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The earth is a giant electron storehouse with a subtle electric pulse called the Schumann Resonance that has fostered the evolution of biological life on earth for all of the time. When we are electrically grounded, our biology has access to an endless supply of electrons allowing us to function as we have evolved to, entrained to the 24-hour circadian rhythm of the earth, which orchestrates standard diurnal hormone patterns.

Our body is mostly water and minerals, and both are excellent conductors of electrons. Our blood and other body fluids are, therefore, good conductors. Our skin, in general, is an excellent conductor, but there is an incredibly potent point, and that's right in the middle of the ball of our foot, a point known to acupuncturists as Kidney 1 (K1). It's a well-known point that conductively connects to all acupuncture meridians and essentially connects to every nook and cranny of your body.

When we are in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or lying down on the earth’s surface), the earth’s electrons are conducted to our body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth and also protecting the body’s delicate bioelectrical circuitry against static electrical charges and interference. The free electrons from the earth, which are negative in charge, are known to neutralize the disease-causing free radicals (positive in change) in our body.

Problems with our Life Style

For decades we have been almost categorically deprived of Earth contact. Our bare feet, with their rich network of nerve endings, rarely touch the ground. We wear insulated synthetic-soled shoes; sleep on elevated beds made from insulating material; spend most of our day in an apartment, house, or office elevated off the ground, with a layer of wood, synthetic carpeting, or vinyl covering the floor. From cell phones and computers to fluorescent lights and ambient houses and high-rise fields, our brains, nervous systems, and vital organs are constantly bombarded by voltage-induced inflammatory stresses undreamed by our pre-industrial ancestors.

Suggestions for Health

Outdoors: The ideal is barefoot on bare ground under the sun and in the open fresh air. 30 min is a must. This is the BEST option:

  • Walking barefoot on the beach or near the water is very good, as seawater is a great conductor. A second location is a grassy area, especially if it's covered with dew, which is what you'd find if you walked early in the morning.
  • Sitting on a chair or grass with bare feet on bare ground in the open air. To make it more effective, dampen the soil/grass for added conductivity.

Indoors: The next best option is to remain indoors and utilize the following methods:

  • Sitting on a concrete floor or a chair with feet on the concrete floor. Dampen the area around your feet to enhance conductivity, concrete is a conductive substance, but if it is painted or sealed, it is not.
  • Grounding rod(preferably copper) could be grounded directly in the earth, but it should not touch any underground electric live wire; otherwise, use an in-line resistor. Then connect the grounded rod with an insulated copper wire running into the home and connecting it to:
    • Any part of the body which is painful or to K1 point under each foot.
    • Copper mesh/sheet which you place can under your feet.
    • Products like earthing mats and sheets. It comes with a grounding rod.

Barefoot Substitutes (For Indoor): It is for persons who, because of some problem/issue, cannot spend time on bare earth. There are one-of-a-kind earthing products available from (Commercial earthing products). But it is essential to check if your electric wiring is properly grounded; tools are available from any hardware store. Many electrical ground systems are prone to carry high-frequency electrical noise. Even with such electrical noise, using an electrical ground system for earthing is safe with an earthing system designed specifically for personal grounding. But it is the potential disturbance that electrical noise may have on the nervous system of an electrically sensitive individual. Moreover, for safety reasons during lightning, do not use ground plugs. The best option is to bypass the electrical system inside the house and connect to a dedicated outside ground rod.

Do not use any grounding products (mat, rod, sheet) during sleep. It is because, during sleep, we are being controlled by positive forces, but the earth being the 7th plane of existence, has some hostile forces, and during our sleep, they might negatively affect us.

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