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Healing with Energies >>> Spiritual Techniques

Any type of healing is basically Grace of God; without the Grace of God no medicine would work. HIS Grace is the first requirement and it is always present. In Spiritual healing, bottom line is: God's name is the cure for ALL diseases. Faith is very important in Spiritual healing. Always, remember that there is NO disease which could not be cured via Spiritual healing. God’s healing force is always present; we just need to plug ourselves into it. Moreover, one can continue taking medications while doing spiritual healing. In-fact, our spiritual practice will make our medications more effective.

Spiritual healing is a method which places our conscious awareness at a level that empowers us to direct the creative power of consciousness to self-heal. In other words, it is a mind- body healing method that goes beyond many holistic healing systems and effectively uses our spiritual origin towards healing. Mind influences the body towards either health or disease. Our prevailing mind pattern has brought about the disease so why not use the same mind way to create a new pattern and bring about health. Spiritual practices automatically correct our mental patterns and bring about corresponding healing. Being a self-healing method, the effectiveness and the time taken depends upon our own commitment. Healing starts the instant we decide to renew our self.

Techniques of Spiritual Healing

There are various techniques for spiritual healing:

  1. Meditation: It is remembering of God's Name repeatedly. Just relax and sit cross-legged if possible, otherwise just lay on bed in a relaxed manner. Repeat God’s name (as per your religion) for 30 minutes starting from 5 minutes.  During repetition of God’s name, watch your breath (inhale/exhale) or half-eyes closed concentrate on your nose tip. This technique will calm your mind and God’s name will create new patterns in your mind which will eventually help your body to heal itself. This is the most potent technique for all diseases if done with prayer.
  2. Prayer: Prayer can solve that which cannot be solved in any other way. When all our human efforts are exhausted, we don’t have any other way of doing anything, we don’t find any source. Then suddenly we burst out, ? Lord, help me!? Then grace dawns. Just say a prayer to God that “If it is within God’s will, please cure me”.  This technique work wonders if prayer if offered with full concentration.
  3. Holy Water: Holy water is basically water obtained either from sacred sources/springs or water that is collected by washing people’s feet before the entrance of sacred places like in religious places. Remember that this water is not chemically pure but it does have a perfect crystalline structure and super-charged with spiritual frequencies that can cure any/all disease(s) and raise your consciousness. Sacred sources are specific places that are high in cosmo-teluric energies and it receives the energy/vibrational holograms from the universe.

    In order to reap benefits of holy water; one can drink, bath, spray some of it on your face, hands, or solar plexus (or any sensitive, painful, or inflamed part of your body). If one wishes to purify one’s blood with such waters, they should be used for about a month.

    Holy Water can regenerate itself. All we need to do is to take 9 drops of them, put them in a bottle with one liter of tap water (preferably in the morning) and let it rest for 24 hours. During that time, the tap water will be transformed to “Holy water”. It means that 9 drops of “Holy Water” can go life-time.

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