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Healing with Energies >>> Polarity Therapy

Polarity in Universe

All matter, emotions, mind substance and energies move by the three modalities of 0 (neuter), + (positive), - (negative) polarity. This is the cosmic picture of energy modality, demonstrated by the orbits of planets around a central sun.

Everything in this universe is bipolar because atom is bipolar in its function. Every atom has neutron (neutral charge), proton (positive charge), and electron (negative charge). Positive and Negative charges dance around a nucleus or neutron charge, like a central shaft. Energy always moves in oval shape and in vortex. Energy travels from positive to negative via neutral pole. In other words, energy must flow through its neutral pole to be balanced. Basically, neuter pole is the axle around which all these energies revolve. All centers of motion are such spinning discs of energy (vortex), as wheels of light and fiery motion.

Positive energy is sun energy, expanding, repelling, centrifugal, moving in clockwise/upward/outward/to-right and stimulating. Negative energy is moon energy, contracting, attracting, centripetal, moving downward/inward/to-left and soothing.

Positive and negative energy is not same as positive and negative attitude. Negative energy of nature is the life sustaining energy, the healing energy, the energy in the balance with the positive energy of nature that, when a little more prevalent than positive energy, is the better energy for life forms.

Ancients know about these energies and they call it three Gunas: Satguna is neutral; Rajguna is positive; Tamas is negative. They also know it by three Mountains representing the location of earth’s location as compared to universe: Mount Meru in center; Sumeru on one side and Kailash on the other.

Human Body Polarity

The body as a whole consists of two opposite ends and a middle, which are polarity fields with polarity functions, relationships and subdivisions. Opposite poles are fields over which energy travels and functions. Electricity, chemistry and the magnetic field prove it as a purely practical science now. But to extend that idea to other living fields and functions has found little favor in the healing art for the benefit of man. The cerebra-spinal fluid is the medium for conduction of this finer energy in the body – over the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves which are its physical conductors.

In other words, as our human body is a hologram of universe, therefore all living beings are electromagnetic in nature. Every atom, every cell is electromagnetic. This means that human body does have Positive and Negative polarities. The human body has electromagnetic opposition along three main axes: Vertically (head to feet); Horizontally (right to left); and Laterally (front to back).

All polarization is done from the front to the back, from side to side, and from the above to the below, or the superior to the inferior. The Creator gave everyone energy which flows from center (solar plexus just like Sun is center of universe) to circumference and returns by polarity action. If also flows from within outward, and from the top downward and returns by reaction or attraction from the surface to the center and from below to the above. By these paths of energy or light waves and rays, we can reach cause and effect in the body, and balance them within ourselves by mind and emotional polarity or balance; and with the hands, as energy polarity of the pranas or the five life breaths which animate the five senses, as sensory and motor functions.

Polarity in Human Body

    • Right half of body including head. This is for Front.
    • Upper portion of body above diaphragm. This is for Front.
    • Back of Head.
    • Lower portion between diaphragm and Pelvis. This is for Front.
    • Every join is a point where a polarity current of positive and negative variety crosses.
    • Top of Head.
    • Left half of body including head. This is for Front.
    • Pelvis (Front)
    • Front of Head
    • End of Spine.

Polarity is opposite on the other axis as explained above. E.g If right front side is positive, and then the polarity on other axis (back) is negative on right side.

Even all organs have positive, negative, and neutral poles as explained below:











Solar Plexus




Kidneys, colon



There are no poles: Ether is located in joints

Importance of Pelvis

A house rests on its foundation. So, does the structure of life in human body rest on the vital force located at base of the body, the pelvis. Its tissues are vital, and even the bony structure and articulations are fundamentally important for all motion, action and well-being. Many ills and pains which are the despair of physicians originate in the pelvis.

Vital force has its base in the sacrum, which is the motor force in the pelvis. The rest of the body can share this vitality only if its currents are flowing over the body in normal circuits of finer energy waves. If it is blocked in its circulation, the body’s entire vital economy suffers resulting in ill health. When the pelvis is right, everything in the foundation of the body structure is right. When the vital currents roll naturally in their orbits there will be less tension, frustration, emotional upsets and restlessness.

