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Why Diseases are increasing Day by Day?

Why every year more and more people cause themselves to get cancer, heart disease, diabetes, sclerosis, lupus, muscular dystrophy, asthma, migraine headaches, joint, neck and back pain, acid reflux, ulcers, and stomach problems, chronic fatigue, sexual dysfunctions, infertility, prostate problems, allergies, arthritis, constipation, fibromyalgia, cold sores, and herpetic breakouts, menopause issues, insomnia, bad skin, acne, dandruff, more kids having serious issues, depression, stress and anxiety, flu than ever before?

And that is when every year there are exceedingly greater amounts of people going to visit doctors; more and more people getting diagnostic testing, such as blood test, blood sugar tests and x-rays; more and more are taking non-prescription and prescription drugs; people taking prescription drugs more and more with each passing year, more and more surgeries each year than ever before? Think about it twice!!!

Education System and Licensing authorities for Doctors

Doctors are trained by the pharmaceutically prepared medical school curriculums to believe that symptoms of the body are the source of disease. They are taught that they need to “fight an all out war” on symptoms. They have three arsenals they call upon to try to conquer your body’s symptoms; cut (surgery), burn (radiation and cryogenics) and poison (pharmaceuticals). It is not doctor’s fault, they are like us, they are being taught wrong and out-dated concepts.

Moreover, most of the time, the fresh doctors had taken huge amount of loans in order to complete their degrees; secondly all doctors are bound by their licensing authorities. In order to retain their license and pay back huge amounts of loan, they are bound to work within their protocol (as defined by licensing authorities in collaboration with Pharmaceutical companies). Doctors face problems when they want to implement some free/cheap/non-patented therapies and therefore they have to constraint themselves.

The hospitals, doctors, drugs companies, nurses are so protected by law, they are the law.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Most of us are under the impression that somewhere in the research labs the prominent scientists, doctors, and researchers are searching for new medical methods and cures that will relieve and eradicate physical suffering and illness – and that as soon as they make these wondrous new discoveries they will immediately release the results of their studies. But the reality is that medical researchers are not the ones who ultimately decide what medical treatments the public receives as a result of medical research studies. The ultimate authority is the drug company. Medical research requires funding and from the very beginning of the age of modern medicine, researchers have largely depended on pharmaceutical companies.

Basically, it is the drug industry’s best interest to ignore and invalidate medicines and traditional therapies that cannot be patented and do not produce big profits. And in simple economic terms, this is how any business survives and prospers – by selling and promoting the products that make the most money. Simple inexpensive medicines like herbs, homeopathy, magnetic therapies that have been shown to be just as effective, safer, and much less expensive than chemical drug compounds may be better for the public but they are not good for drug company profits and therefore not promoted and sold and sometimes (actually most of the time) are suppressed and wrong information is intentionally published regarding those remedies.

Even modern science believes that human species is the most advanced and intelligent specie on the face of this earth and everything is self-sustainable of its own. That means that if animals can sustain themselves then why cannot “The human”? i.e See how this most intelligent human is so clueless about its health. We run to doctors for all of our physical/mental problems because we have been educated in this way by so-called Universities. You might have seen what a dog does when he is sick; first he won't eat anything and next he will try to eat grass and then suddenly within few hours or may be a day or so, he would be fine. Got something?? No, we are not saying you to eat grass to get cured. Point is that dog does not run to his doctor, he knows that nature is there to help him. Do you still think that we are the intelligent than dog?

How to care take of OUR Body

People have formed a habit of leaning on others. They always want others to help and tell them what to do and what not to do. This is a bad habit. We are a human being; we should take charge of our-self. If we become too dependant on a therapist, a preacher, or a healer, then what’s the use of our brain? It means we are allowing our life to be governed by our trainer/healer/doctor. By becoming dependent on therapists, our power of self-motivation and self-guidance will never be allowed to unfold.

Unfortunately, today’s consumers have been exposed to the most intensive media advertising barrage in the history of medicine, and are now conditioned to expect medicines and health therapies to deliver an instantaneous “punch” – irregardless of the cost, side-effects or ultimate consequences of such methods. All medications add to the plaque! The truth about medications is that they strengthen the real enemy and weaken the body’s self-healing abilities! The body is designed to keep you alive, and it has the power to do it if we support it and don’t block it!

As per doctors: “Today’s chronic diseases – both social and medical – are really symptoms of a much more vast underlying problem. They are the culmination of years of inadequate nutrition, a toxic environment, sedentary lifestyles, familial and social disruptions, and dependence on artificial agents (from cigarettes to cocaine) for happiness Every cell in our bodies – from the brain to the immune system – is affected by these abuses.”

Reality is: Health is equilibrium between the mind, body and the external world, disease is just a disruption of this natural harmony. Therefore, treatments should involve creating the conditions in which the body could maintain and cure itself through its internal healing mechanisms. Modern medicine is also good in certain but care should be taken, it should not go over the edge.

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