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Corpse Pose Relaxation

It is very useful for nervousness and other diseases. It is the best technique that takes only 5 to 10 minutes but it has the potential of activating body’s natural forces to heal the physical mind and calm the mind. It should not be practiced more than 10 minutes and one should not fall asleep during this exercise. Do not retain breath in this practice.

  1. Lie down on your back with a soft pillow under your head.
  2. Close your eyes and start exhaling and inhaling slowly, evenly (inhale and exhale for same duration) and deeply, breathing diaphragmatically.
  3. First, relax your limbs physically, and then ask your mind to travel, with a feeling of relaxation, towards your toes. Do this systematically, centering on each set of muscles throughout the body and relaxing them.
    Start by relaxing your forehead, facial muscles, neck, shoulders and so on, continuing down until you reach toes. Then return back to head, relaxing each set of muscles along the way. Do not allow any other feelings during this exercise.
  4. After relaxing for 5 minutes, one can create voluntary tension all over the body and try to maintain the state of tension for at least 60 seconds.
  5. Then gradually relax all parts of the body again, systematically, from head to toes.
  6. Relax, create voluntary tension, and then relax again, exhaling and inhaling slowly and deeply.

Crocodile Pose Relaxation

It is considerably supportive for those who are affected with slipped-disc, sciatica, lower back pain, and other spinal defects. It calms the mind, soothes the nervous system, and focuses the mind. If this is practiced three times a day, one will be a totally transformed person in a month's time, thinking differently and feeling very energetic. It helps quickly identify any anxious or nervous feelings you might have around your stomach area and gives you opportunity to let go and relax that area. Do not practice this relaxation exercise for more than 10 minutes.

  1. Lie on the stomach, placing the legs a comfortable distance apart and pointing the toes in or out, whichever is more comfortable.
  2. Fold the arms in front of the body, resting the hands on the biceps.
  3. Position the arms so that the chest does not touch the floor, as pictured. Then place the forehead on the forearms.
  4. As you lie in the posture, observe your breathing. Let the breath become deep and smooth. You may use a cloth beneath the nostrils to keep from inhaling dust.
  5. While inhaling, feel the abdominal muscles gently press against the floor.
  6. While exhaling, feel the abdomen contract.
  7. Let the body relax completely.

Sixty-one Point Exercise

It is more potent as compared to the 1st relaxation exercise. It is very beneficial for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, gastric ulcers, problems with blood circulation, stress.

  1. Lie down on your back with a soft pillow under the head, with your feet spread , the toes pointed outward, the hands a little bit away from the body, palms up, eyes and lips gently closed, and the tongue relaxed at the roof of the mouth.
  2. Begin with overall body awareness, making sure that you are positioned correctly as explained in 1st point.
  3. From an overall body awareness, turn your awareness to your breath, noticing each inhalation and each exhalation, and the transition between the two. Let the breath flow without pauses, jerks, or noise. Let the length of inhalation equal the length of the exhalation and let both be done to your own comfortable capacity.
  4. Take your awareness to each named part of the body and relax that part of the body. Start with number 1, the center of the forehead; and ending with number 61, the center of the forehead.

Potent Relaxation (Shithali Karana)

It is more potent as compared to the Corpse pose relaxation exercise. This exercise is deeper than Sixty-one point. There is no exercise known to be higher and better than this exercise to alleviate stress, hypertension. It can cure any chronic insomnia case. Even though it is great exercise for insomnia but keep in mind that this exercise should NOT used to fall asleep. If you do this exercise, you will find a difference in the quality of your sleep. In 7 days time it completely changes the whole cycle and anatomy of sleep; the quality of sleep increases and the duration of sleep decreases. Usually you do not really get a deep sleep so that your body is fully rested; you have aches and pains and inertia in the morning. If you do this exercise you will not experience those any longer.

This exercise is also very good for either mentally based or physically based depression. If you do this exercise before meditating, you will find a difference in the quality of your meditation. Practice this exercise for a long time and perfect it. You should have mastery over this exercise and do it accurately. Find out where you are committing mistakes, and then correct your mistakes. You should train your body to follow your mental instructions by doing this exercise. Use pillow under the head for this exercise because otherwise the finer gases from the digestive system can come up and disturb your heart.

Do not retain the breath in this exercise. There should be no jerks, or noises, and the breathing should not be shallow. 2nd chakra is excluded from this exercise. This exercise will drop the pulse rate drop and heart muscle able to rest. The involuntary system also rests; the pumping station that pumps blood to your brain slows down.

  1. To begin, the room should be made dark, quiet, and the eyes should be closed. Make sure that you lie on ground or with a thin sheet on ground; never use bed or mattress as it will make your spine curved.
  2. Lie down on your back with a soft pillow (not too big or small, just normal) under the head, with your feet spread and space between two legs, the toes pointed outward, the hands a little bit away from the body, palms up, eyes and lips gently closed, and the tongue relaxed at the roof of the mouth.
  3. First, breathe diaphragmatically 5 times; 5 complete exhalations and 5 inhalations. As you exhale let your abdomen contract, allowing the lungs to expel carbon dioxide. Let the abdominal muscles gently relax when you inhale.
  4. Exhale from the crown of your head to the toes, and inhale from the toes up through the ankles, knees, hip joints, and spinal column and coming back to crown. Do this 10 times.
  5. Exhale from crown to ankles, and inhale from ankles up to crown. 10 times.
  6. Exhale from crown to knees, and inhale from knees up to crown. 10 times.
  7. Exhale from crown to perineum, and inhale from perineum up to crown. 5 times.
  8. Exhale from crown to navel, and inhale from navel up to crown. 5 times.
  9. Exhale from crown to heart center, and inhale from heart up to crown. 5 times.
  10. Exhale from crown to throat, and inhale from throat up to crown. 5 times.
  11. Exhale from crown to bridge between nostrils, and inhale from bridge between nostrils up to crown. 5 times. If one of your nostril is blocked, ask your mind to open it and if it is your friend, then it open it.
  12. Exhale from crown to space between eye-brows, and inhale from space between eye-brows up to crown. 10 times. Here breath will become very short but it is fine breathe. It is not really shallow, but actually deep and fine.
  13. Exhale from crown to bridge between nostrils, and inhale from bridge between nostrils up to crown. 5 times.
  14. Exhale from crown to throat, and inhale from throat up to crown. 5 times.
  15. Exhale from crown to heart center, and inhale from heart up to crown. 5 times.
  16. Exhale from crown to navel, and inhale from navel up to crown. 5 times.
  17. Exhale from crown to perineum, and inhale from perineum up to crown. 5 times.
  18. Exhale from crown to knees, and inhale from knees up to crown. 10 times.
  19. Exhale from crown to ankles, and inhale from ankles up to crown. 10 times.
  20. Exhale from crown to toes, and inhale from toes up to crown. 10 times.
  21. Then gently get up. Throughout this entire exercise relax your whole body and let it inhale and exhale in a natural manner.

In short the summary is:

  1. Exhale from crown to toes, and inhale from the toes to the crown ten times.
  2. Do the same with the ankles and knees.
  3. Then 5 times to perineum, navel, heart center, throat, bridge between the nostrils.
  4. Then from space between eyebrows to bridge between nostrils at least 10 times.
  5. Then reverse the process, coming back to the toes.

Yoga Nidra

It is a method in which you can have conscious sleep. You can gain complete rest and a little bit of sleep, but remain fully awake. It is very beneficial. In yoga nidra you do not lose consciousness, yet your whole body, mind, and nervous system, as well as both kinds of muscles (smooth and striated), obtain complete rest. You will gain control over the voluntary and involuntary nervous system. You can even communicate with others while remaining in deep sleep.

Deep inhalation and shallow/short exhalation is extremely bad for heart. The motion of the lungs goes through needless stress. The motion of the lungs is related to the heartbeat, and the blood supply is also related to that. The right vagus nerve, which is responsible for digestive, is also involved. So the entire system becomes irregular in its functioning. But you can regulate it: yoga nidra helps you with this problem.

Yoga Nidra could be used to know or learn something that you ordinarily cannot know in the waking state. If you cannot find a solution to a problem/question with your physical mind and brain, then you can go to sleep in yoga nidra and come back with exact solution. Intuition can be strengthened using yoga nidra. During yoga nidra your mind goes beyond the walking, dreaming, and sleeping states. The mind is not in the fourth state, turiya, but it in between turiya and sleep.

There is a fine boundary between yoga nidra and Samadhi. In yoga nidra you are in deep sleep, yet are recording within – you switch on your inner tape recorder to record. You can see wonders and talk in many languages, a phenomenon that can be scientifically observed. If this practice is continued you can register what happens inside; words, sentences, paragraphs, and passages will not be forgotten. During that time you are very powerful and mind is greatly expanded, yet your mind is completely under your control.

The proper technique is important, but in addition to understanding the technique, we need to have strong determination and desire. When you think that it is difficult to practice, then it really becomes difficult. But when you decide and determine to practice, your willpower and determination will lead you to achieve what you want to do. There are total of 3 methods of yoga nidra but here we are going to discuss only one method which is very concrete, concise, and practical.


  • The finest time to practice yoga nidra is early in the morning before the sun rises, or in the evening around sunset.
  • It should be done when it is dark and there is no strain, stimulus, distraction, or noise from outside. If you want to practice during day-time, then make sure the room is quiet and dark. Usually, yoga nidra is not done before 3pm.
  • Make sure that you are protected from noise. A little bit of sound can agitate your nervous system and injure your brain fibers, so that is why the quiet time of night is preferred.
  • To learn this method you need to have a definite time set aside so that you can practice at the same time every day. It is because habit will lead you spontaneously to this state.
  • Do this practice regularly and do not do this occasionally.
  • In the beginning ear plus (cotton balls) can be used but do not use rubber plugs.
  • Do not use these exercises for relaxation or sleeping; use this only for higher knowledge.
  • If you are doing this exercise for more than 10 minutes, then you are not doing yoga nidra; you are just sleeping. It is because the normal capacity of brainwave relaxation is only 10 minutes.
  • Though you can record all the things going on while in yoga nidra, do not try to do that; it will come of itself.
  • Do not do this exercise when you have overeaten or when you are fatigued.

Full Technique for Yoga-Nidra

  1. Begin by exhaling and inhaling deeply.
  2. Practice the Sixty-one point exercise.
  3. Then do Shithali Karana.
  4. Turn onto your left side and continue to breathe so that if there is any undigested food in the system it can be digested. Breathe from head to toe and toe to head – but breathe freely with the whole body, without touching on those points; exhale and inhale as through your whole right side is exhaling and inhaling 10 times.
  5. Turn onto your right side. Exhale and inhale 10 times as if the left side breathes.
  6. Shift onto your back. Let your whole body inhale and exhale. Exhale as though your whole body is exhaling. Let your limbs feel as if they were receiving energy through the nose and pores. Feel as if your whole body is being energized, and anything that injurious to your body is being thrown out and expelled.
  7. Now, practice actual yoga nidra. Shift your attention from the eyebrow center, to the throat center, and finally to the heart center; and be centered there. Do not think about your posture or anything else. Just be aware at the space between the 2 breasts. When you end the exercise, bring your attention systematically outward. This point is explained in further detail as follows.

Technique for Core Yoga Nidra

  1. Lie in shavasana (Lie down on your back with a soft pillow under the head, with your feet spread , the toes pointed outward, the hands and legs a little bit away from the body, palms up, eyes and lips gently closed). If you do it incorrectly, it may create problems for you after a few days.
  2. Let your mind survey whether your body is placed in a comfortable position.
  3. First, let your mind come to the eyebrow center. Using diaphragmatic breathing, take three breaths. Allow your thoughts, even your mantra, to let go. Your eyes and ears are closed; your breath is serene.
  4. Next, with the help of your breath, shift your concentration to the throat. Visualize the moon at the throat chakra. Visualization of moon is very good; it is very soothing and helpful. Breathe freely without any conscious control, many times. Then breathe diaphragmatically.
  5. Next breathe as though the center is the space between the two breasts – the heart center, not the navel center. Now, make heart-center as focal point, and then do your breathing. You will go to sleep, but when you see that you are losing consciousness, try to break that. Do not do this exercise for more than 10 minutes.

Middle Pillar Exercise

What is The Art of True Healing

Within every man and woman is a Spiritual Force which directs and controls the entire course of life. If properly used, it can heal every affliction and ailment we may have. Every single religion affirms this fact. This technique is using this Spiritual Force. But question is: How can there be depletion of our energy if vitality and cosmic currents of force pour through us constantly? Essentially, it is because we offer so much resistance to its flow through us that we become tied and ill, the conflict finally culminating in death.

There are 2 steps to Health and Freedom

First understand that this Spiritual Force is omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time) and infinite. We live and move within this force. Repeatedly tell the mind this fact. Memorize the Spiritual Centers in the human body as shown in the diagram. Also remember that there are 3 principles which are required in order to awaken these centers from their dormant state so that they may function properly: Thought, Sound, and Color.

