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Vibrations in Universe

The entire universe is vibration. All things vibrate, and have different vibratory characteristics. All things are in constant state of vibration and in a constant system of harmonics and resonancy, according to the point of stability within the ethers. These harmonics generate fields of an electromagnetic and electrical nature, but above all, the fields within the ethers are activated. There is no such thing as empty space. God’s force (ethers) are present everywhere.

Vibrations in Human Body

As human body is micro universe, there there are constant vibration all body parts, including cells, and organs, have “vibrational signatures”. There are “healthy” vibrational signatures as well as diseased vibrational signatures.

It is understood now that there is a law of vibration upon the molecular level, and that vibrations specifically on the molecular level make up many of the activities that eventually become the denser organic matter of the body physical. e.g Disease within the body physical, although it may first seem to be on the anatomical level, has been traced by the scientists to the cellular level and eventually to the level of biomolecular system, contained perhaps within the very genetic structure in its own right.

Flower Essence

Flower essences adjust the flow of consciousness and karma that create the disease state. They influence the subtle bodies and ethereal properties of anatomy and then gradually influence the physical body. The fact that flower essences come from flowers, which are the most concentrated area of the life force in plants, is one key reason why there is more life force in flower essences than in other forms of vibrational medicine.

Flowers are the very essence and the highest concentration of life force in the planet. They are the crowning experience of the plants growth. They are a combination of the etheric properties and at the height of the life force, so they are often used in the fertility portions of the plant’s growth. Flowers are more important than Seeds because seeds are produced from flowers. Flower essences were used historically but in modern world Dr. Bach did the extensive research on flower essences.

How Vibration Remedies (Homeopathy, Flower Essence, and Gem Elixirs) work

  1. When a remedy is ingested or used as a salve they follow a similar specific path through the physical and subtle bodies.
  2. They initially are assimilated into the circulatory system.
  3. Next the remedy settles mid-way between the circulatory and nervous system. A electromagnetic current is created here by the polarity of these 2 systems.
  4. From the midway between the nervous and circulatory systems the remedy usually moves directly to the meridians. There is a direct link with the nervous, circulatory, and meridian systems partly because ages ago meridians were originally used to create these 2 parts of the physical body. Consequently, anything that influences one of these systems has a direct impact on the other 2 areas. The meridians use the passageway between the nervous and circulatory systems to feed the life force into the body, almost extending directly to the molecular level. The meridians are the interface or doorway between the physical and ethereal properties of the body.
  5. The 3 main portals for the remedy’s life force to reenter the physical body are the etheric body and ethereal fluidium, the chakras, and the skin with its silica or crystalline properties. The ethereal fluidium is the part of the etheric body, which surrounds the physical body, that brings the life force into the individual cells. Hair, with its crystalline properties, is a carrier of the life force; it is not a portal/chakra.
  6. When the life force leaves and reenters the physical body, it always passes through the etheric body.

Nature Spirits with Flower Essence

Nature spirits influence only flower essences and not homeopathic and gem elixirs. It is because Nature spirits exist in a spectrum or frequency of life force similar to that which flower essences function upon. This sympathetic resonancy creates a background effect amplifying flower essences. As electromagnetic beings of pure consciousness they especially amplify the nervous system, which is notably the electromagnetic in its operation. But Nature spirits have less influence on flower essences prepared in the lower homeopathic potencies. At 1M or higher they are again closely resonant to flower essences. Nature spirits and Gemstones do share an attunement but not with Homeopathic.

How to Prepare Flower Essence

Material required for Preparation

  • Flower: Do not mix flower buds with fully opened flowers. Buds work more on the fetus and the newborn, and they are aligned with certain advanced principles of tissue regeneration and genetic engineering. But essences are a unique system within this healing work.
  • Distilled water only for the flower essence.
  • Clear Glass Bowl (with no design) in which flower will be placed under sun. It is good if it can hold 12 ounces of water.
  • Glass Bottles (with no design): One blue color bottle for ‘Mother Essence’ which will hold the elixir directly coming from bowl; One of more ‘Stock bottles’ with blue color to hold the essence from mother essence bottles.
  • Funnel made of glass but if it is of plastic, then place it under pyramid for 30 minutes to 2 hours in order to nullify the harmful chemicals of plastic.
  • Himalayan Sea Salt or Celtic Salt to clean the bottles, funnel, bowl.
  • Pyramid [Optional] (Gold/Silver/Copper only) with base angle of 62 degree and at-least 8 inch base. One angle of the pyramid should point towards magnetic north. Pyramid is used to clean and amplify the gem elixir and not mandatory.
  • Crystals [Optional]: It is helpful to carry Boji, Start Sapphire, and Quartz crystal while preparing flower essence. Boji stone attunes one to Nature; Star Sapphire activates the higher spiritual properties. Quartz is helpful to place around the elixir during preparation or at the 4 corners of the pyramid.

Procedure of Preparation

  1. Clean the articles
    • Sterilize bowl, bottles, and funnel by placing them in hot distilled water for 10 minutes. Use only glass pot, copper, or stainless steel for sterilizing.
    • Place the bottles, bowls, and funnels under copper pyramid for 30 minutes to 2 hours. These items should not touch each other while under pyramid.
  2. Get the Flower
    • In picking flowers if you are picking flowers from someone’s territory, then do ask for permission. There are some occasions when for some reason it is not wise to pick flowers from a given plant, and you may be telepathically warned.
    • Cut and handle the flowers with a leaf taken from the same plant to avoid touching the flowers or water. Use silver instrument or piece of quartz to cut the flower and leave in order to ease plant’s shock and stabilize life force of flowers.
  3. Prepare and Attune yourself
    • Always start the process by entering a quiet meditative state. Sit quietly by the plant to tune into its vibrations and that of the nature spirits associated with plant. Explain to Nature spirits exactly what you are doing, so they will understand and help in the process of transferring the life force of the flower into the water.
  4. Start the process
    • Place the bowl in Sun and only on wood or grass and never on metal or cement. Fill the bowl with distilled water.
    • Place the flower immediately (after cutting) in the center of distilled water bowl. The immediate placement of flower on the water is to facilitate balancing and receiving life force and to stop returning the essence of flower to ground.
    • Let the bowl stand in sun for 3 hours, preferably in the morning of a cloudless day. Spring is the best time of the year to prepare gem elixirs.
  5. Storing and Amplifying the essence
    • When done, if wind has blown anything onto the water’s surface, remove it by using a leaf from the same plant so as to not touch the water.
    • Before pouring the water from the bowl into the storage bottles, first from a slight distance, fill up to half (or 25%) of each bottle with brandy (organic), which is a natural preservative. By doing this first, the vibration of the flower essence will not permeate the brandy bottle where it could enter other storage bottles being prepared then or in the future.
    • Next carefully remove the flowers from the water, using a leaf from the same plant so as to not touch the water. It is wise to use the leaf to remove insects that may have gotten into water.
    • Pour the liquid into a mother essence bottle and label it.
    • To amplify the elixir and to remove any negative thoughts during procedure, place the mother essence bottle under copper pyramid with 4 quartz crystals in 4 corners.

Flower Essence can also be prepared by boiling water. But Sun method is best because it releases more life force. But boiling method activates the properties of essences that primarily influence the physical body.

Storing Flower Essences

  • Before storing the flower essence, first wash the storage area with distilled water using organic linen such as a cotton handkerchief. The leave the storage area empty for several days.
  • Keep a pyramid, quartz crystals, and gold, silver, or copper in the storage area. Any of these items can also be put in the storage space during the brief period before putting in the gem elixirs and stones.
  • Depending on available space, you can also permanently put small pieces of quartz by the 4 corners of the storage area. Every few months, keep quartz in the storage area should be cleansed in sea salt and under the pyramid for a few hours.
  • Gem, Flower, and Homeopathic remedies can be stored in the same space.
  • Never leave gem/flower/homeopathic remedies in the kitchen where they can be negatively influenced by odors.
  • Never leave gem/flower/homeopathic remedies under the Sun because they can be damaged by extreme heat.
  • Blue color is best to store the essence as it is neural/healing/stabilizing color.
  • Mother Essences are stored only. Stock bottles are prepared from mother essence when required. They usually contain only 7 drops of the mother essence and rest is distilled water. It is wise to add only 7 drops whether the size of the stock bottle is several drams or seven ounces because gem elixirs work partly from the influence of the 7 dimensions. It less than 7 drops are added to the stock bottle, it still works but this amount enhances the gem elixirs clinical effectiveness.


  • Stock bottles should be purified once every 30 to 90 days. Wipe the bottles with sea salt using pure linen and distilled water. It is beneficial to put the bottles under a pyramid for 30 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Mother essence bottles should be cleansed quarterly, although if stored properly, once a year would be sufficient. Each time mother essence bottles are opened they should be wiped with sea salt using pure linen and put under a pyramid for 2 hours. This requirement is not necessary with stock bottles.
  • Flower essences should not touch each other because their etheric properties merge. If they touch each other, put the bottles under a pyramid every 2 years for 24 hours and wipe the bottles with sea salt. Flower essences need to be cleaned the most because they work on realms of conscious, homeopathic remedies should be cleaned the least because they are of denser frequency.

Amplifying Flower Essences

All flower essences are notably amplified if they are placed inside a pyramid with a ruby. Flower essences are greatly amplified if they are placed inside a pyramid with fire agate.

Ingesting Gem Elixirs

  • The recommended dose is generally 3-4 times daily, 3 to 7 drops per dose.
  • The best time to ingest these preparations is upon awakening, around noon, before supper, and in the evening.
  • Usually take a gem elixir or combination 30 days at a time. Then it is best to stop taking it for 30 days. Except for chronic conditions, individuals should never take the same gem elixirs for a year and longer.
  • Gems elixirs should be taken at the stock bottle level of dilution in order to work best. Any further dilution would too weaken their clinical effectiveness.
  • Gem elixirs can always be given to children. Children are often more responsive to gem elixir therapy because there is less chance of any mental blocks.
  • It is wise to keep gem elixirs in mouth (especially under tongue) for a minute to enhance its quality. This allows the remedies to be integrated with enzyme properties in the saliva that, in turn, integrate the remedies with normal enzyme properties. Remedies are carried to the molecular structure more quickly when integrated with normal physical processes.
  • Generally, do not take gem elixirs or any vibrational remedies during a meal.
  • When gem elixirs are used with flower essences and homeopathic remedies, add equal portions of each individual preparation to the combination.
  • It is good idea to drink distilled water one hour after ingesting gem elixirs.

Bathing with Flower Essences

The most efficient way to experience the effects of flower essences is through baths (3 to 7 drops in bath; 7 for advanced spiritual practices, it will attune one to the 7 dimensions) because they are more ethereal in their effects and bathing makes it easier for nature spirits to assist in the process of assimilating the life force. Ingestion is best with homeopathic remedies because they work more directly on the physical body. Either method is superior with Gems, but there is a slightly increase impact with ingestion.

Homeopathic vs Flower vs Gem

Flower Essence is best; then Gem and then Homeopathic. Gemstones function between flower essences and homeopathic remedies.

When a physical gemstone is ingested after being crushed, it is closer to homeopathy and notably influences the physical body with medicinal, nutritional, and antibiotic properties. But when a gem is prepared into an elixir, however, using the sun in a method similar to preparing flower essences, that remedy functions slightly closer to flower essences and is more ethereal in its properties. Gems carry the pattern of a crystalline structure, which focuses the physical body’s mineral and crystalline structures on the biomolecular level; therefore gems work more closely with the biomolecular structure to integrate the life force into the body. Gems function between the other 2 systems of vibrational medicine because they have a stronger impact on the ethereal fluidium.

Further Reading:
  • Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing By Gurudas
  • Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy By Mechthild Scheffer