Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Universal Laws >>> Law of Change


The law of change states that everything is in the process of becoming something else. Change happens everywhere and with everyone and happens constantly. So too in our lives, change is the one constant that we can be absolutely sure of. Change is the law of universe and is the truth of life.

Everything we experience in the external world is a manifestation of something else. The house is made of bricks, and the bricks are made of sand. The flowers arise from the soil, only to return to the soil. Today's friend is tomorrow's enemy, and then again friend. The form changes and we call it "house" instead of "sand," or "flower" instead of "soil," or "friend" instead of "foe," or "dead" instead of "living" while all along it is made of the same stuff of the Universe, ever stable, ever pure.

e.g[ Just a little change in the frequency of the vibration of atoms (how fast or slow they vibrate) in a molecule (group of atoms), can completely change our perception of what it is. For example, we know the slower vibrating molecules of H2O as ice, a solid; as the frequency of vibration increases, we know them as water, a liquid; faster still, as steam; faster yet, as Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. As vibrational frequency increases, a more etheric quality develops. Something may even seem to vanish (like steam), but nothing is ever lost in the Universe, it just changes form. Nothing is ever lost in the Universe, it just changes form. ]

e.g[ Water is part of a wave, is part of the ocean. The wave needs to understand this because it feels like a separate part. You are the water and water is everywhere. All water makes up the ocean. A wave is born out of the ocean, is sustained by the ocean, disintegrates and goes back into the ocean. This tiny wave of consciousness (the small I) is part of the totality. In other words the water of the ocean is present as one. The winds cause ripples, tides, bubbles, foam in it but they are all nothing but another form of the same water. There is nothing else but water. The seemingly separate waves are water too. Similarly, the ocean of Sat-Chit-Anand Formless is also gushing. In conscious-roop winds, the world-roop waves, body-roop bubbles and materials-roop foam appear, but are nothing more than forms of the same joyous ocean of Brahm. It is only that one oceans of joy that is gushing, it is the absolute roop, the entire nature is Samaadh-roop. ]

e.g[ A child's birth is an indicator that he/she will die certain day. ]


What we consider as death is life in reality; it is just a change. In a moment a multi-millionaire is turned pauper. If we give up the feeling of possession, great & the mean; differentiation of friend & foe, then all is ours and we are for everyone. Our corporeal being is a product of air, water and fire and it merges into the same leaving behind neither blood nor bones. Still our existence remains the same. Then ponder over what we are.

Death is the biggest fear of us. We need to understand death in order to understand life. Death is not the end of life, but simply a pause in a continuing story. It is the body that dies, the garment that provides the covering for the soul on its visit to the worldly plane. The inner Self remains unaffected. It does not and cannot die because it is eternal.

The fear of death and the pain associated with death are intrinsically linked with attachment to the passing world of names and forms. It is just these attachments to objects and relationships and the belief in the need for them that strengthens the fear of death. We are dependent on those things, people, feelings, and bodies. We identify with them and are attached to them. When they go or change, we feel pain. These attachments, along with ignorance, are the source of the fear of death. The more we are attached, the greater is the fear we have of death. Those without any attachments—those who do not perceive themselves as owning anything in their lives and who know that their bodies are just instruments—they are free from fear.

e.g [ Man feels pain when his children dies but won't feel that much pain when his enemies die. Again Man feels pain when his/her pet is dead, but man is happy when he himself kill termites (non-pet). It proves that the death is not the pain/problem, it lies with the attachment. ]

Death is not something to fear but its function in life should be understood. Accepting death is a reality that will help you to realize that this life here is temporary, that the world is only a platform, that you have come here on a journey to learn and grow, and then the journey ends.

Always remember death. Everyone has to die. When we really ‘get’ that we are going to die, it changes us - this gives us a feeling of cherishing every moment, every flower, every person. Everyone should CONSTANTLY be reminding themselves that they could physically die at any time. Remember, we are in fact going to die someday (any moment). Seriously think about that. Contemplate it for a while. And in thinking about it, think about we you are leaving things, and how we are using our life right now. Here are some examples:

  1. If you were going to die in five minutes, do you really want something that you're running after?
  2. Are the last things you said, what you want to have left said?
  3. With the perspective of knowing that you are going to die at any minute, how important to you is that issue of _______ that really irritated you (about living with so and so, or what so and so does, or the things you don’t like about how or where you must live, etc., etc.,).

Requirements for a Death

A combination of 4 things are required in order to die. Until the combination is achieved no-one can die, but it does not apply to God's Bhagats. The 4 things are:

  1. When pre-destined food and water quota is achieved.
  2. When pre-destined breaths are exhausted.
  3. When the person reaches pre-destined death place.
  4. When pre-destined circumstances can achieved for death. e.g accident, water drowning, health problem, natural cause etc.

How to accept Law of Change

Here’s a method we can use to remind ourself of death. You can personalize it, and keep it with you. Live our life consciously aware that death is always standing by our side, only an arm’s length away. Then we will live accordingly. We won’t live in fear - quite the opposite. It frees us to live life fully. Everyone should contemplate their death - and it shouldn’t just be something you remind yourself of daily, it should be constant, or at least as frequent as you can make it. It really helps keep things in perspective, and changes the way we live. When we are always aware that we might be dead any second, we really live. Awareness of death, begets real life.

Always remember 2 things and we will never be sorry: Death and GOD; Death will help us to remember that we have to leave, this world is just a platform and we're just on a journey; It will remind us that our physical self will finally go away, and not to become attached to the world. We have only to complete your duties and our responsibilities with selflessly and lovinging. Remembering GOD will help us realize that we are strong and HE is within us. Wherever we're walking, we are walking with HIM. We will be free from all fears.

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