Regulated Breathing:
Secondly, practice rhythmic breathing everyday at fixed periods, in a relaxed manner, with no strenuous forcing of mind, no overtaxing of the will. It increases flow of this Spiritual force, stimulates chemical in brain, pumps spinal fluids to brain giving greater energy, cleanses blood, releasing blockages in meridians, increases vitality.

Technique for The Middle Pillar Exercise/Meditation

The following technique is the best and could fail only if one does not truly understand the nature of the subconscious and of the whole body-mind organism or does not practice it. Repetition is often invaluable both in teaching and in learning new subjects. Therefore repeat this technique again and again.

  1. Physical Position: Either sit in totally relaxed position with head, neck, and trunk in a straight line and hands folded in the lap, palm upwards, or else, with fingers interlocked, be permitted to rest loosely below the solar plexus. OR If lying down on flat surface, your hands should rest comfortably at your sides, palms upward with total relaxation.
  2. State of Mind and Breathing: Calm your mind and practice regulated breathing for several minutes. Let the breath flow in while mentally counting very slowly: 1, 2, 3, or 4. Then exhale counting the same beat. It is fundamental and important that the initial rhythm, whether it be a 4 or 10 beat count or any other convenient one, should be maintained. This rhythmic breathing should result in the sensation of a gentle ripple playing over the diaphragm.
  3. Collect the Spiritual Energy by Imagination: Use the Spiritual Centers in the human body to collect the omnipresent Spiritual energy by imagining Shaft of white or golden light, with five Spheres of Light along the shaft, stretching from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet as explained below. But do not force the imagination to visualize the sphere of light as this will result in the development of neuromuscular tension, and defeats our end. Let it done quietly and easily. On each of the energy centers one must imagine a Sphere of light in all directions (front, back, and sides) and one must use corresponding Vibration/Sound/Intonation/Singing-Tone. Sound should be moderately audible and after some practice one can practice the sound in silence. Take care that the sounds vibrates well within only the formulated white sphere making the light sphere pulsating (expand and contract rhythmically). If the mind wanders (it will indeed), gently lead it back by the frequent repetition of the Vibration/Sound.
    1. Spirit center: Imagine a ball or sphere of brilliant white/golden light above the crown of your head and vibrate a word () within that white sphere which would make that sphere pulsating. Enormous charges of spiritual power make their way into the brain, and the entire body feels suffused with vitality and life. Even the finger-tips and toes react to the awakening of the coronal sphere by a faint pricking sensation at first being felt. Let the mind rest here for 5 (five) minutes, when it will be seen to glow, imagine that it emits a white shaft downwards through the skull and brain, stopping at the throat.
    2. Air Center: Imagine that the shaft now expands to form a ball of white light, which includes a large part of the face, up to and including the eyebrows. Vibrate (singing voice) a word within that white sphere for several minutes, until their existence is recognized and clearly felt as a definite sensory experience. Then with the help of imagination, thrust a shaft of light downwards from itself.
    3. Fire Center: The light shaft descents to the Solar plexus region, just under the breast-bone to solar-plexus. If this is done, at once a radiation of warmth will be felt to emanate from the centre, gently stimulating all the parts and organs about it. After several minutes of vibrating, continue the shaft downward from the solar-plexus to the pelvic region.
    4. Water Center: Visualize here (pelvic region), a radiant sphere of approximately the same dimensions as the higher one. Intone/vibrate (singing voice). Stay here for several minutes and imagine the shaft moving downward through thighs and legs until it strikes the feet.
    5. Earth Center: Imagine that the shaft now expands to form a ball of white light. Spend several minutes there.
    6. Try to clearly imagine the entire shaft of white or golden light, studded as it were five diamonds of incomparable brilliance, stretching from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet.
  4. Circulating the collected Spiritual Energy:
    1. Circulate from left to right side body starting from top: Throw the mind upwards to the top sphere again, imagining it to be in a state of vigorous activity (vibrating sphere). It revolves rapidly absorbing Spiritual energy from space around it, and transforming it in such a way that it becomes available for immediate use in any human activity. Imagine then that such transformed energy flows, stream-like, down the left side of the head, down the left side of the trunk and the left leg. While the current is descending the breath should slowly be exhaled to a convenient rhythm. With the slow inhalation of the breath, imagine that the vital current passes from the sole of the left foot to the right foot, and gradually ascends the right side of the body. In this way it returns to the source from which it issued, the top centre, the human source of all energy and vitality, a closed electrical circuit thus being established. Let this circulation, once firmly established by the mind, flow evenly to the rhythm of the breath for some seconds so that the circuit has been traversed about half a dozen times. Keep in mind that we circulated this energy within the body and NOT the outside.
    2. Circulate from front to back of body starting from top: Visualize the vital flow as moving from the top centre above the head down  the front of the face and body. After having turned backwards under the soles of the feet, it ascends at the back in a fairly wide belt of vibrating energy. This, likewise should accompany the inhalation and exhalation of  breath, and should also be persisted in for at least six complete circuits. Oval shape.
    3. Circulate from feet to head and back: The final method of circulation rather resembles the action of a fountain. Throw the mind downwards to the Earth centre, imagining it to be the culmination of all the others, the receptacle of power, the storehouse and terminal of he incoming vital force. The imagine that this power ascends, or is drawn or sucked upwards by the magnetic attraction of the Spirit centre above the crown of the head. The power ascends the shaft and then falls down within the confines of the ovoid aura. When it has descended to the feet it is again gathered together and concentrated in the Earth centre preparatory to being pushed up the shaft again. As before, the fountain circulation should accompany a definite rhythm of inhalation and exhalation.
    4. The skin over all the body will throw up symptoms, caused by the intensification of life within, of a gentle pricking and warmth.
  5. Focusing the available Spiritual Energy: This is the moment when, should there be any functional disturbances in any organ or limb, the attention should be directed and focused on that part. The result of this focus of attention directs a flow of energy over and above the general equilibrium just established. The diseased organ becomes bathed in a sea of light and power. Diseased tissue and diseased cells, under the stimulus of such power, become gradually broken down and ejected from the personal sphere.
  6. Prayer: All the above steps were preparatory. e.g The radio may have power flowing through it, and the equipment may be in perfect operation condition - but what do we want to do with it. All do the prayer to God to heal you. This is the main step. Prayer do NOT need to have any ritual, just a prayer from the core of the heart.

