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The sole purpose of this website is to provide information that we have acquired through GOD's grace by reading books, listening to many many discourses from Saints, yesteryear's doctors etc. I am not interested in getting donations or any other monetary benefits for the services offered on this website. I do not claim to be the knower of everything but my intention is just to share knowledge. I do not like those people or cooperations who for their financial benefits either hide truth or tell half truth to the public and spread misinformation intensionally among public for their own benefit(s). This website is concentrating only on: Spirituality and Health.

I believe that everything is created by GOD and there should be no discrimination based upon color, caste, creed, religion, or whatsoever. I believe that all religions leads to same destination but the paths are different. Moreover, religion is just a way to practice discipline so that it could help us to reach GOD; just like we get admission in school to get education. Getting the admission to school in itself is not a destination, it is just the first step to receive education. Same way practicing any religion in itself is not destination, it is merely just the start point on GOD's path. Practicing one religion does not give us the authority to condemn any other religion. Hatred is not practiced on this website towards any community.

I also believe that Health is equilibrium between the mind, body and the external world, disease is just a disruption of this natural harmony. Therefore, treatments should involve creating the conditions in which the body could maintain and cure itself through its internal healing mechanisms. Modern medicine is also good in certain cases but care should be taken, it should not go over the edge.

For any technical issue, please send me an email ( Please keep in mind that I will NOT respond to any personal request on email.