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  • Two things are essential for success on the spiritual path: first, a genuine urge, a passion for it, and second, regular practice. If either of these is lacking, our efforts will not be fruitful.
  • Devoting hours to meditation without eliminating bad habits and cultivating good ones in their place will not get one anywhere. Purity of actions is essential for fruitful meditations.
  • Before sitting for meditation, pray to the Master Power (God). This will help us to establish the right mental atmosphere. 


Assume a meditative, steady, comfortable posture that ensures that the head, neck, and trunk are erect and in one straight line. The body should be made motionless.


One must silence one's thoughts during meditation. In order words: control the senses of perception. Here, one becomes aware of the space immediately around him, withdrawing his awareness from all other times and experiencing the present moment more completely. Try to be "here and now" and mentally reaffirm: "I'm not the body, I'm not senses - they are my instruments. I am not the mind. The mind is a subtler instrument. I'm Soul, the infinite". Every time the mind tries to wander outward, one should gently draw it back inward.


  • We do not see God through our efforts. God is to be found only by our sitting at the inner door, patiently. Just stick at the inner door and do repetition mentally and no third thing.
  • Do not presuppose things or visualize results; these will follow their own accord. Have patience.
  • Determination and Faith should be so strong that even if nothing comes out of it until the last moment of life, there is no wavering of faith.

Time and Place for Meditation

  1. We may give any time convenient, preferably in the early morning ambrosial hours. If we cannot give time in the small morning hours, we may give the time that suits us best. One should increase the time of sittings to 2.5 hours daily.
  2. It is best if meditation is done at the same time and place every day.

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