Balance of Positive/Negative Forces

Both positive and negative forces should be balanced in the body for the perfect mental and physical health. If those are not balanced then it creates energy block in the body and eventually causes the disease. By following the polarity techniques one can balance the positive and negative forces and thus can cure any disease.

  • Press both PALMS together so that all fingers of each hand touch each other and there is a little hollow space between the two palms. It activates and harmonizes coordination of the left and right brain hemispheres.
  • Press both foot’s SOLES together so that all fingers of each foot touch each other.
  • Laying Hands for Pain
    • If the pain is in front, place the LEFT hand over it and the RIGHT hand on the same area on the back to get the current through the congestion.
    • If the pain is on spine, place the LEFT hand over it and RIGHT hand on abdomen, directly opposite to left hand.
    • If the pain is on side, place the LEFT hand over it and the RIGHT hand opposite on the other side.
    • If the pain is on top of head, place LEFT hand there, and RIGHT hand below it, on the back of the head, or under the jaw if the pain is nearer to the front than the back.
  • Stroking with Hands
  • Gentle stroking with the LEFT hand has a very soothing, sedative effect.
  • Gentle stroking with the RIGHT hand it is stimulating.
  • DOWNWARD stroking is soothing, while the UPWARD stroking from the feet up to the head is stimulating. This can be done with BOTH hands, because the direction determines the polarity here.

Egyptian Rods: It is simply a set of two cylinders: One represents Solar (+) power is and made of Copper/Bronze and Carbon; Another represents Lunar (-) power and is made of Steel/Iron and Magnet. Just hold the SOLAR (+) rod in RIGHT (+) hand and LUNAR (-) rod in LEFT (-) hand. This setup will transfer psychic energy and balance all forces within body.

Gold/Silver: One can also use Gold as Positive energy and Silver as Negative energy. Always remember that Gold should be placed on superior part (it could be positive or neutral) and Silver on inferior (which is negative).

Navel Contact

The fiery energy of the solar plexus may be harnessed to move congested Energy. For example, painful joints will often clear if navel contact is made with one hand, and contact with the joint with the other.

It is here that polarizing the three nervous system if of greatest benefit for the patient:

  1. Balance the sensory parasympathetic 10th cranial nerve currents to release tension and spasm.
  2. Release the 11th cranial nerve current.
  3. Release the hypersensitive magnetic fields where spinal anemia keeps them from functioning.

This is found at the tip of the spinous proceses where there is great hypersensitiveness with the vasodilators over-active on the surface, and anemia in the center. Cold quick application applied here will be very effective. The left hand over it and right hand opposite to it is good therapy. Polarity Therapy affects the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid directly.

Polarity Exercises

In polarity exercises, the posture is an approximation of energy fields, which brings positive and negative poles closer together, causing a free energy flow in the body which is very good for physical and mental health. The eventual results are certain as the polarities act and react on each other in fields and centers of function. Gravity and pressure are merely external aids for conditioning, but they are not the real factors moving the main currents of the body; they only assist the solids and gases in their motion of elimination. Many physical, emotional and mental conditions could be benefited by squatting positions. Some may think that merely squatting when defecting is sufficient but that is not enough.

Squat Position with Locked Hands

Squat Position with Locked Hands (For release of downward energy)

This stretching exercise acts on three airy fields in the body which makes the downward currents (Apana Vayu) of energy move by releasing the most negative area blocks first in the calves of the legs. The neuter pole of this airy principle is in the colon, which becomes storage for gases, pressed by the thighs, and the arms pull inward on the knees. The positive pole is the chest as the intake. In other words, when the outlets are open and the drag and resistance is released in the negative pole, there will be better positive intake of air and oxygen. The result is improved neuter pole action, distribution of energy, oxygen and food supply through absorption and better assimilation of it in the blood stream and in the tissues.

