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Homeopathic medicine is a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself. Homeopathy was founded in the late 1700s in Germany and has been widely practiced throughout Europe. Homeopathic medicine views symptoms of illness as normal responses of the body as it attempts to regain health. It is based on the idea that "like cures like."

A homeopathic health practitioner uses pills or liquid mixtures (solutions) containing only a little of an active ingredient (usually a plant/mineral/animal) for treatment of disease. These are known as highly diluted or "potentiated" substances.

What is the Chemical Composition of Homeopathic Medicines?

Homeopathy cannot be understood as a substance based method, such as drug medicine or herbalism where any healing effect is due to chemical reactions. A simple calculation shows that in the higher potencies not a single molecule of the original substance will be present. But these high potencies are often more effective than low potencies. Therefore, homeopathy can only be understood as working with energy remedies.

The explanation is that every natural substance has an etheric field around its molecular structure. The special shaking action or potentizing used in homeopathy separates the etheric fields from their material substance. The latter is then discarded and the former concentrated. These concentrated etheric fields are much more potent in this way than when they were combined with matter. Similar etheric concentrates can be produced with radionics instruments. The healing effect of such concentrates depends on their vibrational frequency. Because of this the name vibrational medicine has been coined for these methods.

The power of homeopathic lies in the fact that water has a memory and secondly, when water is rotated in a circular motion it creates a vortex which in turn structures the water and if there is a substance in the water, the water would take that substance's qualities. Moreover, the more diluted you make the homeopathic tincture, it becomes more potent. Homeopathic medicines are extremely safe and they are given to patients based upon their physical and behavioral problems. Homeopathic not only cures physical problem, it has the potential of curing mental and behavioral problems.

Homeopaths may either use the classical approach or practice clinical homeopathy. The classical approach is to use only one dose of one remedy at a time and another dose or remedy only if any effect of the previous remedy has worn off. More commonly clinical homeopathy is used where several remedies are combined and taken several times daily.

How Homeopathic Medicines are prepared

The first step in the preparation of a homeopathic medicine from plant or animal starting material is the preparation of the 'mother tincture' (Ø). From chemical or mineral starting material, a first dilution is made. It can be a liquid dilution with ethanol/water or a solid dilution (a 'trituration') with lactose.

The second step is a process of systematic serial dilution and 'succussion' (vigorous, rhythmic shaking with impact) known as 'potentisation', during which the most concentrated homeopathic preparation is 'potentised' with a dilution agent (usually ethanol, water or lactose).  The potentisation steps in a potency row can be performed in different dilution ratios:

  • Decimal scale (D or X): [1:10]: 1 drop of mother tincture is added to 10 drops of dilution agent.
  • Centesimal (C): [1:100]: 1 drop of mother tincture is added to 100 drops of dilution agent.
  • Millesimal (M): [1:1000]: 1 drop of mother tincture is added to 1000 drops of dilution agent.
  • 50 Millesimal (LM or Q): [1:50,000]: 1 drop of mother tincture is added to 50,000 drops of dilution agent.

Sometimes H or K is appended to X/C/M/Q potencies to indicate the method used to create the remedy.

  • H indicates that the medicine was prepared according to the Hahnemann method. The Hahnemanian method uses 1 part of the homeopathic potency to 99 parts of alcohol in a new flask and succussed to make the next higher potency on the Centesimal scale.
  • K indicates that the medicine was prepared according to the Korsakovian Method. The Korsakovian method is simpler and quicker and often employed to produce the higher potencies of 200C and above. In the Korsakovian method the same container is used for each succession of the dilution step.
General Potencies

  • 3X/6X/12X: These are the SCAFFOLDING BUILDERS Often sold as cell salts they work to support the organs, repair and restore cellular deficiencies. Can be repeated frequently.
  • 6C/12C/18C: These potencies act directly on the physical body with less effect at the emotional level. Use when the picture is unclear. These can be repeated frequently.
  • 30C: Considered a sound MIDDLE OF THE ROAD potency 30C works well on the physical level with enough depth to access the mind and emotions.
  • 200C: Often called for in acute situations this CANNON FIRE potency are where symptoms move with speed and intensity with direct action on the physical but will also the psyche.
  • Potencies of 1000C and above are usually labelled with Roman numeral M and with the centesimal 'C' indicator implied (since all such high potencies are centesimal dilutions): 1M = 1000C; 10M = 10,000C; CM = 100,000C; LM (which would indicate 50,000C) is typically not used because of confusion with the LM potency scale.

