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Magnets in History

Magnets have been used in history e.g Ancient Aryans (Indians), Greeks were well acquainted with natural magnets. Renowned philosophers Aristotle, Plato and Homer have mentioned the properties of magnets in their works. In the earlier 16th century, Swiss scientist Paracelsus claimed that magnets have healing properties. Moreover, magnetic force is natural force which always exists with electricity.

Magnetic force in Universe

The earth itself is a huge magnet and posses a magnetic field. Earth’s magnetic is decreasing day by day. At present it is only 0.5 gauss and it is reducing year by year. It’s a known fact that earth’s magnetic field has been reversed number of times in the past. Even all the bodies in space, including the sun, the moon, have their own magnetic fields.

Magnetic storms frequently occur on the sun. These storms are manifested as sun-spots and flares. The solar magnetic storms affect the earth’s magnetic field. They bring about fluctuations in its strength. Such fluctuations or oscillations of the earth’s magnetic magnet field adversely affect the life of the earth. Based upon the number of researches and data collected from past years, it can be said that the fluctuations or oscillations in the earth’s magnetic field caused by magnetic storms on the sun prove detrimental to health, especially of those living beings, which have a low resistance power. Earth’s magnetic field also undergoes changes on a full-moon day, a no-moon day or during a cyclone. At such times human beings are known to be affected, mentally as well as physically. This is the reason that on any eclipse it is recommended to fast.

2 Energies from Magnets

Magnets do have 2 poles: North, and South Pole. A magnet provides 2 dissimilar forms of energy coming from the 2 separate poles. This concept is known as Uni-polar in which separate pole have separate effect on living system and it has been scientifically proven. Then there is Bi-polar where both poles are thought to have similar energy and both poles are used at the same time for all conditions. It has been proven through research that Uni-polar is more effective.

North pole is known as Negative and South pole is known as Positive energy. Positive and negative energy is not same as positive and negative attitude. Negative energy of nature is the life sustaining energy, the healing energy, the energy in the balance with the positive energy of nature that, when a little more prevalent than positive energy, is the better energy for life forms. Positive energy is an energy that promotes life in all forms and shapes, but from research findings that the positive energy must be tempered with the negative energy in control for health, healing, and happiness.

Effects of Magnetic force on Living Beings

Living beings (man, plants, and lower animals) are constantly surrounded by and lives in a sea of magnetic waves and is influenced by them. It is, therefore natural that health can be restored or maintained with the help of a controlled magnetic field emanating from magnets.

Every cell and therefore every organ of our body is a magnetic unit and have a specific vibratory frequency. In disease, this natural oscillatory frequency gets altered. In short, a disease is the result of the loss of (or a change in) the natural frequency of vibration. Symptoms or signs of this are external manifestations of this derangement or disturbance. Magnets strive to restore the natural vibratory frequency of the various organs and to re-establish a balance in their electromagnetic forces.

North pole on Seeds and Plants, and Humans:

  • When seeds were placed with North pole, they developed into thin, tall plants with poor vegetables when grown to maturity. Plants and their products grown from seeds treated with North pole were lower in vital life biochemicals. The food product results were lower in protein, sugars, and oils than the untreated seeds.
  • North pole arrest growth of diseased tissues.

South pole on Seeds and Plants, and Humans:

  • When seeds were placed within the energies of the South pole of a magnet for several hours – from 6 to 81 to 200 hours – then planted, they presented an improved growth, hardier plants and increased yield of products, as in the case of vegetables seeds. The proteins, sugars and oils in vegetables were higher in the plants treated with South pole.
  • When baby worms were exposed to the south pole after birth they grew larger and stronger than the untreated control worms. But they were rude.

Examples of North Pole

  • North pole gives relief from and in arresting arthritis in animals. It also acts to encourage the dissolving of hard calcium in and around joints.
  • It attracts body fluids, including white and red blood cells.
  • Without exception, it indicates the need for negative energy as support to all healing processes undertaken by the biological system.
  • Excessive use of negative energy will, over a period of time, the length of time individually dependent, make the living system physically weaker, although more mentally alert. Balance is very important but more negative energy is beneficial.
  • Negative energies protect, afford health, control emotions and the atmosphere and air we breathe. They are the system’s own processes of internal healing.
  • Application of north pole is beneficial to arthritis, to bladder ills, controls bleeding, also promotes healing of bone fractures, beneficial to brain tumors, beneficial to bronchitis, beneficial to burns, causes regression of cancer, beneficial for glaucoma, liver, beneficial to liver and pancreas.

Examples of South Pole

  • Encourage strength, increase life action including bacteria. Therefore it should never be placed near painful and infected area.
  • It will strengthen muscles, limbs, joints, tendons, ligaments, increase blood flow and circulation; strengthen glands, organs, and the production of fluids. It is the positive life-giving energy.
  • Positive energy makes you ego-minded, less concerned with the rights of others, peace, order, harmony, and as a result you are unhappy.
  • Application of south pole can improve the healing of bone fractures, improves digestion, makes the ear diaphragm more flexible, promotes sexual activity, promotes healthy hair color, promotes the cure of headaches and of neuralgia and promotes health of the heart.

Properties of North and South pole

North – Negative

South – Positive

  1. It points to geographic south.
  2. Movement of electrons has counterclockwise rotation.
  3. Inhibits
  4. Relieves pain
  5. Reduces inflammation
  6. Produces an alkaline effect
  7. Reduces symptoms
  8. Fights infections
  9. Supports healing
  10. Reduces fluid retention
  11. Increases cellular oxygen
  12. Encourages deep restorative sleep
  13. Produces a bright mental effect
  14. Reduces fatty deposits
  15. Establishes healing polarity
  16. Stimulates melatonin function
  17. Normalizes natural alkaline pH


  1. It points to geographic north.
  2. Movement of electrons have  clockwise rotation
  3. Excites
  4. Increases pain
  5. Increases inflammation
  6. Increases an acid effect
  7. Intensifies symptoms
  8. Promotes microorganisms
  9. Inhibits healing
  10. Increases fluid retention
  11. Decreases tissue oxygen
  12. Stimulates wakefulness
  13. Has an overactive effect
  14. Encourages fatty deposits
  15. Polarity of an injury site
  16. Stimulates body function

Identifying the Poles

It is extremely very important to correctly identify the poles of a magnet because each pole has its own unique properties. There is great confusion among the identification of the poles of the magnets. Some people incorrectly identify North-seeking pole as North pole and South-seeking pole as South pole. The correct identification should be North-seeking pole should be marked as South-pole and South-seeking pole should be marked as North pole.

It is very easy to determine the correct pole as follows: Suspend the magnet freely with a light thread from the center. Allow it to stabilize. That surface or end of the magnet which points towards the north direction is the ‘North-Seeking’ or ‘South Pole’. That surface or end of the magnet which points towards the South direction is the ‘South-Seeking’ or ‘North’ pole. Mark the magnets with N for north and S for south.

Types of Magnets

Very effective and powerful magnets are made by passing electrical energy through a coil of wire having a metal, iron, or steel core. However, there is a difference between the magnetism produced in this manner and the magnetism from a solid state bar or metal composition magnet.

Magnetism has a frequency. It also has motion. The rate of vibration depends on the size, length, width, and power of the magnet. Solid state composition magnets, such as metal, iron and stell, are constant in their rate of vibration depending on their structure. An electromagnet, however, may present a number of different types of vibrations. Any kind of electromagnet has many turns of insulated wire. As the coil heats, the resistance to the flow of current increases. There we have a slow drop in magnetic lines, or cables, of force to a rise in force, depending upon the wire and core materials used for construction. Therefore, the vibrations supplied by the electromagnet are not as constant as those from the metal or composition magnet. So, it is best not to use electromagnets.


  • Magnetic therapy should not be used by people who wear pacemakers or other electronic medical devices.
  • Do not attach magnets to sensitive parts of the body, such as over the heart.
  • Do not eat or drink for 1 hour before stomach treatment with magnetic energy.
  • Do not use any magnets during pregnancy.
  • Homeopathic drugs, Flower essences, and other vibratory medicines, and radionic diagrams should not be placed near the magnets.

Tips for Magnetic Therapy

  • If magnets need to be applied to soles, try not to make any contact with earth. In other words, place magnets on wooden platform.
  • Magnets should not be allowed to clash with each other or to fall; otherwise steel magnets may loose their power and ceramic magnets many break.
  • The circuit of the magnet should be closed. Place the magnets in cylindrical shape container with caps. It will limit the magnetic force effecting outside of the container but not fully.
  • After using a magnet, placing both ends of the magnet against a structure of flat metal will maintain the original strength. This is known as “keeper”. The keeper acts to maintain the energy flow from one end of the magnet to the other, and in this manner no energy is drained from the magnet. For the N-1, N2 type biomagnet, and similar types of flat, wide-surface magnets, you can also bend a piece of steel, iron, tin into a shape that contacts the two flat sides of the magnet. This closed circuit retains the energy without drainage.
  • If you want to store more than 1 magnet, make sure that you store them by attaching attracting poles together. Never force same/repelling poles to be together as it will cause the magnets to loose their power over short time.
  • During treatment, it is advisable for patient to be on wooden bed or chair.
  • During treatment, it is desirable that the patient be seated or made to lie down parallel to the earth’s magnetic field .i.e north-south direction.
  • General use: 30-40 minutes, twice a day, 6 days a week. Do not use on 7th day.
  • Magnetic glasses can be used 10 to 15 minutes in the early morning and 10-15 minutes one hour before bedtime. Follow this for 6 days a week and then do not place it for 7th day. For serious cases the time may be increased up to 30 minutes, 2 times per day. When you are wearing lenses sit down and do not walk around. Keep the eyes open. Look through the holes in the lenses at various objects in the room. The holes in the lenses are not evenly spaced. This is to allow the person to keep the eyes moving slowly, exercising them in the magnetic field of the lenses while adjusting the eyes to see objects.
  • To magnetize the water using N-1 and N-2 biomagnets, place a container of water (up to 1 qyart) on the North Pole of the magnet (unmarked side for a minimum of 5 minutes. A clear glass container is best. N-1 and N-2 can magnetize larger quantities, up to approximately 5 gallons at a time, if left on the magnet for 20-30 minutes. However, for optimal effects it’s best to magnetize smaller. Basically we suggest a gauss energy of 3500-4500, such as N-1, N-2 magnets. Do not use South pole to magnetize water for human and animal consumption.
  • North pole magnetic water has many uses such as minor skin irritations, mosquito and other insect bites, sunburn, etc. Some people have experienced that it can help to promote new hair growth, including Dr. Rawls. Massage the scalp with magnetized water once a day. Several times a day would be better. If new hair growth occurs, it should be noticeable in about 2 months.
  • South pole magnetic water can be used to water plants but only on roots and not leaves. It will speed their growth, though some plants prefer North pole water.

 North is Yin or Shakti or parasympathetic nervous system.

South is Yang or Shiva or sympathetic nervous system.


Biomagnetics can be used to treat the body systemically as oposed to their use over specific acupuncture points or what are known as pain or ‘trigger” points.

There is a difference in the energy between the upper from the lower, the right from the left sides of the body. The area from the chest upwards tends to reflect the more positive, outgoing energy. With imbalance, this can manifest to extreme with symptoms ranging from skin eruptions, mental excitation, eye, ear, nose, throat and lung problems and hypertension. For this reason the North magnet is more frequently indicated in this area to disperse the excess. The lower area of the body, below the umbilicus, is often over extended upward and needs South or coalescing, grounding energy. The right side of the body is the more positive side and usually gets the North magnet while the left side which is more negative, receives the South magnet. Thus the following configurations have been adopted for systemic treatment:

  • Diseases above the navel: Place the right hand on the North magnet and the left hand on bio South for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Diseases below the navel: Place the right foot on the North pole and the left foot on the South.
  • Diseases on the right side of the body: Right hand on the North pole and right foot on the South pole.
  • Diseases on the left side of the body: left hand on the North pole and left foot on the South.
  • Diseases of the digestive system: right hand on the North pole and left foot on the South.

Diagnosis with Magnets

Sympathetic nervous system reacted in such a way to biomagnetic energy that electronic instrumentation could be developed to more efficiently diagnose human and animal ailments. E.g an organ’s efficiency can be reduced or stimulated. While the south pole (positive electron energy) will upgrade the activity and strength of all living system, the North pole (negative electron energy) will downgrade activity and strength.

The condition of a body part of an organ can be easily judged by measuring its magnetic fields. E.g with magneto-cardiogram, it can be easily determined whether the heart is healthy or not or whether there is some imminent danger to it. This technique is more reliable thatn EEG or EMG.

N-1 Magnet

It is composed of ceramic materials and is called a ceramic magnet, with a ceramic base. I is black and looks very much like slate. Not being metal in composition, it is very hard and will break if dropped on a hard surface. Flat in appearance, it measures 2 inches wide by 6 inches long and is 1.5 inch thick. The side marked with red is South.

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