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Source of Energy

The Sun is the source of all Life and Energy conveyed to the world by oscillatory Potentiality of a spiral character, composed of the elements essential to the chemical existence of the live Universe. All growth is dependent on Solar Energy. Sunlight is a part of that Energy converted to a specific purpose. From the mineral to the human kingdom all life is dependent on Sunlight. Light is as much human food (a necessity for existence) as Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Health and Sunlight

The Light evolved from Solar Energy is White. Its emission polarity has Seven Main Divisions, which can be resolved from it. They are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Every chemical element exhibits a preponderance of one or more of these colors under oscillatory disintegration. The world has all the elements that are known in the Sun. The potency of an element depends on the potency of its Color Waves. Foods (and Medicines) are composed of definite elements and act in strict conformity with such Color Wave Potencies. Health is maintained when these elements (colors) are proportionately balanced. Any disturbance of this element (color) is liable to produce loss of health.

What is Color

Color is a form of electromagnetic energy that makes up visible light. It is made up of different wavelengths and frequencies – each color having its own particular wavelength and frequency. These frequencies and wavelengths make up visible light energy and are a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum that makes up the Universe. The spectrum ranges between Infrared and Ultra violet.

Color Therapy

All the primary colors reflected in the rainbow carry their own unique properties. Color therapy utilizes these properties to re-establish balance and equilibrium in the body, mind and spirit in a holistic way. Color has a profound effect on us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The body’s seven energy centers resonate with the seven colors of the spectrum.

In general Red color is stimulating and warming, affecting our physical energies; Blue color is cleansing and cooling, and affect our spiritual energies; Yellow color connects the two (physical and spiritual) and affects our mental energies. Generally, Blue color is healing color. One can place water in Blue colored glass bottle under the sunlight for few hours. This water will become healing water and can do wonders.

General Color relationships

Deep Blue (PK-V+, Increases Prana): Good for removing inflammation, infection and fever, and for stopping bleeding also affords protection.

Red (KV-P+, Increases Agni): Good for stimulation, energization, warming, improving blood flow.

Orange (VK-P+, Increases Agni and Tejas): Good for energization, stimulation, warming, purifying and cleansing, Opens the mind.

Gold (VK-P+, Increases Tejas and Ojas): Good for energization, pain relief, stimulation, and spiritualization, also promotes growth the tissue development. Transmits a solar force.

Yellow (KV-P+): Good for balancing, clearing, nourishing and grounding energy.

Green (PK-V+): Good for giving vitality, promoting Prana, cleansing the blood, calming the nerves, balancing the mind and stopping pain.

White (PV-K+, Increases Ojas): Good for balancing and increasing tissues and bodily fluids.

Color Therapy Tools

Chromotherapy Torch

This is a simple Maglite torch with Quartz and color disc for color treatment. It could be used for number of diseases.


Spectro-Chrome is very potent system for all minor and major health issues. The Spectro-Chrome system was invented by Dinshah P. Ghadiali; spectro-chrome evolved from the research, studies and contributions of many scientists, doctors and researchers. Some of them include Sir Isaac Newton, Dr. William Wollaston, Joseph von Fraunhofer, Gustav Kirshhoff, Robert von Bunsen, Sir William Crookes, Dr. Seth Pancoast, and Dr. Edwin D. Babbitt. Continuing the research of his forbearers, Dinshah P. Ghadiali further researched and developed the ideas, methods and techniques over many years.

Spectro-Chrome is not a machine or tool. It is basically a set of 12 color filters which could be used with a range of light sources like: under sunlight, normal bulb etc. These are called Roscolene Filters. For more information, please refer to:

Some of the effects of colors as noted by Dinshah are as follows:


  • Stimulates the sensory nervous system which energizes the senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
  • Liver builder and stimulant, areas #7-8
  • Builds platelets, hemoglobin, etc., of the blood (hemoglobic).
  • Causes rapid expulsion of debris through the skin; may induce skin redness, itching, pimples, until the internal cleansing process is completed (irritant, pustulant).
  • Counter-agent for burns from x-rays, ultra-violet, etc


  • Lung builder, and respiratory stimulant, areas #3-4-5-17
  • Thyroid builder and stimulant, area #3.
  • Parathyroid depressant, area #3.
  • Relieves cramps and muscle spasms (antispasmodic).
  • Stimulates mammary glands to increase milk production, areas 405 (galactogogue).
  • Stomach stimulant, areas #6-8 (stomachic).
  • Assists vomiting when stomach contains unsuitable matter, areas #6-8 (emetic).
  • Relieves flatulence or gas in the digestive tract, areas #6-7-8-9-10-18-19 (carminative).
  • Bone builder; corrects bone softness, rickets, by calcium effect.
  • Tissue stimulant, decongestant.


  • Yellow is bright, sunny and energizing.
  • Stimulates the motor nervous system which energizes the muscles. Nerve builder for sensory and motor systems.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system. Mild tissue stimulant.
  • Stimulates the intestines, pancreas, and production of digestive fluids – bile, hydrochloric acid, etc, areas #6-7-8-9-10-18-19 (digestant, cholagogue).
  • Increases bowel movements, areas #9-10-18-10 (cathartic).
  • Spleen depressant; equilibrator in melancholia, balances areas #6-7 through the portal circulation
  • Expels worms and parasites (anthelmintic).


