Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
God >>> Forms of God

In the previous articles we have learnt that there is God and why we cannot experience HIM. Now, let's see what are the different forms of God. God has 3 forms but still HE is one.

  1. Sargun (With Attributes): It has some form, some properties using which HE can be identified. e.g Gurus, Avatars, Prophets. Sargun appears to fulfill devotee’s wishes. Sargun is the concept of senses (Indriyas) because Sargun form can be felt through 5 senses (See, Hear, Touch, Smell, and Taste).
    e.g Car is a physical entity because it has some properties which we can feel with our senses.
  2. Nirgun (Without Attributes): It is the base of all. Nirgun is beyond senses and mind. Nirgun is the power which is running the entire universe. He is everywhere. Without his power nothing would work.
    e.g Car without driver is nothing. It is of no use. Same way Nirgun form of God is providing power to everything in this universe.
  3. Virat (Everything): The universal form of God i.e whole universe is body of God. It could still be categoryged as Sargun. He is in everything and everything is in Him. e.g Sky is His head, Patal (Underworlds) is feet, in-between planes is stomach, Sea is urine place, rivers/canals are His nadis, all beings (84 lakh) are germs inside His body, Sun and Moon are His 2 eyes, mountains are bones, all nature is room etc.

Nirgun form cannot be understood by mind or by reading; It is very subtle. e.g Air is so subtle that we cannot see it; Space/Sky is more subtle than air and we cannot see the space/sky. Nirgun is much more subtle than the Sky e.g its like a difference between Mount Everest and a Seed. Therefore, if we cannot see space, how could we understand Nirgun. A very refined Bhudhi (one of the 4 functions of mind) is required to understand Nirgun. Even if we try to understand it via mind, we will belief it but would not realize from the core of heart. Nirgun’s knowledge could only be attained in Turea avasta (one of the last step in spiritual route). Nirgun’s knowledge comes in Atam Gyan (Brahmgyan) after the removal of final "Avaran" problem.

Nirgun cannot be compared to anything. It does not have any property which could be defined. But there are some pointers which might help us to feel the difference between Sargun vs Nirgun. We have to compare it with certain things that we are aware of. Here are those:

  • Fire is hidden inside wood. Fire appears when you slide 2 pieces of wood against each other. This fire (seen by our senses eyes) will be extinguished after sometime. This physical fire which we can feel via senses is Sargun; but the hidden fire is Nirgun. Sargun is for some time and it return to its base form when its work is completed.
  • Butter is hidden in Milk and is always present. We cannot see the butter in milk itself, milk has to be churned in order to extract the butter. The butter produced after churning milk is called Sargun but in the latent form which was present in milk before churning is Nirgun.
  • A person wearing expensive clothes will be called a King. If the same person wears rags, people call him beggar. Now, if the same person removes all clothes, then people would say him human. Here the persons referred to as king and beggar are Sargun and person without clothes in Nirgun.
  • Gold is base but being in jewelry it has multiple forms i.e rings, braclets, necklaces etc.
  • Water is one, but at the same time it also takes form of tides, bubbles. Here bubbles and tides are Sargun and the base is water Nirgun.
  • Seed holds the whole plant: Take a mustard seed or any other seed and sow it in ground. In a short time, the seed germinates into a beautiful plant, and out of that first original seed we get thousand seeds. Sow these thousand seeds and you will get million of seeds and so on. Infinite potential was hidden or latent in the original seed with which we begin.
    Thus we see that the word seed has got an apparent meaning and also a real meaning. The apparent meaning of the word seed is the form, the size, the weight, properties which we can sense with our senses, but the real meaning of the word seed is the infinite power which is latent in the seed form. There we see the Infinite in the Finite.

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