Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Universal Laws >>> Habit and Mind

When we examine our personality we realize that our personality is nothing but deep rooted habits. We try to change our personality but we cannot, because of these habit patterns. A habit is powerful thing. That which we have done repeatedly is our habit. When we do something again and again that action of ours will be stored in Chitta (see Mind article for details on Chitta), the store house of mertis and demerits. That become motivation for us to do same thing again. Habits are motivations in life. Mind always leads us toward our habits (Samsakaras), our senses, and sense objects. Therefore, place special attention on your habits.

If we do something according to a specific time schedule, that regularity of time does things beneficial for our mind. Because time is a prime condition of mind, it is a great factor in strengthening our practice. Our habit patterns have very powerful role in our life and a strond influence on our spiritual development. Habits are formed because we have repeated some action or thought again and again. Then, we unconsciously do it; eventually it is full fledged habit.

When we undestand that all our habits are formed by the simple process of repeating some action or thought again and again, then we can learn another process, that of undoing and changing your habits. First we need to understand what we are doing wrong. Next, we need to create new grooves for our mind. It is helpful to to form a habit of exercise, breathing practice, eating our meals at exact same time, going to bed and rising at exactly same time. So, please practice meditation every day at same place and time and eventually it will become strong habit and therefore will help us on God's path.

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