  • Lemon is a combination of yellow and green and is used in all persistent disorders. Its one of the colors used in systemic tonations, along with Green and Turquoise.
  • Produces a favorable change in the processes of nutrition and repair in persistent disorders (chronic alternative). Dissolves blood clots
  • Promotes coughing to expel mucus and fluids from the lungs and air passages, areas #2-3-4-5-17 (expectorant)
  • Bone builder, by phosphorus effect
  • Brain stimulant, areas #1-15
  • Thymus builder and stimulant, areas #4-5
  • Mildly stimulates digestive system, areas #6-7-8-9-10-18-19 (laxative)
  • Equilibrator after extended use of ultra-green tonations.


  • Green is a physical equilibrator and tends to bring all bodily functions to their normal levels. Its one of the colors used in systemic tonations, along with Lemon and Turquoise.
  • Cerebral equilibrator, areas #1-15. Physical equilibrator, systemic front
  • Pituitary stimulant and equilibrator, area #1
  • Stimulates the rebuilding of muscles and tissuew
  • Destroys micro-organisms, germs, bacteria: cleanses and prevents decay (germicide, bactericide, disinfectant, antiseptic)


  • Turquoise is a combination of green and blue and has some of the governing and cleansing power of Green and some of the fever controlling ability from Blue. Because of that, Turquoise is great for recent (acute) disorders with little or moderate fever. If the fever should rise, try blue.
  • Turquoise is one of the colors used in systemic tonations, in the same way Green and Lemon are.
  • Produces a favorable change in the processes of nutrition and repair in recent disorders (acute alterative)
  • Brain depressant, areas #1-5
  • Skin tonic. Rebuilds burned skin (antipyrotic)
  • Equilibrator after extended use of infra-Green tonations


  • Relieves itching and irritation of abraded surfaces (antipruritic, demulcent)
  • Encourages perspiration (diaphoretic)
  • Mild sedative. Reduces or removes fever and inflammation (febrifuge, anti-pyretic, antiphlogistic)
  • Pineal stimulant Area #1; builds vitality.


  • Indigo is often used in disorders involving bleeding, abscesses, effusion, suppuration because it: helps tissues contract, promotes the production of phagocytes, and helps minimize pain.
  • Parathyroid builder and stimulant, area #3
  • Thyroid depressant, area #3
  • Respiratory depressant, areas #3-4-5-17
  • Causes contraction, controls abscesses, lessens secretions, arrests discharges and hemorrhages (astringent, antipyic, anti-emetic, hemostatic)
  • Promotes the production of phagocytes which destroy harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, germs, etc.
  • Mammary depressant reduces milk production, areas #4-5 (lactifuge)
  • Eases sufering, lessens excitement and over-activity (sedative)


  • Spleen builder and stimulant, area #6
  • Decreases muscular activity, including the heart muscles.
  • Lymphatic glands depressant, systemic front. Pancreas depressant, areas #8-18.
  • Decreases activity of the nervous systems (tranquilizer).
  • Promotes production of leucocytes, white (Violet) blood cells.


  • Purple is often used when beginning tonations and in all disorders involving the heart, blood circulation, or reproductive system.
  • Kidney and adrenal depressant, area #18
  • Decreases sensitivity to pain. Induces relaxation and sleep (soporific).
  • Increases functional activity of the veins.
  • Lowers blood pressure by three effects:
    • Dilates blood vessels (vasodilator)
    • Reduces the heart rate, areas #4-5
    • Decreases activity of the kidneys and adrenals, area #18; and the chromaffin system, systemic front and back.
  • Lowers body temperature
  • Controls fever and high blood pressure in malaria and recurrent fevers (antimalarial).
  • Emotional and reproductive system depressant. Builds sex powers by decreasing sensitivity and desire when excessive (anaphrodisiac).
  • Moderates blood pressure between heart and lungs, areas #4-5. Controls lung hemorrhages; some cases may respond better to Magenta or Scarlet. When in doubt try Purple first. The foregoing approach also applies to cases of dry coughing (non-productive).


  • Magenta is often used when beginning tonations and in all disorders involving the heart, blood circulation, or reproductive system
  • Emotional equilibrator, and auric builder, systemic front.
  • Builds and equilibrates the functional activity of:
    • Heart, areas #4-5 (cardiotonic)
    • Blood circulatory system
    • Kidneys and adrenals, area #18; and the chromaffin system, systemic front and back.
    • Reproductive system, areas #10-11
    • Kidneys, area #18


  • Stimulates the reproductive system, and menstrual function (emmenagogue).
  • Kidney and adrenal stimulant, area #18
  • General stimulant. Increases functional activity of the arteries.
  • Raises blood pressure by three effects:
    • Constricts the blood vessels (vasoconstrictor)
    • Increases heart rate, areas #4-5
    • Stimulates activity of the kidneys and adrenals, area #18; and the chromaffin system, systemic front and back.
  • Accelerates fetal expulsion at time of delivery (ecbolic).
  • Emotional stimulant. Builds sex powers by increasing sensitivity and desire when deficient (aphrodisiac).


Further Reading:
  • Let There Be Light By Darius Dinshah
  • The Principles of Light and Color By Edwin D Babbitt
  • Color Medicine By Charles Klotshe
  • Light is a Living Spirit By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov