Library of Mind, Body, and Soul


  • Health in your Hands Vol 1, 2 By Dr Vohra
  • Acupuncture Handbook By Lawson Wood
  • First Aid At Your Fingertips By Lawson Wood
  • Lost Secrets Of Ayurvedic Acupuncture By Frank Ros
  • Manual of Acupuncture By Peter Deadman
  • Agriculture Course By Rudolph Steiner
  • How Plants Are Trained To Work For Man Vol 1 to 8 By Luther Burbank
  • Natures Energies in Agriculture Soil Fertilisation and Forestry By Viktor Schauberger
  • Secret Life of Nature By Peter Tompkins
  • Secret Life Of Plants By Peter Tompkins
  • Secrets Of Soil By Peter Tompkins
  • How To Grow Fresh Air By Dr B C Wolverton
  • Aroma Therapy By Julie Sadler
  • A Complete Practical Handbook Cheirognomy And Cheiromancy By Ed Heron Allen
  • Astro Palmistry By Mihirachara
  • Astrological Judgement of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick By Nicholas Culpeper
  • Medical Astrology By Eileen Nauman
  • Complete Guide To Palmistry By B N Panda
  • Language of Hand By Cheiro
  • Practical Astrology By Comte C de Saint Germain
  • Surya Siddhanta By Pandit Bapu Deva Shastri
  • Dry Fruits That Heal By Dr G N Chauhan
  • Healing Spices By Bharat B Aggarwal
  • Law Of Nutrition By Beinsa Douno
  • Healing Recipes By Master Peter Deunov Beinsa Douno
  • 10 Essential Foods By Lalitha Thomas
  • 10 Essential Herbs By Lalitha Thomas
  • Complete Herbal Nicholas Culpeper
  • Ancient Art Of Self Healing By Yogi Harbhajan Singh
  • Ancient Art Of Self Nutrition By Yogi Harbhajan Singh
  • Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies By Vasant Lad
  • Complete Handbook of Nature Cure By Dr H K Bakhru
  • Conditions And Ailments By Dr Christopher
  • DMSO Nature Healer By Dr Morton Walker
  • Encyclopedia of Healing By Edgar Cayce
  • Fluids Of Human Body And Elixirs Of Life By Dr Bhagat Singh Thind
  • Foods For Healing and Health By Yogi Harbhajan Singh
  • Foods for Health and Healing By Edgar Cayce
  • Miracle of MSM By Stanley W Jacob
  • Natural Healing With Herbs By Humbart Santillo
  • Yoga Of Herbs By Dr David Frawley And Vasant Lad
  • Yoga of Nutrition By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Bio Circuits By Leslie Patten
  • 10 Tibetan Breaths By Edwin J Dingle
  • Breathing By Boyan Boev
  • Breaths That Renew Your Life By Edwin J Dingle
  • Free Your Breath Free Your Life By Dennis Lewis
  • Praana Praanee Praanayam By Yogi Harbhajan Singh
  • Respiration Spiritual Dimensions and Practical Applications By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Science of Breath By Swami Ramacharaka
  • Science Of Breathing And Glands By Dr Bhagat Singh Thind
  • Swara Chintamani or Divination by Breath By Vydyaa Visaarada
  • Ways To Better Breathing By Carola Speads
  • Authentic Parenting By Bari Borsky
  • Child Changing Consciousness By Rudolf Steiner
  • Damaging Effects Of Media And Therapeutic Possibilities Of Puppertry By Margaret M Shams Zandjani
  • Discussions With Teachers By Rudolf Steiner
  • Education Begins Before Birth By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Education For Adolescents By Rudolf Steiner
  • Education of the Child By Rudolf Steiner
  • Essentials of Education By Rudolf Steiner
  • I Am Different Than You By Peter Selg
  • Kids Education By Satveer
  • Kingdom of Childhood By Rudolf Steiner
  • Learning In and Out of School By Rudolf Steiner
  • Let Bud Of Life Bloom By Swami Rama
  • Love Your Children Right Way By Panyananda Bhikkhu
  • Simplicity Parenting By Kim John Payne
  • Soul Economy By Rudolf Steiner
  • Stories Who Is Boss By Gambhiro Bikkhu
  • Training Of Human Plant By Luther Burbank
  • Coffee Enema Detailed By Lawrence Wilson
  • Colon Health By Dr Norman W Walker
  • Constipation By Edwin J Dingle
  • Guide To Better Bowel Care By Dr Bernard Jensen
  • Guide To Diet And Detoxification By Dr Bernard Jensen
  • Let There Be Light By Darius Dinshah
  • Light Color Sound Mass Electricity Magnetism Course By Rudolf Steiner
  • Light is a Living Spirit By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Light Medicine of Future By Jacob Liberman
  • Sunlight could save your Life By Zane Kime
  • Ayurvedic Cooking For Self Healing By Dr Vasant Lad
  • Easy Ayurveda Cookbook By Rockridge Press
  • Monk Cookbook By Kauai Hindu Monastery
  • Crystal Gazing and Spiritual Clairvoyance By De Laurence
  • Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing By Frater Achad
  • Encyclopedia of Crystal Gem and Metal Magic By Scott Cunningham
  • Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Vol 1, 2 By Gurudas
  • A Mini Course in Pendulum Dowsing By Walt Woods
  • Advanced Radionics and Dowsing Course By Ruggero Moretto
  • Basic Course of Radionics and Radiesthesia By Ruggero Moretto
  • Dowsing Charts By Juanita Ott
  • Learning to Dowse Student Guide By Walt Woods
  • Natural Healing Spiritual Guides and Radiesthesia By Ruggero Moretto
  • Your Ears By Edwin J Dingle
  • Earthing By Clinton Ober
  • Handbook for Healers By Warren Grossman
  • To be Healed By Earth By Warren Grossman
  • Upon A Clay Tablet The Definitive Guide To Healing With Homeostatic Clay By Jason R Eaton
  • Basic Electronics Course By Patrick Kelly
  • Art of True Healing By Israel Regardie
  • Gurbani Healing By Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam
  • Pranic Healing By Choa Kok Sui
  • Radiant Healing By Isabel Bellamy
  • Science of Psychic Healing By Yogi Ramacharaka
  • Silva Method Life Accelerator Training By Jose Silva
  • Touch For Health By John F Thie
  • Lazyman Guide To Relaxation By Israel Regardie
  • Exercise Without Movement By Swami Rama
  • Exercises For Glands And Joints Original Excellent By Swami Rama
  • How I Became Young At Sixty By Horace Fletcher
  • Sunrise Meditations By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Yoga For Health and Healing By Yogi Harbhajan Singh
  • Cure of Imperfect Sight By Treatment Without Glasses By William H Bates
  • Healthy Eyes Without Glasses By Dr R A Richardson
  • Take Off Your Glasses And See By Jacob Liberman
  • Your Eyes By Edwin J Dingle
  • Feng Shui By Master Lam Kum Chuen
  • Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing By Gurudas
  • Free Thyself By Dr Edward Bach
  • Heal Thyself By Dr Edward Bach
  • Twelve Healers and Other Remedies 1941 Last and Final Edition By Dr Edward Bach
  • Constable Cosmic Pulse of Life By Trevor James Constable
  • Energy Evolution By Viktor Schauberger
  • Getting Your Hands On Cheap Solar Panels By Peter Linderman
  • How To Save On Home Energy By Peter Linderman
  • Nature As Teacher By Viktor Schauberger
  • Optic Dynamo Generator By Walter Russell
  • Scalar Waves By Konstantin Meyl
  • Zero Point Energy with Actual Experiment Images By Walter Russell
  • Rife Handbook By Nenah Sylver Code
  • Healing Cards By Sathya Sai Baba
  • Sai Sanjeevini Broadcasting Card By Sathya Sai Baba
  • Arthritis By Ada P Kahn
  • Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs By Scott Cunningham
  • Farmacist Desk Reference Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine Vol 1, 2 By Don Tolman
  • Gale Encyclopedia Of Alternative Medicine 2nd Edition - Vol 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Harmonic Healing By Linda Lancaster
  • Magical Aromatherapy By Scott Cunningham
  • Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy By Manfred M Junius
  • Wicca In Kitchen By Scott Cunningham
  • Facial Diagnosis Of Cell Salt Deficiencies By David R Card
  • Biochemic Handbook By Dr J B Chapman And Edward Perry
  • Biochemic System Of Medicine By Dr George W Carey
  • Dr Schuessler Biochemistry By Dr J B Chapman
  • Four Elements in Homeopathy By Misha Norland
  • Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies By Nigey Lennon And Lionel Rolfe
  • Materia Medica Including Cell Salts By William Boericke
  • Tree Of Life By Dr George W Carey
  • Zodiac And Salts Of Salvation By George W Carey
  • An Occult Physiology Human Body By Rudolf Steiner
  • God Man Word Made Flesh By Dr George W Carey
  • Man A System of Energies And Forms By Master Peter Deunov Beinsa Douno
  • Man Subtle Bodies and Centres By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Occult Anatomy Of Man By Manly P Hall
  • Subtle Body By Cyndi Dale
  • Wonders of Human Body By Dr George W Carey
  • All In Mind By Andrew Newton
  • Complete Hypnotism Mesmerism Mind Reading By A Alpheus
  • Hypnotherapy By Dave Elman
  • Lesson to Master Secrets of Hypnotism By Pradeep Aggarwal
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming By Joseph O Connor
  • Perfect Course of Instruction in Hypnotism Mesmerism Clairvoyance Healing Magnets Polarity By Sydney Blanchard Flower
  • Infrared Mini 830 Instructions By Red Light Man
  • Iridology Simplified By Dr Bernard Jensen
  • Sclerology By Dr Donsbach
  • Visions Of Health Understanding Iridology By Dr Bernard Jensen
  • Plans By Craig Bratcher
  • Magnetic Blueprint of Life By Davis and Rawls
  • Magnetic Effects By Davis and Rawls
  • Magnetic Energies In Diagnosing Treating By Davis and Rawls
  • Magnetic Energy in Diagnosing And Treatment By Davis and Rawls
  • Magnetic Secrets By Peter Linderman
  • Magnetic Water and Fuel Conditioning By Everett Moore
  • Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living Systems By Davis and Rawls
  • Papers and Letters With Officials By Davis and Rawls
  • Rainbow in your Hands By Davis and Rawls
  • Ayurveda And Acupuncture By Dr Frank Ros
  • Ayurveda And Marma Therapy By Dr David Frawley
  • Lost Secrets Of Ayurvedic Acupuncture By Dr Frank Ros
  • Marma Points of Ayurveda By Vasant Lad
  • Marma Science and Principles Of Marma Therapy By Dr Sunil Kumar Joshi
  • Marma Therapy By Dr Ernst Schrott
  • Chinese Pediatric Massage Therapy By Fan Ya Li
  • Hara Massage By Unknown Author
  • Infantile Tuna Therapy By Luan Changye
  • Miracle of Healing Hands By Yogi Harbhajan Singh
  • Self Healing Massage By Kristine Kaoverii Weber
  • Animal Magnetism By Dr Marco Paret
  • Curative Mesmerism By Adolphe Didier
  • Handbook of Mesmerism By Thomas Buckland
  • Macrososm And Microcosm By William Fishbough
  • Mesmerism Electrical Psychology By John Bovee Dods
  • Mesmerism Unveiled By Leslie J Gee
  • Philosophy Of Charming By John B Newman
  • Philosophy Of Mesmerism By John Bovee Dods
  • Vital Mesmerism Science Of Soul By Joseph Haddock
  • Mexistim By Lee Crock
  • Healing Magic In Your Hands By Dr S Jeyanthi
  • Healing Mudras By Sabrina Mesko
  • Mudra Vigyan By Dr Balwant S Chavan
  • Mudras for Healing By Acharya Keshav Dev
  • Yoga in your hands By Gertrud Hirschi
Non Linear Systems
  • Entropy Logic Theory and Expanding Horizons of Consciousness By Edward Kri?k
  • Information in the Structure of the Universe By Vladimir Nesterov
  • NLS Diagnostic US Patent By Vladimir Igorevic Nesterov
  • Nonlinear Information Channels and Quantum Entanglement By Edward Krik
  • Psychophysics as New Priority in Modern Science By Vladimir Nesterov
  • Quantum Correlational Interactions in Psychophysical Systems By Institute of Practical Psychophysics
  • Quantum entropic logic theory and quantum computer By S I Doronin and V I Nesterov
  • Theory of Quantum Entropy Logic By Svyatoslav Nesterov
  • Aura Reading For Fun And Profit By Richard Webster
  • Book Of Numbers By Cheiro
  • Numbers Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues By Wynn Westcott
  • Orgone Accumulator Handbook By James DeMeo
  • Easy Stretching and Postures By Randolph Stone
  • Energy As A Healing Art By Franklyn Sills
  • Esoteric Anatomy By Bruce Burger
  • Healing With Life Force By Alan Siegel
  • Health Building By Randolph Stone
  • Polarity Therapy Vol 1, 2 By Randolph Stone
  • Polarity Therapy Workbook By John Beaulieu
  • Your Healing Hands Polarity Experience By Richard Gordon
  • Cracking the Code Ucc
  • How I Clobbered Every Bureauractic Cash Confiscatory Agency Know To Man By Mary Elizabeth
  • How To Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance By Gregory Allan
  • Treason New World Order By Gurudas
  • Your Will Be Done By Arthur A Chresbby
  • Chinese Pulse Diagnosis By Bob Flaws
  • How To Feel Pulse By William Ewart
  • Naadi Vidhya By Unknown
  • Nadi Darpan By Pandit Jawala Parshad
  • Nadi Darshan By Tarashankar MitrVaid
  • Nadi Pariksa By Vaidaya Bhagwan Dash