It frees the back pressure from the heart and thus heart, lungs can benefit by this stretch of the brachial area. It is very good for the release of gases, constipation, excessive abdominal fat, kidney problems and for toning the walls of the abdomen. If someone is having problem in sleeping, then few minutes of this exercise will greatly helpful. Practicing this exercise 3 minutes several times a day gives good results.

  1. Sit in a squat position with feet on flat floor which are 6 inches apart at the heels and about 12 inches apart at the toes. This will differ a little with each person as his comfort or balance permits.
  2. Bent the head forward and spine is extended in this process.
  3. The arms are wrapped around the knees from the outside. Lock the hands which will exert a stretch upon the arms and between the shoulders, to free the brachial plexus. The pull must be felt between the shoulders to be effective.
  4. A deep breath is taken, stretching from the inside out, to relax tension and energy blocks. The breath is directed to act as a push from within, between the shoulders, while the arms pull on the shoulders from without, in a synchronized stretch. A healthy grunt (sound of “Ha”) as the breath is exhaled helps deep relaxation. Breath and Sound are very important in this exercise.
  5. Now gentle rocking motion is started for the balance of forces and their release in motion. The rocking motion (as shown in image using arrows) should be from: forward and backward, from side to side and also rotating around the center pivot of the spine. The rotation (clockwise and anti-clockwise) around the center pivot of the spine is like the side movement, but it adds a twisting stretch to the muscles of the pelvis. This rocking motion will give rest to muscles alternately. It also has a stimulating effect through polarity function, from the positive to negative side, around an imaginary neuter line of gravity, through the center of the spine

Squat Position with Hands on Various Parts of Body

For freeing and distributing latent force to various body parts

This exercise frees and distributes the latent force to various body parts depending upon position of hands and fingers. This stretching exercise frees energy in the pelvis and then polarity currents are activated and distributed by the hands from the positive and negative sides of the body. Remember that it is not accomplishment of a position that we are after, but the stimulating actions of the currents set into motion by these posture stretches. So, do not force yourself.The following procedure is common for all the squat position where hands and placed on various parts of body.

  1. Sit in a squat position with feet on flat floor which are 12 inches apart at the heels and about 24 inches apart at the toes. This will differ a little with each person as his comfort or balance permits.
  2. Bent the head forward and spine is extended in this process.
  3. The arms are placed on the inside of the knees, pushing the knees outward in order to stretch the inner and posterior muscles.
  4. The palms and fingers could be placed in various positions as shown in the following text.
  5. A deep breath is taken and used as a stretch from within, directed to any one portion of the spine at one time, then released with a healthy grunt (sound of “Ha”). Breath and Sound are very important in this exercise.
  6. Now gentle rocking motion is started for the balance of forces and their release in motion. The rocking motion (as shown in image using arrows) should be from: forward and backward, from side to side and also rotating around the center pivot of the spine. The rotation (clockwise and anti-clockwise) around the center pivot of the spine is like the side movement, but it adds a twisting stretch to the muscles of the pelvis. This rocking motion will give rest to muscles alternately. It also has a stimulating effect through polarity function, from the positive to negative side, around an imaginary neuter line of gravity, through the center of the spine

Hands on Forehead

The palm and fingers of one hand are placed over the loosely formed fist of other hand, placing the thumbs side by side – one on each side of the bridge of the nose, in an upward direction – thus supporting the head with the thumbs.

Hands on Head

This posture stretch frees muscle tension and energy blocks from the heart area. It is also very beneficial to spines which lack the natural posterior dorsal curve and also very beneficial for pains in shoulders.

The hands are placed on the back of the head for a mild stretch of the entire spine, from top to bottom. The hands may be placed on any area from the neck to the top of the head, to bring out a greater curve and stretch on the spine wherever it is needed.

This exercise can also be done with only one hand which can be placed on the back of the head and extending down over part of the neck, with the head bent to one side, for a stretch on that side of the spine and back which is troublesome, tense, or limited in motion. Either hand may be used and either side may be stretched, depending on where it is needed. A gentle forward-backward rocking motion is indicated by the arrows. This exercise also frees the brachial plexus on that side where the pull is felt. It is done gently, only once or twice each time, but regularly, when it is needed. On the left, the pull can be felt over the posterior heart region, and on the right side it is felt over the liver region, acting as a release there.

After this exercise, grasp a bar with both hands and hanging from it usually releases a number of vertebrae in a general spinal stretch and also compensates for the downward position of the hands in lifting objects and working all day long.

Hands on Eyes

Both the hands are used for eyes. Two illustrations are given to show the exact position of the hands and fingers, as this is very important for polarity reactions. The hands fit naturally over the sides of the face: thumbs behind the jaw, directly under the ears, and the lower palms supporting the angle of the lower jaw; the other 3 fingers on the side of the head. The little finer of each hand pushes gently on the eyeballs, right up under the orbital ridge, to free the eyeball from its tension and soreness. The contact is applied for a few seconds or up to a minute wherever soreness and tension may be found, until whole area of the eyeball has been taken care of.

Hands on Ears

The little finger is placed in each ear, giving the canal a lifting motion as well as dilating it. The lower jaw may be opened and shut a few times to augment the reaction at the joints. Now hold the little fingers still, keeping them inserted as far as comfortable into the car canal, and hum different pitches of sound until you hear and feel the vibrations in the ear, just where the trouble is. Keep this up for one minute. If the trouble is more on one side than the other, then leave the finger in that ear only and withdraw the other one.

Then insert the thumb in one ear and grasp the ear lobe with the first finger, then pull and rotate gently, humming all the time the right pitch for this outer part to respond and vibrate.

Then grip the tragus instead of the ear lobe by first finger. Hold it, stretch it, and rotate it, humming all this time at the proper pitch to vibrate the ear. About 1 minutes of this should give good results.

Thumb on Roof of Mouth

The contact is in the Mouth. The cushion of the thumb is pressed upward on the hard palate on any sore spot found there, for many central reflexes in the head and in the body. The thumb from the same side has a soothing effect, while the opposite thumb has a stimulating reaction due to crossing over of the currents. The front of the palate reacts to the front of the body, the back portion to the back, and the center to the middle of the body, and each side reacts to that particular side. This makes it easy to localize reflexes.

Hands on Sides of Head (Good for headache)

The body is in the same position as in ‘Squat Position with Hands on Head’ while applying the polarity contacts to the head, placing one hand on any sore spot found and the opposite hand on the opposite side of the head. While in this posture, the parietal bones can be gently molded with the polarity contacts on each side of the head. The fingers are locked, which allows a squeezing motion to be made by the heels of the hands in the upward direction. The gentle squeeze can be synchronized with the breath and with the humming pitch that vibrates these bones.

The hands can also be placed opposite each other, anteriorly on the forehead, and posteriorly on the occipital, diagonally from head from one side to other. Both positions of the hands are indicated here by merely reversing the contacts on the head.

Squat Position for Digestive System

This posture is also powerful, yet gentle stretch for the shoulder blades, hips, and entire lower back. It also activates digestive reflexes.

Half Squat for whole Spine

Half Squat for whole Spine

It is simultaneous stretch of hips, back, and shoulders, remarkably effective for pain and tightmess in upper back , neck, and shoulders, as well as for headaches. One can also rock from side to side while in this posture. There are 2 twisting variations on this posture, especially good for the shoulders and lateral stretches of the back muscles. One can turn head around as if the person is looking over his shoulder. One can also twist while the head remains looking straight forward.

Ideal Neutral Squatting Position

This is the ideal neutral squatting position, plus local special sense balancing through the finger locations: Thumbs in the ears, the first finger lightly over the eyes, the middle finger over the nose, the ring finger over the mouth and the little finger on the chin. It is a position of the sages and wise men of old. This posture helps the Vital Pattern of the Mind as balancing effect. Therefore, it is a good posture for relaxing anxiety and emotional tension.

Perfect Neutral Position of the Body

In this exercise most of the body muscles are involved.

The embryo in the mother’s womb is the beginning of the perfect posture, where all the energies can flow freely, to build a perfect body. To assist the body in repairs and building or rebuilding, some relationship to this primal position is used in many exercises for the particular purpose of encouraging more Energy flow, especially when used together with the Life Breath. This posture is also wonderful for the relief of nervousness and excess gas. Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

  1. The neutral position of the body is completed with hands under the arches of feet, so the polarity currents can flow. The elbow joints are over knees and head is bent forward in a relaxed position in order to stretch the muscles of the neck and back.
  2. Then a rocking motion is used – forward and backwards – while the hands are pulling on the soles of the feet. Breathe out when the abdomen is squeezed by this motion, and breathe in when it is thus released.
  3. Next rock from side to side and continue the same natural way of breathing as with the forward and backward motion.
  4. After that rotate the body in a circular motion – clockwise and anticlockwise – in as wide a circle as possible.

Vital Exercises for Toning the Body

In this exercise, most of the body muscles are involved. This powerful exercise with natural breath engages the inner Life Energy and most of the body muscles in one balanced expression of exhilaration of the natural energy flow. This exercise gives meaning and depth expression to our finer Energy fields in the body, which need the exercise and resultant energizing of the otherwise stagnant currents even more than the muscular structure. But that usually gets all the attention while these finer Energy Fields are neglected. Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

  1. Move from one side to other alternately. Each time, exhale all breath completely, with a loud “Ha” at the end of the movement, as the chest rests on the thigh.
  2. Inhale naturally as you rise and change positions from left to right or right to left, as the case may be.

Basic Polarity Exercise

It is a very good exercise for the muscles of the shoulders, the abdomen, the thighs, and the back and very useful in digestive disturbance, constipation, kidney inactivity and general sluggishness. It is also helpful to the brachial plexus by releasing the shoulders and neck tension. Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

  1. Relax the shoulders and feel it between the blades as a movement and let the head relax naturally forward.
  2. Breathe out completely on going down – and breathe in on rising.

Wood-Chopping Exercise

This exercise is as natural as chopping wood and putting some effort at the end of the stroke, which produces the natural sound of “Ha” at the end of the exhalation as well as the elimination of the carbon dioxide, thereby completing the chemical action of the exercise – and all by natural means. Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

Diaphragm release Exercise

This exercise will help both heart and lungs. Both hands press in the center under the diaphragm. The legs are tensed and close together, the feet are extended in a stretch. This is the beginning of this exercise. The legs are slowly raised and lowered under tension several times.

Exercise for Opening Nostrils and Sinuses – Relief of Head Congestion

This exercise is very good for opening the sinuses and nostrils and to relieve that stuffy feeling in head colds. The factors that produce it are first: The pumping action of the hip joints and muscles stimulating the sacral center and fluids reacting upon the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum. The caduceus from the brain (the serpent force of the Sun and the Moon Energies) are activated at the negative pole, which open the breathing centers in the head. The other point is the fact that the feet in the motion of crossing each other cut the electro-magnetic lines of force emanating from them, acting like a Dynamo in producing a muscular tone effect on the body.

The position is face down with the legs flexed and the feet swung outward as far as possible until sacroiliac articulation. Then swing the feet past each other medially, and outward again. Repeat this for 5 or 10 minutes, several times and the head will clear and the nostrils will open.

Exercise for Motor Balance

The two hands clasped over the back of the head, balancing the positive motor pole with the neuter palms of the hands. The mild stretch relaxes the spinal muscles.

Exercise to Balance the Neuter and Negative Poles

It has a quieting sensory effect. It is a good posture for relaxing anxiety and emotional tension.

How to fix Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus is the controlling center for all the organs below the diaphragm. This centre shifts upward or downward when excess weight is lifted or when there is severe gas trouble. The upward shifting of the Solar Plexus leads to constipation and downward shifting brings more motions every time when there is a pressure. This cannot be cured by drugs. And when these problems persist, it can damage the digestive system and may require an operation. It may even lead to Cancer. One of the causes of Cancer of Colon (lower and greater part of the intestine) is constipation. In such cases it has been found that this Solar Plexus has moved upwards. It is therefore, advisable to check the position of the solar plexus before starting any treatment. The Solar Plexus is like the mainspring of a watch. Unless it is set right, treatment may not give the desired results.

