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Prayer can solve that which cannot be solved in any other way. Prayer means closeness to the Almighty, the absolute truth, the source of energy, and the source of strength. When we pray wholeheartedly, our mind and heart run one-pointedly to the source. When all our human efforts are exhausted, we do not have any other way of doing anything. Then suddenly, we burst out, ?Lord, help me! Then grace dawns. Here we are not praying to somebody who is outside us. When we pray, we have to be humble. Being humble means learning to compose ourselves.

Oh, lord of life, my inner dweller, all that who gives me light, the truth, gives me the power to hear, think, analyze. Who gives me power, energy to walk, to do things in the external world, oh that center of power within me. Let me draw strength directly from you. You are the whole source of strength. This way, we can pray in our language.

It means constant awareness. Who is praying to whom? We are training our mind, and a particular part of our mind is called Ego. We are making our Ego aware of this truth. Otherwise, Ego refuses to accept that. If we really want to be humble and enjoy life, we will have to change our Ego.

Tips for Prayers

  1. Thought should be one-pointed, and the total concentration should be put on the power to which we pray. e.g., a bulb will produce light only if the positive and negative are combined.
  2. One should have complete faith that our prayer will be accepted, just like a child has in her mother. Faith should only be on one and not many.
  3. The prayer should not be for someone else's evil. It should always be for good.
  4. An affirmation or thought is like a seed. And it is governed by the Universal Law of cause and effect. So, always say this at the end of the prayer, "If it is within Universal Will.”

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