Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Universal Laws >>> Law of Grace

There are four types of grace which bless each human being.

Grace of God:

HE has given us a human body. Without the grace of the Almighty, we would have never got a human birth. Many learned scholars think that human birth is the result of good deeds like charity, or pilgrimage, but this is not correct. We know that life revolves in 8.4 million species, so someone would have come from being an elephant, others from pigs and still others from dogs or donkeys. Which pious actions would all these other species have done, by virtue of which they were rewarded with a human birth? It is only by the unbounded grace of the Almighty that one gets a human body. 

Grace of Scriptures:

Had there been no scriptures, our condition would have been like a blind animal. Our scriptures guides us by telling us that God is within and Brahmgyan (Self knowledge) is must and only Guru can provide us with this knowledge. Our scriptures say that no one can get the knowledge of truth without a Spiritual Master; there is no devotion without knowledge and no salvation without devotion. The Master is there to take us across the worldly ocean. A difficult job becomes easy after surrendering to the Master.

Grace of Guru:

It is the grace of Guru when he provides us the technique to remember God and eventually help us find Him inside us. Guru will only tell us the path for salvation but would not automatically give us salvation. This grace is a fruit which is attained only after our hard work and faithfull sincere efforts. In other words, it comes of its own when a seeker has made maximum effort. When all efforts have been made, and all efforts have been exhausted.

Grace of one-self:

It is the grace that one has to do on self. In other words, it is having the will to undertake a purposeful journey in life, to do the spiritual work of life, and to prepare oneself.

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