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Healing via Sun

Have you ever wondered why a portion of the galaxy in which we live is called the "Solar System"? The idea of light as an integral part of all life and creation has been evident since the beginning. Sunlight, our primary source, and provider of light, warmth, and energy, sustains all life on Earth and on Earth itself. The light and heat from the sun are indispensable to all nature. By spending excessive time under artificial lights, we may be subjecting ourselves to mal-illumination, in much the same way as we subject ourselves to malnutrition by eating an unbalanced diet. Sunlight can bring numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

e.g. [A car’s engine requires fuel, oxygen, and a spark to create internal combustion, which makes the car run. Similarly, the human body also needs energy (in the form of food), oxygen, and a spark (in the form of light) to ignite metabolism. If the car's ignition system is not functioning correctly, fuel additives will not solve the problem. The same is true in the human body. Vitamins and drugs will not solve the problems caused by a lack of the appropriate wavelengths of light necessary to create complete metabolism. Light is a tool to expand our awareness of emotional and mental patterns to create an internal environment where vibrant health is the norm.]

Relationship of Sunlight with the Human Body

Scientists have recently discovered what mystics have maintained for a long time that the human body has a master controller called "Pineal Gland," which is a "regulator of regulators" for all biological clocks, the hypothalamus, the nervous system, and the endocrine system, which in turn are responsible for overall body functions. But this master gland is not an internal mechanism; basically, the pineal gland is a follower of the dynamic & rhythmic fluctuations in the Solar System Interplanetary Electromagnetic Field Matrix (SSIEFM) and the rhythmically pulsating Geomagnetic Field of the Earth (GMF). So, in other words, the Pineal is our "light meter" that receives information from the heavens above (Sunlight) to give us that sense of oneness with the universe and from the Earth’s electromagnetic field (Earth) below to keep us grounded. A perfect balance is necessary to maintain our health and to keep us in harmony with the environment.

Relationship of Sunlight with the Eyes

The eyes are extensions of the brain and are more complex than any other man-made substance.

e.g. [Space Shuttle Columbia, with its 5.2 million parts, could be compared to a single eye, containing 137 million photoreceptors and more than 1 billion total parts.]

Light as conscious electromagnetic energy from the sun enters the body through the optic nerves of the eyes, and part of it goes to the visual cortex to construct images. In contrast, another part directly stimulates the pineal gland, a photo-reactive organ. The pineal gland converts light energy into an electrochemical impulse which feeds directly into the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that mediates all of the body's vital processes via its immediate and direct connections to the pituitary gland (master for lower endocrine glands) and the autonomic nervous system. The hypothalamus is filled with light-sensitive cells which convert the electromagnetic signal of light into a neurochemical impulse which is then carried directly into the pituitary gland. The pituitary, in turn, elaborates all lower endocrine glands and secretes hormones within the body accordingly. This is why sunlight entering through the eyes is very important for health; thus, sun-gazing has a special place in light therapy.

What about the Harmful Ultraviolet?

The doctors mainly mention a study about UV light which shows that it is very harmful and could cause skin cancer, cataracts, etc. But let’s see what that study was. In 1981, a study was conducted at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, the conclusions of which have always seemed questionable. Monkeys were tranquilized, and their eyelids were pried open with lid clamps. With the monkeys’ pupils fully dilated, researchers beamed light into their eyes from a 2,500-watt xenon lamp for 16 minutes. This intense light contained high levels of UV radiation. They gave these monkeys a highly abnormal exposure to ultraviolet light that would never happen in real life. The same kind of study was done for cataracts. Now, think about this study: Is there a 1% chance of this happening in real life? The conclusion is the abuse of animals in their studies causes cancer, blindness, and death. The ultraviolet issue has been exaggerated beyond belief by people who don’t wish to take responsibility for their health and well-being. There is big money for corporations in sunscreen lotions and glasses.

Suggestions for Healthy Life

Spend time outside
Spend a portion of each day (at least one hour) outdoors in the sunlight, if possible.  Avoid wearing sunglasses and contact lenses with assorted colors. If you must wear prescription glasses, ask your eye-care specialist about UV-transmitting lenses. They have to be specially ordered. These are not recommended after cataract removal. If other diseases exist, consult your doctor.


Look towards the Sun directly for 2 to 20 minutes with bare eyes, starting with 2 minutes and increasing the time daily. Eyes can blink and flicker. Safe-time to look at the sun is: Within one hour of sunrise or before one hour of sunset. If possible, stand barefoot on the ground and look towards the sun. Otherwise, you can also look at the sun while sitting/standing in your room. As long as you are not looking at the sun through a glass window, look directly.


  • Never look towards the sun during any eclipse. Even avoid skin exposure during that time.
  • Never wear glasses or contacts while looking towards the sun during the safe time.
  • Never look at the sun if you have cataract surgery and have a permanent lens implanted in your eyes.

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