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Human body is bi-polar along three axes: Head to Feet; Right side to Left side; Back to Front. In people born right-handed, the head and right side is positive. But the base of the spine and the left hand has negative polarity. Polarities are reversed in those born left-handed.

The natural intelligence of the body (or ‘energy body’) is always trying to balance us energetically—biocircuits very much facilitate this process. Biocircuits work to balance your bodily energy, called chi, prana, life force, etc. Connecting the meridian terminations in your hands to the points at the base of the neck and the bottom of the spine augments bodily energy flow. These Bio-Circuits are passive devices that facilitate the flow of subtle bodily energy. A scientific, double blind study, that measured muscle tension and skin conductance as well as monitored EEG, found these screens to be superior for producing relaxation. It was invented by Leon Ernest Eeman.

When polar opposites are connected together, whether within one body or between 2 or more bodies, the effects noted include greater relaxation, recovery from fatigue and disease, greater capacity to work, better health in general. Circuits connecting polar opposites are termed as “Relaxation Circuits”. But if we connect polar similars then effects noted are creations of tension are therefore termed as “Tension Circuits”; and “Tension Circuits” would create all conditions opposite of “Relaxation Circuits”.


These circuits not only affect physical conditions, but they are very effective in treating mental problems. Basically, these circuits would charge your own body so that it can act as naturally with strong immune system and therefore ALL the diseases could be cured or helped with these “Relaxation Circuits”. Some of them are: Mental, Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, Eliminative disorders (like Arthritis), Headaches, High-blood pressure, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Insomnia etc. It creates many benefits like Muscular Relaxation, Slower and Fuller Respiration, Strong Pulse. Do NOT use bio-circuits during fever.

Material for bio-Circuits

These circuits could be made with either 100% Copper or 100% Raw/ Dupioni Silk with 100% Cotton thread. It is because copper, silk, and cotton are known to be conductors of universal energy. Both copper and silk are very good but silk is more powerful and subtle and therefore good candidate for emotional problems; copper could be used for physical problems. Copper circuit’s energy could be felt by most people, but in order to feel the energy from silk one needs to be sensitive person who can feel the subtle forces. For example: use copper circuits on people who are reluctant or do not believe in these kinds of circuits and use silk for believers. Once non-believers can feel the copper energy, it would be easier to shift them to silk.

How to create Bio-Circuits

  1. Purchase 2 pieces of 12”x12” of pure copper sheeting squares and 2 pieces of 4” length of copper pipe with width of either 1” or 3/4”.
  2. Drill a small hole near two opposing corners of the squares.
  3. Drill another hole at the bottom center of first sheet and top center of the second.
  4. Join the 2 pieces of 12”x12” squares via a 3 foot copper wire (use normal insulated copper wire normally used for stereo cable or 12/14 gauge insulated wire).
  5. Join each square with copper handle.
  6. This is called “General Eeman Relaxation Circuit”. There are 2 other types of Bio-circuits: “Optimal Eeman Relaxation Circuit”, and “Lindermann Central Symmetrical Circuit”. From these “Optimal Eeman Relaxation Circuit” is mostly used.

If you’re using silk to create bio-circuits, then no need for copper handles and wires. You can use 4”x4” squares instead of copper handles. Make sure that you use only 100% Raw silk with 100% cotton thread. Also, if needed to make the big squares padded you can use 100% cotton battling.

How to use the Circuits

  • Simply lay upon the 2 big squares with head towards North. One square is located on your spine toward the base of your neck. The other square is placed near your tailbone. A wire should be running from one square to the other along your spine.
  • Gently grip one handle in your left hand and one in your right.
    • For right-handed person: Left hand should be connected to the upper square (below neck) and Right hand should be connected to the lower square (near tail bone).
    •  For left-handed person: Left hand should be connected to the lower square (near tail bone) and Right hand should be connected to the upper square (below neck).
    • Sometimes in very very rare cases, if right-handed person is feeling tension in this circuit, then he/she can replace the handles as shown for left-handed persons.
  • Cross your left ankle over your right.
  • Close your eyes and relax and spend 20 to 30 minutes on this circuit. But if you are using any other substance in circuit (like drug, vitamin, urine etc.) spend less time.
  • This setup is called “Optimal Eeman Relaxation Circuit”.

Points to remember when using Bio-Circuits

  • Direct contact between copper mat and person is not needed in order to product the discussed effects; Clothing and Cushions did not act as barriers.
  • Before long you will begin to feel energy moving through different parts of your body especially with copper. Where there are any blockages you'll experience twitches and tics. This will all self correct over the next 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Gender (Male/Female) has no effect on polarity but left and right handed does effect polarity.
  • Don't stay in them past 30 minutes because you'll begin to grow tense and restless as your energy starts to recycle in another direction.
  • If number of persons is using same copper circuits, then make sure that you put the whole copper circuit under cold water in order to remove the subtle energy from previous user.
  • In case of silk circuit, it is better not to use the circuit that has been previously used by another person. But if you have to use, then try to put the previously used circuit in Sun for few hours before using it.

Using medicines (drugs) within the Bio-Circuits

In scientific research, it is very interesting to note that if you break the wire that runs from head to spine and insert the 2 cut end in a solution (ONLY in Glass container) of some medicine (allopathic, homeopathic, vitamins, self-urine) then within few minutes, the effect of those medicines/vitamins will be transferred to the person. If the subjects were kept in the circuit for too long with the medicines, then there were instances when the effects of the medicines were severe. So, do not let the subject lie in the circuit for very long with medicines in the circuit.

In-fact, it was found that if drugs are introduced into bio-circuits, then it has better therapeutic results rather taking the drug directly with mouth. Remember, when we place these substances into a biocircuit) our bodily energies are directly affected by the vibrational patterns. It is important not to place any substance in the circuit that would be unhealthy to ingest orally.

Circuits with more 2 persons

The effects of Relaxation and Tension Circuits are usually increased if exactly 2 persons are connected together using a separate pair of copper mats for each person.

The normal relaxation circuit is formed when the head of each person is connected to the left hand of the other person, and the bottom of the spine of each person is connected to the right hand of the other person. But when right-handed person is placed in circuit with left-handed person then relaxation circuit is formed when the head of each person connects with right hand of the other person, and the bottom of the spine of each person connects with left hand of the other person. Also, left-handed person should lie in the opposite direction from the right-handed person.

Reports from the experiments indicate the curious fact that when a strong or healthy person is placed in a circuit with weak or ill person, then both experience beneficial effects from the experience.


Circuits with 3 or more persons

The same principles were found to apply with 3 or more persons in circuit – in-fact the number of persons could be increased indefinitely. However, with more than 2 persons additional phenomena appeared: some individuals turned out to be stronger “emitters”, other individuals acted more as “receivers”, while others seemed to have as the primary characteristic, that being of conductors of energy between emitters and receivers. So, do use care with circuits having more than 2 persons. There are various ways to make a circuit with more than 3 persons as shown in the following diagrams.


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