In such cases, the throbbing will not be noticed in the centre of the navel, but it will be noticed somewhere around the navel.

Methods to confirm whether the Solar Plexus is in order or not

  1. In the morning, on an empty stomach, when you lie down on any hard surface on your back and if you press your finger or thumb in the navel, you will feel a throbbing sound just like thumping of the heart, it means that the system is O.K.
  2. Lie down on your back, arms straight by your sides. Keep legs straight and the toes upright. The two big toes should be in level with each other. If they are not, it indicates a disturbance in the solar plexus.
  3. Join the two palms as shown in figure and match lines 1 and 4. These lines will match with each other if the solar plexus is in order. If the solar plexus has shifted, line number 4 will not match.


To Set Solar Plexus in Order

  1. Big Toes Method: Correct the solar plexus by pressing with one hand the knee of the leg whose big toe is lower and keep the middle finger of the other hand in between the two big toes and holding them, pull-up only the big toe which is lower. After 2 or 3 pull-ups; check the level of the 2 big toes. If the level has not come in line, repeat the procedure till the level is proper. Only in a few rare cases, where there is a natural difference in the feet of the patient, this method will not work. In such cases, use “Vacuum Method”.

  2. Acupressure Method: Press point no. 29 (of solar plexus) in both palms and also on the back. After half a minute, verify whether the solar plexus has come in order.
  3. Elbow Method: Keep your right palm vertically on the joint of elbow of the left hand and try to touch the left shoulder with the thumb with a jerk. Repeat 5 times. In the same way do with the right hand and verify if solar plexus is in place.

  4. Vacuum Method: Put a small oil lamp/candle on the navel (coin or something can be kept on the navel as a base to hold the candle). The air inside will burn the solar plexus to the center. Then lift the glass from one side after one minute. Repeat this 3 to 4 times till throbbing is felt at the center.

In the case of a chronic problem like diarrhea/vomiting/stomach upset, the solar plexus may shift up or down frequently and it will be necessary to correct it at least 2 or 3 times a day. In the case of children too, the correction of solar plexus is very important. For a breastfed baby, i f the mother has gastric problem, the baby’s solar plexus also gets damaged either leading to constipation or loose motions.

Frequent Shifting of Solar Plexus

Due to frequent gas trouble, weakness of intestines, lifting of heavy articles, sometimes, there is a shifting of the solar plexus. In case of such frequent shifting of the solar plexus (sometimes it gets shifted in the afternoon even though it was corrected in the morning) the following treatment should be followed:

  1. First correct the solar plexus as defined above.
  2. Take a little string (thicker than a sewing thread) and tie eight to nine rounds of this thread around the base of a big toe. It should not be very tight, and then make a knot. Do the same with the other big toe. Ask the patient to keep it on for a minimum of three days. During this period, this thread may be removed only, if there is unbearable pain in the big toes. Later on, the patient can check up the solar plexus every alternate day and correct it if necessary.
  3. For a complete cure, the patient should have a diet of green juice, fruit juices and light food and also do some basic polarity exercises.

Release Brachial Plexus
  1. Release the brachial plexus blocks by getting the fingers under the shoulder blades as high as possible in a lifting motion with the patient sitting up.
  2. Give the person a polarizing contact on:
  3. A double polarizing contact on the first joint of each second toe.
  4. A lateral polarizing contact on the joint of each second toe.
  5. A double polarity contact on the sore spots between the tendons on top of each foot, supported by thumb pressure on the sore spots on bottom.
  6. A double polarizing contact on the first finger tips, anterior-posterior and lateral pressure on the first joints.
  7. A polarity pressure contact on the sore spots between the tendons on top of the hand, with the thumbs in the palm areas.

Further Reading:
  • Polarity Therapy Vol 1 By Randolph Stone
  • Polarity Therapy Vol 2 By Randolph Stone
  • Easy Stretching and Postures By Randolph Stone
  • Health Building By Randolph Stone
  • Polarity Therapy Workbook By John Beaulieu
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