Auto-therapy (Use your Own Body Fluids, Hair, and Nails)

While for general treatment of common symptoms it is more convenient to use established homeopathic remedies, to overcome obstinate individual problems it is frequently more effective to prepare remedies from your own body fluids including hair and nail; this a form of isopathy known as autotherapy. But make sure that you use remedies made of your own body products only for yourself, not for anyone else.

Urine, for example, contains traces of almost all body chemicals: the normal ones such as enzymes and hormones, as well as foreign and toxic substances, viruses, and so on. A properly diluted sample of your urine will initiate the correction of all unbalanced, unnatural body chemistry, while normal, balanced amounts of body chemicals are harmless. This, then, is an excellent way to improve the balance of your glandular system, which is difficult to influence directly by any other method.

Other body fluids that may be used are a drop of diluted blood to treat blood disorders; diluted pus if there is an infected wound or a boil; sputum for mouth and throat disorders; tears for eye problems; feces for intestinal diseases; ear discharge for ear diseases, and so on. Apart from balancing gland activities and general body chemistry, this method is known to be very effective in stimulating the body's immune system, so essential to combat cancer and other degenerative diseases.

How to prepare your own Remedies

To prepare remedies from your own body fluids, dilute a small sample of the selected fluid 1:100 with pure water. This means 1 part sample and 99 parts water, for instance 1 teaspoonful of sample and 99 teaspoonfuls of water. The water should be distilled.

Shake the mixture vigorously 40 or 50 times in a bottle or jar, accentuating the downward stroke. Alternatively, strike the mixing bottle 40 to 50 times on a resilient surface. This sample is now in the first potency, described as 1 C. Take 1 part of this, dilute it again with 99 parts water, shake, and you have a potency of 2C. This process is repeated until the desired potency is reached.

To produce your own remedies from herbs, make a 'mother tincture' by soaking a fresh or dried sample in high-grade alcohol - vodka or brandy. After a week or two you may dilute part of the mother tincture as previously described, but for the first 1:10 dilution, use alcohol and water half and half. Using this technique, you have to buy a specific commercial tincture only once. If the bottle is almost empty, dilute its contents with either 9 parts or 99 parts water-alcohol mixture and shake for some time.

If the remedy is to be stored for more than a few days a mixture of half vodka or brandy and half water should be used for the last step. This gives the solution an alcohol content of about 30 per cent and will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Alternatively, refrigerate the remedy but it may lose its effectiveness due to the strong electromagnetic field.

How to Take Your Remedies

Take homeopathic remedies with a clean mouth; the best time is before meals and at bedtime. The usual dose is three to five drops in a little water (about 2 ounces) sipped slowly over five minutes. Alternatively, you may keep three drops in a little water under the tongue. Generally, take one dose four times daily, for chronic conditions twice daily, for severe or acute conditions every 10 minutes until some improvement is noted, then reduce the frequency. If the patient cannot swallow, moisten the inside of the lips and the tongue with the remedy. Try not to have the remedy come in contact with metal, use a plastic spoon rather than a metal spoon.

If a reaction to the remedy is noted (sometimes as a temporary aggravation of symptoms) this is a sign that the correct remedy was selected, but wait until the reaction has subsided before giving the next dose. Any overdose of homeopathic remedies is harmless. Store homeopathic remedies protected from heat and light as well as away from magnets and strong electromagnetic fields. For best results, you should not change remedies too frequently.

If tablets are used, do not touch them, but shake a tablet into the bottle cap and from there directly into the mouth; keep it under the tongue. Generally, however, it is not recommended to use homeopathic remedies in tablet form because of the possibility of intolerance to lactose or sucrose. This is accentuated by keeping the tablets in the mouth, which provokes stronger allergic reactions than swallowing them, and swallowing is not desirable for homeopathic remedies.

Which Potency to Use

After selecting the correct remedy according to your symptoms, it is important to choose the correct potency as well. A general rule is that the lower potencies affect mainly physical symptoms while the high potencies work at the mental and emotional energy levels. The high-potency remedies may be used only once a day or once a week or after any reaction has subsided.

For a longstanding problem, you may start using a low-potency remedy, say, 12X; after a week or two you use 30C, then 200C and afterwards M at spaced-out intervals. If you wish to use less different potencies, try 12 X and 30C. You may also be able to find the correct potency by using muscle testing or a pendulum. Draw a half-circle on which the various potencies are marked and see to which one the pendulum points. The M to MM potencies have been used to remove heavy metals from the body either after an acute poisoning or from chronic exposure, as in the case of chronic mercury poisoning from teeth filled with amalgam.

Cell Salts

In the late nineteenth century Dr W. H. Schuessler originated a therapeutic system he called biochemic medicine, based on 12 essential cell salts or tissue salts; these are homeopathic preparations of mineral salts usually present in the body. They are commonly used as 6X tablets. The main drawback of the tablets is that they are based on lactose to which many individuals are allergic or react weak with muscle testing. This weakening factor is accentuated by the common practice of keeping the tablets in the mouth until dissolved.

However, for those who should best avoid lactose the benefits of cell salts may be obtained by using cell salts as normal homeopathic tinctures. The only disadvantage is that these are not as readily available as the tablets and are stocked by fewer retailers.

The 12 cell salts and their main indications are:

1. Calc.flour. - over-relaxed abdominal wall, piles, varicose veins
2. Calc. phos. - anemia, poor circulation, cramps, rheumatism
3. Calc. sulf. boils. - catarrh, yellow pus and scabs
4. Ferr. phos. - inflammations, low fever, anemia, circulation, wounds
5. Kali. mur. - croup, catarrh and skin diseases with white discharge
6. Kali. phos. - High fever, paralysis, sepsis, neuralgia, debility
7. Kali. sulf. - catarrh, skin diseases with watery discharge
8. Mag. phos. - shooting pains, neuralgia, spasms itching
9. Nat. mur. - constipation or diarrhea, cold hands or feet, drowsiness
10. Nat. phos. - gout and rheumatism, overacidity, blackheads
11. Nat. sulf. - liver and gall-bladder diseases, dropsy, migraine
12. Silicea - boils, skin ulcers, nasal catarrh, night sweats, gout

They may be used individually or in combination.


Sometimes a product of a disease is used in potentized form for treating the same disease; this is called isopathy.


A nosode is a homeopathic preparation made from matter from a sick animal or person. Substances such as respiratory discharges or diseased tissues are used. It sounds repulsive, but the preparation, using alcohol, as well as the repeated dilution and succussion, essentially renders the substances harmless, while producing a powerful remedy.


Organ therapy / Organotherapy / Sarcodes - refer to homeopathic potency of organs or glands to support and regulate the organs and glands of the body. Organ therapy is effective in helping the body function in a healthy balanced manner. The idea of organ therapy was promoted in the 1800's by Constantine Hering M.D. Homeopathy supports the function of the organ by improving absorption of enzymes and certain nucleic acids lacking in the organ.  Organ therapy is known for helping to regulate body organs to function in a normal and healthy way. Organotherapy uses organs, glands, and tissues obtained from healthy animals. e.g Lungs, Liver, Pancreas etc.

Organotherapy, the use of Sarcodes works on the premise that:

  1. A homeopathic gland acts upon its corresponding gland.
  2. Low Potencies such as 6X or 12X stimulate corresponding gland or organ function and is used for a low functioning gland or organ.
  3. Medium potency 6C is the most frequently used potency because it balances, supports and regulates corresponding gland or organ function.
  4. Medium high potencies such as 30C or 200C help with over functioning of the gland or organ.

Mostly organ and glandulars are manufactured by Celletech/ Micro-Nutrition Plus Dietary Supplement, utilizing European method MGA magnetic coding technology, providing a safe method to potenize organ /gland remedies.

Formula for Digestive System

Take the following medicine for 4 weeks: Nux Vomica (200c) - Twice a day but once a week; Nux Vomica (30c) 4 pills twice a day.

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