Awareness of Ignorance is the beginning of Wisdom
God >>> Why we cannot see God

We are not able to experience God (the Truth, the Absolute Reality) because:

  1. Searching God/Truth in wrong spot. He is within us but we are searching Him outside. To look for God without, abandoning the God within, is like going in quest of conch-shell after giving up the precious diamond in the hand. If you cannot find Him in your heart, you will not find Him anywhere else.

    e.g[ There was a cage set with mirrors on all sides, and a full blown rose was kept in the centre of the cage. In the cage, was a nightingale, and the bird saw the reflection of the rose in the mirrors. Whichever way  the bird saw there was the rose! Every time she flew towards the rose in the mirror, every time she struck the mirror, and fell back wounded. But as the bird turned its face away from the mirrors, there was the rose in the centre of the cage.  O Man! This world is the cage. And the pleasures we seek outside is within ourselves. ]

    e.gOnce a bird picked queen's very expensive necklace and flew away and obviously queen became sad. King ordered his servants to follow the bird and bring back the necklace but servants could not found the necklace. King made an announcement that whosoever will find the queen's necklace will be rewarded. After few days, a person reported that queen's necklace  was seen in a pond. King immediately left for that pond along with his servants. When the king and his servants reached pond, they could clearly see the necklace at the bottom of the pond because the water in pond was clear and calm. King ordered his servants to dive into pond and bring back the necklace; the servants followed the order and searched for necklace in the pond but could not find it, king also joined them. The water in the pond gets muddy and ripples were created because of the king and its servants activity in the pond. After searching in vain, they came out of pond and tried to see the necklace but as water was full of mud and ripples they can no longer see the necklace in the pond. They waited for some time to get the mud settle at the bottom and water be clear of ripples. Once water is calm and clear again, they can again see the necklace at the bottom. They again dived into water to get the necklace but could not find one. They repeated the above procedure for a full day. Finally, a wise man was passing by and he asked why King and his servants are spoiling their clothes in pond. He was told the whole story. The wise man asks them to show him the necklace in pond to which he was shown the necklace in the pond. The wise man after seeing the necklace in pond immidiately responded that King and his servants are looking at the image of necklace and the real necklace is hanging at the tree at the banks of that pond. Same way, we are looking for God and searching for happiness in the external world (which is the image/creation of God) and eventually getting pains, but the real place of God's abode is within everyone and outside. ]

  2. Mind has faults  (Filth, Poison, and Veil) due to which God cannot be experienced in our Mind.

    e.g[ Our eyes cannot see themselves and one needs clean and correct (with no fault) mirror in order to see them. Same way Mind is the mirror to see God. In other words God's shadow can be seen in pure, concentrated and one-pointed Mind. The reason for Mind's faults is God's illusionary power called Maya/Illusion. ]

There are 3 problems while searching for God

  1. External world keeps changing: Everything we experience in the external world is a manifestation of something else. The house is made of bricks, and the bricks are made of sand. The flowers arise from the soil, only to return to the soil. Today's friend is tomorrow's enemy, and then again friend. The form changes and we call it "house" instead of "sand," or "flower" instead of "soil," or "friend" instead of "foe," or "dead" instead of "living" while all along it is made of the same stuff of the Universe, ever stable, ever pure.

    e.g[ Just a little change in the frequency of the vibration of atoms (how fast or slow they vibrate) in a molecule (group of atoms), can completely change our perception of what it is. For example, we know the slower vibrating molecules of H2O as ice, a solid; as the frequency of vibration increases, we know them as water, a liquid; faster still, as steam; faster yet, as Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. As vibrational frequency increases, a more etheric quality develops. Something may even seem to vanish (like steam), but nothing is ever lost in the Universe, it just changes form. ]

    e. g[ Consider the modern invention of television, and the ‘picture’ we see on it. The ‘pictures’ we see are not pictures at all, but many individual lines of parts of the picture, flashing at us one at a time. They start at the top or bottom of the screen, and go to the other end. But these lines appear faster than our human perception can process, so we don’t see them as individual lines being ‘flashed’ one at a time. Instead, the many lines seem to be there all the time, making whole pictures. Movies are similar. As many as 30 still pictures are being flashed in one second. We see it as a seamless presentation, and have the illusion that the people and things on the screen are moving, but they aren’t. Thus, everything we think we see, is really just an illusion - not its true form - just a ‘conceptual form’ created by our brain. Then to make matters worse, we process that information through the ‘filters’ of our emotions and preconceptions. This all leaves us with a very inaccurate illusion of reality. ]

  2. Our senses are not reliable: While the external world keeps changing, the very senses with which we observe the world are able to have experience only within their own limited range. Everything in this universe is vibration. A particular range of vibrations manifest in physical form which our eyes can see. Then a more higher range of vibrations can also be heared by ears but cannot be seen. and so on. In other words, the eyes see only a limited range; the ears hear only a limited range; and so also with smell, taste, and touch. They all provide useful, though limited, inadequate information when seeking Truth or Reality. God/Truth is behind senses.

    e.g[ Our naked senses tell us the earth is motionless and each day the sun travels around the earth; but in reality the earth spun on its axis and orbited the sun in an elliptical orbit. ]

    e.g[ On a hot sunny day, we saw water on the road. But it is just the mirage effect. ]

    e.g[ Look at the following image (click on this link:  ). If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, you will only see one color, pink. If you stare at the black + in the center, the moving dot turns to green. If you concentrate on the black + in the center of the picture; after a short period of time, all the pink dots will slowly disappear, and you will only see a green dot rotating if you're lucky! There really is no green dot, and the pink ones really don't disappear. This should be proof enough, we don't always see what we think we see and similarly our senses are also not reliable. ]

  3. Our Mind is clouded: This is the biggest problem. As of now, we know that external world is changing and our senses are not reliable. But now, we learn that the processing unit of ours which is Mind is also clouded. Due to this Mind don't work as it should be.

    e.g[ If the mirror is dirty, we cannot see ourselves in the mirror. Same way, Mind needs to be purified in order to see God. ]

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