For serious chronic problems:

Sometimes patient is not able to do the middle pillar exercise or simply the healer wants to put more power into the patient because the stronger current is needed to cure the patient. The patient’s attitude should be one of absolute receptivity to the incoming force and should have full faith on his/her healer. In that case, please follow the below mentioned procedure:

  1. The patient is placed in a highly relaxed state, one in which every neuromuscular tension has been tested and called to the attention of the patient. Consciousness is then able to eliminate tension and induce a relaxed state of that muscle or limb. Spinal manipulation and massage, with deep kneading will also enhance circulation of the blood and lymph.
  2. A suitable degree of relaxation obtained, the patient’s feet are crossed over the ankles and his finger interlaced to rest lightly over the solar plexus.
  3. The operator or healer the seats himself on the right side of the person should the patient be right-handed - vice-versa for the left handed patient.
  4. Placing his right hand gently on the solar plexus of the patient and left hand under the patient’s head. Within a few minutes a free circulation of magnetism and vitality is set up, readily discernible both by patient and healer.
  5. Silence and quiet should be maintained for a short while, following which the operator silently performs the practice of the Middle Pillar, still maintaining his physical contact with the patient.
  6. When the operator arrives at the circulation stage, currents of energy flow not only through his own sphere but through that of his patient as well. They unite to form a single continuous sphere as the interchange and transference of vital energy proceed.

Show images of Randolph Stone's chart (on desktop) to show circulation and also of pelvic bone and also from Art of True Healing.

Awareness of Neuromuscular Tensions in the body

Tension in general waste energy. Even involuntary tension results in the wastage of energy. One can experiment the following technique to prove that tension waste energy and most of us in modern life does have some kind of involuntary energy which is leading to the wastage of energy and eventually leading to physical and metal problems. This technique is also used to relax the corresponding areas; so it is great technique to prove and cure involuntary tension. In total there should be 2 persons: One acting as healer and another acting as patient.

  1. Let the patient lay on the flat surface with arms on its side and palms facing upwards. Let the patient relax for couple of minutes and tell him/her not to control any part of the body, just let it free.
  2. Stand on the right side of the patient.
  3. Hold the patient's right leg and raise it 6 or 7 inches in the air at the angle of 45 degree, and drop it. Repeat this several times.

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