Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Universal Laws >>> Law of Guru and Faith

Law of Guru

The word guru is a combination of two words, gu and ru. Gu means darkness and ru means light. That which dispels the darkness of ignorance is called Guru. Guru is must and without him we cannot attain liberation. It is the Guru who removes the final 3rd power of Maya i.e Avaran. Guru provides us the Brahmgyan (Knowledge) which will actually destroy our ignorance. That is the sole work of the guru. The guru wants nothing from the disciple. Guru is that force moving a soul toward enlightenment. The guru's actions are from pure compassion.

e.g[ Everyone likes to listen to the sweet and lucid voice of a cuckoo but not the harsh and unpleasant voice of a crow. If we put a mixture of milk and water before a crane, it will either drink the whole mixture or leave it. But if we put the same mixture before a swan, it will extract all the milk from the mixture but not even a drop of water. ]

e.g[ Where does the darkness go after sunrise? In the dark a person can stumble on stones, or can fall into a well, get bitten by snakes or get attacked by enemies. Fears automatically come in our mind in the dark. Due to darkness we cannot see something we want even though it may be lying nearby. But in reality, darkness does not exist. In fact the absence of light is the cause of darkness. Not knowing a thing is ignorance. ]

e.g[ Letters may be written down, but are meaningless to someone who doesn't know the alphabet. Similarly, the Almighty is present within everyone's heart, but without the Spiritual Master, nobody can know Him because it is all dark there. The Master wipes out ignorance by turning on the divine light within. ]

When aspirant is ready, Guru will come to him. Therefore, there is no need to search for the Guru. If we want to meet true Guru or Brahmgyani, then prepare ourself and clean ourself internally. When we will be ready, True Guru will come to us. He will help us light the lamp but won’t give you oil and wick; in other words you have to follow Guru’s guidance in order to be successful. Whenever any Mahapurash says anything, just practice it by thinking it is Mantar.

Guru will only tell us the path for salvation but would not automatically give us salvation. This grace is a fruit which is attained only after our hard work and faithfull sincere efforts. In other words, it comes of its own when a seeker has made maximum effort. When all efforts have been made, and all efforts have been exhausted.

To be on a spiritual path with a guru is not an easy thing. It is not pleasant. The guru tests the disciples, puts them in the most difficult situations, and creates obstacles for them. All the tests, difficulties, and obstacles are meant to train and expand the consciousness of the disciple.

Law of Faith

One should have 100% faith on his/her Guru. One should treat his/her Guru as God. Faith comes from Belief and Belief comes from Assumption. Belief attracts all other things required for salvation. e.g When When rains, all water comes to lower places automatically. One of the Sant that Belief is bigger than the Guru; because: If Guru is True Guru and Complete but aspirant does not belief in his Guru then it is of no-use. On the other hand if Guru is not complete but aspirant belief 100% in his Guru and treates him as God, then his belief would land him into real Guru soon.

Belief is the Great Key to the powers controlled by the Mind What You Believe Is Real in the Realms of the Mind. Our beliefs control and affect the incredible powers of the mind, which dictate, or influence, many things in your life:
...Our choices, and thus your course in life, and what you create in your life;
...Our ability to learn and apply your knowledge;
...Our health (whether or not you foster sickness or wellness);
...Our ability to draw upon, or squander, Inner Strength.

One powerful key to the working of belief is ‘assumption’. Assumption functions like a catalyst, and provides us with a means to effect tremendous changes, including changes in our physical bodies. When we assume something, our subconscious accepts it as an accomplished fact, and proceeds to manifest it in the body. But there are some important points to remember if you’re working with assumption. Please refer to assumption article.

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