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Most of the people do not know the actual powers of water. They just think of water as a medium to quench thirst, bathing/washing and cooking etc. Unfortunately, some people even do not consider water a necessity for health. But in reality water is much more than that. By natural design (when water is its optimal state), it delivers and releases energy to each cell of the body while removing and eliminating waste. The molecular structure of water, H2O, and its unique physical (and metaphysical) properties, give it the quality of being an incredibly adaptable carrier of information.

When judging water quality, it is not only important to make sure there are sufficient biologically important minerals, the water's energetic state should also be considered. Most people think we have solved the problem of providing healthy drinking water for everyone. However, we force the water through chemical cleaning processes with toxic chemicals like chlorine added to it. When then press the water through pumps and pipes of iron, concrete or plastic without considering the consequences for the quality of water. Viktor Schauberger, who spent his lifetime studying the inherent properties of water, called the result of such treatment dead water.

Schauberger (scientist) observed the whirling motion of water in streams and rivers which meander and flow in a natural way, factors which are responsible for its bouyancy and self-cleaning abilities. He also recognized the importance of the vortex movement for the life-energetic properties of water.

  • In the last decade, a Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, has been taking proof of water’s vibrational adaptability to new heights with his experiments photographing water crystals.  He exposes a sample of water to some kind of information, (such as words, music, or an energetic environment), and then freezes it for 3 hours at –25oC. The sample is then removed from the freezer. As the temperature rises and the surface of the ice begins to melt, it opens up like a blooming flower, forming crystals. These crystals are then photographed. Each information stimulus has been found to produce a different kind of crystal. Aside from showing that water does indeed take on the vibrational qualities of the information it is exposed to, the overall conclusion is that water which is given positive, loving, uplifting input creates the most clear, symmetrical crystals, while water given negative, hurtful input creates deformed crystals and is often unable to create any crystals at all. It is as if the life vitality of the water is influenced by the energy it receives. Emoto found that the most powerful effect, and the most beautiful and perfect crystal, was formed by the phrase ‘love and gratitude’. Emoto’s experiments also shows that good words written down on a label and taped to the bottle of water, with the words facing inwards to the water will have very good effect on water crystals. For an experiment, put cooked rice in three jars. Every day for a month say ‘thank you’ to one jar and ‘you fool’ to the other jar, and ignore the third jar. After a month the rice that was told ‘thank you’ will start to ferment with a pleasant smell, while the rice that was exposed to ‘you fool’ will rot and might turn black, the third jar which was ignored will also rot (before the 2nd jar).

There are number of many other yesteryear scientists that also did extensive research into extra-ordinary properties of water and their research is very well documented. Some of them are: Viktor Schauberger, Rudolf Steiner, Theodor Schwenk, John Wilkes.

Ability of Water to Store Information

Water can read, store, and transmit the vibrational pattern of anything, whether it is a physical object, an emotion or thought, or a spiritual being. The water always remains the same at the chemical level but at the energy and vibrational level it acquires a "memory" that it can both transmit and reproduce forever. This "memory" can then be used for all kinds of physical, psychological, and spiritual purposes. That means that we can influence water with the information we give it, and water can influence us with the information it carries.  Since a large proportion of our bodies consist of water, it’s no surprise that a specific frequency carried within the water, or the energy that we take into our bodies will quickly spread through the body and aura; therefore water is the best source for quick healing if vibrational/energy healing is to be performed. All water is sensitive to subtle energy vibrations. That is the reason that in almost all religion’s baptism involves water!!

This is also the reason that even if water is chemically filtered enough, it is still dead water with negative imprints of impurities and other negative electromagnetic forces. This is the working principle for all homeopathic medicines.

How Water Stores and Transmits Energy

One of the important properties of water is its ability to store and share information, and in particular photons. Bio-photons are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum - in other words: particles of light (energy/information). All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit bio-photons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment. Cancer cells and healthy cells of the same type, for instance, have very different emissions of bio-photons.

