Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
Faults leading to Bondage >>> Point of View

We may not be able to understand other person's view; because each has its own point of view.

e.g[ Let’s say there is a classic car in a parking lot. The car is badly damaged on one side, but looks like new on the other. Two people going through the parking lot, walk by the car, one on each side. One person’s point of view is from the bad side, one from the good. As they walk by, they each see the car, make a judgment, and form ‘clear’, solid beliefs about the condition of the car. Because of their limited viewpoints, they are each left with totally different beliefs about the car. And each person’s belief opposes and contradicts the others.  They are both right, from their point of view. Yet if you could see the entire car from above from our point of view, they are both totally right and both totally wrong. The fact is that when you simultaneously grasp the two contradictory, yet true, beliefs, you actually have the greater truth about the car.  Another good example is island: If we are on an island then we cannot see other world because we are totally cutoff and cannot see the other world.

For instance, just like the people viewing that car, the point of view of each individual reading the ancient texts, or any book, is going to be different, thus they will perceive it many different ways, thus it will be perceived differently than it really is, and differently than it was intended to be perceived. People will even go to war, because their personalized version of God is different than someone else’s, and of course, each side in the war always believes ‘God’ is on their side. ]

A person’s point of view is affected by both the state of their ‘consciousness’, and their beliefs and ‘programming’. Beliefs and programming are usually in sync with a person’s level of consciousness. However, consciousness is dominant, and if there is a shift to a higher or lower state, the new consciousness can alter and override a person’s beliefs and programming in order to match the new level of consciousness.

ALL PROBLEMS come from person's limited belief even though he/she thinks that he is broader. We do actions (karmas) as per our belief. The problems arise whenever we are out of sync with nature or universal consciousness. All nature works in harmony. But we are forgetting harmony. The world’s problems, our personal problems, and all the actions that create the problems, come from our delusion that we are separate from the One, and the selfishness that results from that delusion.

e.g[ Think for a moment what kind of problems there would be if the members of a football team, no longer had ‘team consciousness’ (‘group’ consciousness). No  coordination, no guidance from a central source, not even any awareness of what the other players were going to do each play. And what if they weren’t even in harmony with their team in general, and would sometimes play for the opposing team? And then add selfishness into the factor - each player considered him the most important player in the world, wanted to be the star, wanted all the attention, with no real concern as to whether the entire team would win? Or what if the members of an orchestra, were unaware of what the other players were playing, and didn’t even care? Take these kinds of problems to a far greater level, to a team so large it encompasses everything in the Universe - that gives you just some idea of how bad having a lack of Universal Consciousness is. ]

e.g[ On a smaller scale even, consider what would happen if just your arms and legs left the guidance, coordination and consciousness of the entirety of your body. Then they got their own identity, and developed selfish separate selves. You would have such things as one hand trying to put on a glove in a snowstorm, not caring what happened to the other hand. And the legs would be doing their own thing at the same time. And hand is thinking why should I give my hard work reward to stomach or to whole body? ]

Source of hate and greed is selfishness. At the root of selfishness is our illusion that we are not One with All things, All life, the entire Universe, and our subsequent belief that this illusion is real. The only way to change things and get back in harmony with the One, is to starve the selfish separate self of energy - of giving in to it, of thought “attention”, and simultaneously nurture the Inner Being, the Spirit within us.

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