  • Nadi Vijnana By Sarvadeva Upadhyaya
  • Nari Pariksa By Dr Bhawan Dash
  • Pulse Classic By Yang Shou Zhong
  • Pulse Test By Arthur F Coca
  • Secrets of the Pulse By Vasant Lad
  • Pulsor Manual By Dr George T F Yao
  • Rays From Capstone By Christopher Hills
  • Better Health with Foot Reflexology By Dwight C Byers
  • Stories of Eunice D Ingham By Eunice D Ingham
  • Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol 1, 2 By Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • Book of Phi Vol 4 By Jain
  • Holy Squares of Divine Magic By J Pike
  • Magic of Nine By Jain
  • Magic Squares for All Success By Jagannatha Swami
  • Magic Squares Vol 1, 2, 3 By Jain
  • Paper Doctor A Vibrational Medicine Cabinet Formulas By Don Gerrard
  • Pyramid Power By Patrick Flanagan
  • Vedic Symbols By Akhand Jyoti
  • Preservation of Vital Fluid Semen By Unknown Author
  • Sexual Force By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Tao of Sexology By Stephen Chang
  • Your Sex Life By Edwin J Dingle
  • Art of the Gong By Yogi Harbhajan Singh
  • Calendula Booklet By John Beaulieu
  • Healing Powers Of Sound By Mitchell L Gaynor
  • Human Tuning By John Beaulieu
  • Music and Sound in the Healing Arts By John Beaulieu
  • Tuning Instruction Manual By Bio Sonics
  • Art of Joyful Living By Swami Rama
  • Enlightenment Without God By Swami Rama
  • Concentration A Guide To Mental Mastery By Mouni Sadhu
  • Concentration and Meditation By Swami Paramanada
  • Concentration By Mouni Sadhu
  • A New Earth By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Ancient Secrets For Modern Mystics By Robert Bruce
  • Anurag Sagar By Bhagat Kabir
  • Art Of Attention By Ven Pannyavaro
  • Bible Lessons Selected By Master Peter Deunov Beinsa Douno
  • Book of Divine Magic By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
  • Children of Law of One and Lost Teachings of Atlantis By Edgar Cayce
  • Choosing A Path By Swami Rama
  • Ruhani Sandesh By Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji
  • Awaken Healing Energy By Mantak Chia
  • Chi Self Massage By Mantak Chia
  • Everyday Chi Kung By Master Lam Kam Chun
  • Tai Chi for Health and Self Defence By Master T T Liang
  • Tai Chi For Staying Young By Master Lam Kam Chuen
  • Way of Energy By Master Lam Kam Chum
  • Cure Tooth Decay By Ramiel Nagel
  • Tooth Truth By Frank J Jerome
  • Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla HAARP Chemtrails and Secret of Alternative 4 By Tom Swartz
  • A New Concept Of Universe By Walter Russell
  • Genero Radiative Concept Or Cyclic Theory Of Continuous Motion By Walter Russell
  • God will work with you but not for you By Walter Russell
  • Home Study Course Unit 1 to 12 By Walter Russell
  • Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe By Walter Russell
  • Message of the Divine Iliad Vol 1, 2 By Walter Russell
  • Secret of Light By Walter Russell
  • Universal One By Walter Russell
  • Shivambu Geeta By Dr G K Thakkar
  • Water Of Life By J Armstrong
  • Your own Perfect Medicine By Martha Christy
  • Electrical Healing and the Violet Ray By Gary J Lockhart
  • Violet Ray Book By Edgar Cayce
  • Healing Is Voltage By Jerry Tennant
  • Living Energies By Callum Coats
  • Living Water and Secrets Of Natural Energy By Viktor Schauberger
  • Sensitive Chaos Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air By Theodor Schwenk
  • Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life By Paul C Bragg
  • Water can undermine your health By Dr N W Walker
  • Water Cure By Sebastian Kneipp
  • Water Rx For a Healthier Pain Free Life By Dr Batmanghelidj
  • Water Wizard By Viktor Schauberger
  • Your Bodys Many Cries for Water By Dr Batmanghelidj
  • Cure for All Cancers By Hulda Clark
  • Cure for All Diseases By Hulda Clark
  • Faq By Ken Presner
  • Instruction Manual By Ken Presner
  • Lecture By Bob Beck
  • My Recovery Protocol Zapping and Other Details By Ken Presner
  • Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual By Hulda Clark
  • Ultimate Liver Cleanse By Ken Presner
  • Waves that Heal By Mark Clement