows:

Discrimination (Vivek)

It is the ability to discriminate between the permanent and the impermanent. Atma/Soul is truth/permanent; Body and this world are false/impermanent and painful because they are changing. I am Soul and not Body. This is called Vivek.

Non-attachment (Vairagya/Veerag)

It is giving up the identification with the impermanent/false (including happiness of upper planes). It is desirelessness; Non-Attachment to the fruits of actions, in this world and the next.

Shat Sampatti (Six virtues/wealths)

  1. Control of mind (Sama - Tranquility): Control of mind from running outside. In other words, it is quietude in holding the mind steadily on the object of attention.
  2. Control of senses (Dama - Training): Stop mental organs of senses (Gyan Indriyas) from their workings/Vishe. In other words, it is mastering of the powers of perception and of action, holding them from running away.
  3. Withdrawal (Upram): It is the total withdrawal of vritti from the exterior (craving for the sensory pleasures) e.g property, wife etc.
  4. Endurance (Titiksha - Forbearance): It is endurance of afflictions without rebelling against them and without lamentation or grumbling. In other words, Forbearance and tolerance of external situations allow one to be free from the onslaught of the sensory stimuli and pressures from others to participate in actions, speech, or thoughts that one knows to be going in a not-useful direction. Man suffers from three types of pains. All these pains happen according to one’s previous actions (Prarabdha Karma). Commonly man tries to escape from them. When he is unable to do so, he begins to hate them. This is but natural. However the aspirant of Moksha does not view them with hatred. He endures them while progressing in the direction of his spiritual practice towards Moksha.
  5. Faith (Shraddha): Full faith on Guru and Scriptures.
  6. Focus (Samadhana):It is becoming mind's inward and detached from the external world.

Longing (Mumukchatva)

It is the desire to get liberated from the limited. Desire to get freedom from all pains is called mumukchatva.

How to attain Salvation within one Birth

  1. Have Nirmata.
  2. Brahmachraj (Don't see another man/women)
  3. Do not steal and have Santokh.
  4. Do not do Nidea/Backbitting.
  5. Simran/Meditation of Guru updesh.
  6. Have less food, and less sleep.

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