Our cells contain 75 to 90% water. Therefore, our cells also emit bio-photons which control vital processes. DNA lies in the center of every living cell, surrounded by water. The DNA contains instructions on how the cell should behave and replicate in the form of light/energy via the surrounding water because water stores and shares information - from ALL energy sources, man-made or natural. The energy from our DNA gradually expands out from the center of the cell, spreading throughout the whole body via the water in our bodies. It extends beyond our physical bodies to the Auric or Biophysical field due to the water molecules in the air around us. This is how, through water, we and our energy field, interact and communicate with everything around us.

The bodily fluids transport “messages” throughout the body: the blood, lymph, cerebra-spinal and interstitial fluids all cues the body as to its general state. They do this through the quality of the substances carried in their liquid medium. If these fluids are sluggish thanks to toxic debris, the body will be in a state of disrepair. So, it is very important to drink LIVING water and not just dead water.


Vortex is Nature’s finest creative/organizing force which gathers and disperses the energy keeping the entire cosmos organized and alive. The vortex is primal source of movement in nature. Vortices are the result of a self-organizing flow where a substance rotates around its own axis with a decreasing radius. The speed of rotation increases toward the centre where a sub-pressure forms. Theoretically, the speed at the center of a vortex is infinite—capable of breaking through dimensional boundaries.

The largest systems all the way down to the smallest systems use the magic of the vortex to facilitate their activity; The Earth’s solar system rotates vortexially; The Earth moves on a wobble that evokes vortexial movement; Even DNA moves along a vortexial form; Fossils and shells illustrate vortexial form; Tornados; Spiraling growth of plants; Waves in the ocean; Fire; Water naturally forms vortices when flowing around stones and other object and so on. Vortex is Nature’s mechanism for increasing the quality of energy from a lower to a higher level.

Viktor Schauberger saw life’s many processes as a part of an indivisible whole—linked by spiral movement. He identified two forms of motion in Nature:

  • Right/Clockwise (Outward expanding) used by Nature to encourage breakdown and decomposition;
  • Left/Counter-clockwise (Inwardly spiraling) used to build up, to create, and to energize.

When vortex is generated within water, then water draws the cosmic energy from universe. The water which runs through vortex, changes its structure. Structured water surrounds chemicals and helps them to be neutralized or not taken in by the body.  The chemical is still there, but it is in a different structure. Basically the toxins or unwanted things in normal water are pushed within the internal molecule of water and will not be absorbed by our body and will directly lead to elimination system attaching with them other unwanted things from human system.

Structured Water

It is not only the chemical property (H2O) of water that matters, but all the powers of water lay in its crystalline/structured state. It does matter how the hydrogen and oxygen are arranged in water molecule. e.g Both Charcoal and Diamond are chemically made up of Carbon but due to their crystalline structure of carbon atom both are entirely different things. All natural water is structured water.

Also much of the water in a healthy human body is in a liquid crystalline/structured state. Many components of the body are also considered to be liquid crystals, including collagen and cell membranes. These tissues work cooperatively with structured water to create an informational network that reaches to every cell. The liquid crystalline organization of the human body accounts for the instantaneous transfer of signals and other biological information. Healthy DNA is surrounded by structured water. This water is responsible for the DNA’s stability. Structured water is also responsible for supporting the electromagnetic field surrounding DNA. As water loses its crystalline structure (because of age and disease), the integrity of the DNA is often compromised. Youthful DNA, surrounded by crystalline/structured water, has a much stronger electromagnetic field than DNA from older individuals.

Once the water is structured, it acts as a superconductor for this cosmic energy. It is because water’s actual geometric shape is icosahedrons and icosahedron is one of the Platonic Solid which can resonate with energies of the Universe. Tap water or water from distressed environments is not structured and therefore not good for health. But there are various ways it could be restored (partially or fully) back to its original structured state.

How to Generate Structured Water

There are various ways to convert normal water to structured-water by using Vortex. Some of the known methods are:

  • By Shaking water vigorously
  • By Running water through or over small obstructions, such as small pebbles, this will create small “Vortex” action behind each pebble.
  • By Spiritual Chants and/or prayer: It is proved fact that if water is kept in a container while doing spiritual chants and/or prayers, the structure of water changes to natural i.e Structured water. Moreover, Holy waters are also structured by default.
  • By Stirring: As suggested by Rudolf Steiner, water can be stirred for at-least 30 minutes by alternating clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation within a bucket. Left/Counter-clockwise rotation/vortex (seen from top) energizes the water while Right/Clockwise rotation/vortex de-energizes (removes negative imprints) water.
  • By Magnetizing with Fingers:
    • Take a glass of water and fill it with cold water.
    • Hold glass in Left hand.
    • Point the fingers of the right hand and the thumb upon the surface of the water at the mouth of the glass, but do not allow the fingers to come in contact with the water.
    • Now, direct your attention upon the glass of water, having previously heated your hands to allow the accumulation of nervous energy at the points of the fingers.
    • Five minutes of work will magnetize a glassful or jugful of water provided water container has wide mouth.
    • This water is very helpful for health.

Holy Water

Holy Water is spiritually charged structured water produced by either of the following. It is NOT required to first structure the water and then charge it with spiritual frequencies. Spiritual person or place can do it simultaneously.

  1. Water that has been blessed or charged by a spiritual person.
  2. Water coming from Sacred sources (specific places that are high in cosmo-teluric energies and it receives the energy/vibrational holograms from the universe).
  3. Charanamrit: Water that is collected by washing people’s feet before the entrance of sacred places like in Religious places or collected by washing Saint’s feet or giving him the bath. Remember that this water is not chemically pure but it does have a perfect crystalline structure and super-charged with spiritual frequencies that can cure any/all disease(s) and raise your consciousness.

Holy Water can be used for the prevention and therapy of any/all diseases, disequilibria, pathologies, to expand and transform consciousness. In order to reap benefits of holy water; one can drink, bath, spray some of it on your face, hands, or solar plexus (or any sensitive, painful, or inflamed part of your body). If one wishes to purify one’s blood with such waters, they should be used for about a month.

Holy Water can regenerate itself. All we need to do is to take 9 drops of them, put them in a bottle with one liter of tap water (preferably in the morning) and let them rest for 24 hours. During that time, the tap water will be transformed to “Holy water”. It means that 9 drops of “Holy Water” can go life-time.

Spiritual water can be classified as having 4 basic types of "energy/vibrational imprints", those linked with the element "earth", the physical plane; those linked with the element "water", the emotional plane; those linked with the element air; and those linked with the element "fire", linked with the spiritual plane. Finally, there is also a 5th type, linked with the "ether" which can have an impact on each of the four traditional planes we have just mentioned.

Metaphysical Tips for Water

  • Store water in egg shaped container made of earth or copper. It is the old way to store water in ancient times because it keeps the water circulating and cool. It is because when water is left alone in round shaped or egg shaped container, water always spirals. Movement encourages vortices; they help to purify and energize water; they help maintain water’s perfect temperature (4°C); they bring about coherent structure; and they send/receive life-supporting, cosmic information.
  • On the water container write words like: “God”, “Love”, “Thanks”, “Health”, “Peace”, and “Meditation on God” etc. to imprint the good intentions on the water.
  • Let the normal tap water sit in sun for few 3-4 hours in glass container. It will remove the chlorine from water and also charge the water with solar energy which is very good.

Further Reading:
  • The Water Wizard By Viktor Schauberger
  • The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto
  • The Secret Life of Water by Masaru Emoto
  • Sensitive Chaos: The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air By Theodor Schwenk
  • Flowforms: The Rhythmic Power of Water by John Wilkes
  • The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor by Gerald H. Pollack