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Is there a God?

The man who has invented airplanes, submarines, rockets to reach Moon and now trying to achieve time machine knows very well that any thing in this universe can be solved with the help of a formula or technique. Airplanes travel in air, ships travel in water just because of a formula. Everything in this Universe is bonded with some rules. Our scientists all the time are trying to crack different formulas in order to invent one more sophisticated machine. But when the topic of God comes we simply say "There is no God". Is this answer based on our hard work that we had put in order to understand God? Have we ever tried the formula to feel God? Have we ever listened or tried to understand from the experience of another person who has already experienced God?


  1. If we tell a child that butter and ghee is hidden inside milk. Will child believe us? Can we show him hidden butter in milk?

    The answer is NO. We cannot but using a formula we can prove it. We can show him the technique to extract butter from milk. The child can learn the technique and if implemented correctly he will be able to see butter coming out of milk. So, the key here is to follow the technique and then experience instead of just saying there is no butter inside the milk as my senses cannot feel it.

  2. If we show a tree's seed to child and tell him that a huge tree will be grown out of this seed. What will be his answer?

    The child will say NO I do not believe and if there is tree within this seed then show me. Now, we if we sow the seed in soil and water it everyday then one day (after many years) it will become a huge tree. The child BELIEVES us and every day waters the seed. After many years a seed becomes a huge tree. Now, what's the key here? The child needs to believe the one who has already seen seed growing into huge tree and then following the technique told by his mentor. Here notice that sometimes it takes time to understand the concept.

  3. Eyes are very near to us and by which we see this world. As our eyes cannot see themselves can we say that our eyes do not exist even though we are seeing this world with our eyes?

    The answer is no. We require a clean and correct mirror in order to see our eyes. Now, what are the requirements of the mirror if we want to see our eyes within it? First: The mirror should NOT be opposite; in other words we should be standing in front of the mirror and not towards the back of mirror. Second: It should be stand still; in other words the mirror should not be moving. Third: It should be clean. It does not matter how long we try to see our eyes in mirror; whenever the mirror fulfills the 3 conditions only then we will be able to see our eyes in it. Same way, The GOD who is within us but we cannot see Him because the mirror (our Mind) in which He could be seen is very dirty.


The above examples clearly states we need to believe that God exists; the tools (our senses) that we are using to derive that there is no God are inaccurate. So, God does exist.

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