Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Faults leading to Bondage >>> Fear

"You don't fear anyone, but yourself. You are the fright and also the frightened. In fact you don't fear anybody; you don't have any worry, suspicion, pain or grief. You are His dear ones. Surrender yourself completely to Him. When you have this awareness that: The Lord is with me, the Lord of life is in me, then there will be no fear. Fear of what?"

We cannot enjoy the life if we are constantly under the pressure of fear of tomorrow, the future. Enjoyment comes when we are free from fear. And we will be free from fears only when we go beyond our mind or surrender ourself completely to Him. As long as we remain within the fields of our conscious and unconscious mind, we can never enjoy life; for the center of life, center of consciousness is beyond, that which is called individual soul.

Fear can and does have a purpose, but only in its proper place, only when it is not really ‘fear’ anymore. It should become a warning mechanism only.

e.g[ When you are driving a vehicle, and you see the gauge that says your engine is boiling over, do you scream in pain because of the hot water coming out of the engine, or take action to remedy it? If we say that our life is like a car on a highway, and you see a truck crossing the line up ahead and veering toward you, you can take calm, logical, sensible action to avoid an accident, if you aren’t in the grip of fear? However, if you are in the grip of fear, your action will be from panic, and you are far more likely to do something stupid that will actually cause an accident. ]

e.g [ Fear attracts what it fears. If you put a 6” wide plank down on the ground, and ask people to walk across it, they would do it every time without falling off. But put that same plank across a small pool of water with air bubbles, and tell people that the pool is filled with boiling water, their fear will actually cause them to lose their balance some of the time. So to the contrary of your question and ‘fears’ about not having fear, the truth is quite the opposite - fear can bring you harm, and fearlessness can save you. ]

Therefore the purpose of fear is to lead us to question and understand why we have that fear in the first place. As we examine our fears, we will learn that all our fears are somehow false and based on misunderstandings. There is no truth or reality to our fears, Many fears remain buried within us, and we never really examine them. We are afraid to examine our fears, one by one, and to encounter them and then be free to their control. The urge that is the root of these fears is the desire for self-preservation. Basically, to be free from all fears, we need to know the Truth. Once we know the truth, we're free. Whenever we have fear, we can consider these 2 possibilities: either we're afraid of not gaining something, or we are afraid of losing something. BIGGEST fear is death; but death is a natural process.

All fears are self-created; they come from a desire to obtain something which one is not fully equipped to attain. Fear develops in the mind, and if they are not examined and understood, they grows stronger and stronger each day until finally one loses his self-reliance. The main root cause of dangers is fear and the habit of being afraid actually invites danger. Whenever one has a fear, he is inviting danger by imagining it in his mind and then preparing for it. By doing this, one's mind becomes negatively one-pointed and then that fear is not under his control. To examine our fears closely, we will have to go beyond the thinking process. We will find that the greatest fear is that of fear itself. But fear really does not exist at all. It is like the darkness which is actually only the absence of light.

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