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What is Mudra

It could be defined as hand gestures which express specific energies or powers. Each area of the hand has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain. The finger tips of every living being have many concentrated nerve root endings which are free energy discharge points. Science also confirms that around every tip there is a concentration of free electrons. By touching together of the tips of the fingers or the finger tips to other parts of the palms this free energy (Prana) is redirected back into the body along specified channels, back up to the brain. A Mudra locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain.

Mudras have the amazing power of awakening the microscopic energies of the human body. With their help nerve cells lying dormant for a long time and the inactive glands, which in fact are the key to a healthy body. Mudras have very extra-ordinary power. Practice of mudras beings about a quick and fundamental reversion of the destructive changes in the human body. They can also help in the development of our knowledge and wisdom. Mudras do affect one’s physical, spiritual, and emotional aspect. Mudras awaken the cosmic energy and help to unite with the consciousness of Supreme Soul. The most important thing about mudras is that certain mudras have instant effect on the body.

Five Elements and Fingers

Nature’s all important and minute scientifically created components in the human body are made of the five elements namely - Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky. Imbalance of these elements disrupts the immunity system and causes disease. Each finger belongs to one of the 5 elements. The union and separation of these five elements with the help of the five fingers can enhance and also diminish the presence of elements in the human body.


Simple Law of the Increase and Decrease 5 Elements in Body

  1. To balance any element, join the forepart/tip of corresponding finger with forepart of thumb.
  2. To increase any element, join the forepart/tip of thumb is pressed at the base of corresponding finger.
  3. To decrease any element, the corresponding finger is folded at the base of thumb and generally the back of the finger is pressed by the thumb.

General Instructions for Mudras

  • If someone is not familiar with concepts of 5 elements, then it is wise to practice mudras with all 4 fingers (one by one) and thumb for 5 minutes each. Make sure that you balance the elements and not just increase or decrease.
  • Some mudras can be practiced only by sitting in a special posture, but many remedial mudras for different ailments can be performed in no particular pose.
  • Most of the mudras change the level of elements in the body within 45 minutes, whereas many are very fast. Some mudras show their reaction on human body immediately within a few seconds or minutes.
  • It is wise to practice the Mudras by both hands at the same time.
  • We should perform mudras with ease and light pressure on fingers.

Prana Mudra

Mritsanjivni/Apan Vayu Mudra

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