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Importance of Stretches

If we watch a cat or a dog when it wakes up, we will notice that it goes through an elaborate process of stretching. One leg, for example, is put far back and the body is stretched away from it as much as possible. We may do something similar when we climb out of bed in the morning. Putting our arms high above the head and stretching up to the tips of the toes seems like a natural part of coming out of sleep. But why do we do this? Mostly because it feels good. We may not think about it much but it seems to get the body back into comfortable, working order. It re-coordinates the system and makes us feel more "alive."

Exercises for Joints and Glands (Stretches)

The exercises (contraction and relaxation) are arranged in a very systematic way: the student starts at the top of his head and continues downward, exercising and massaging almost all of the joints and glands. Each part of the body receives a good supply of blood. The muscles are made supple, and more flexible, and the joints and the glands are toned and made to function properly. These exercises are highly recommended for persons suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, or stiffness.

All exercises should be practiced daily and regularly, always move slowly with a concentration on your movements. Try to be aware of the breath at all times and unless otherwise specified, keep the breath even. Repeat all exercises three times but avoid going beyond your capacity. When you feel strain, stop and relax, then proceed more gently.

Get this book "Joints and Glands Exercises as taught by Swami Rama ISBN: 0-89389-030-8 or 0-89389-083-9". There is another book named "Exercises of Joints and Glands by Swami Rama ISBN-13: 978-0-89389-264-7; ISBN-10: 0-89389-264-5" but the latter book includes some revised and additional exercises which are beyond basic.

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