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His Creation is very complex, and it is only possible to capture limited things that various Saints have already described. He alone knows the absolute truth about the creation. The knowledge of His creation is not the pre-requisite for a Spiritual path. So, you can skip this article because it is meant for curious readers who like to read the technicalities.

Everything is the creation of God. He is within HIS creation, and creation is within HIM. There is no place where HE is not present; HE is omnipresent. The creation and destruction of this universe are by HIS thought. He created the universe by uttering a Shabad/word (sound is the creation). That sound is still going on in universes, and our universe is expanding continuously. Apart from our universe, there are millions of other galaxies created by HIM. It is through Shabad that everything came into manifestation - Ishwar (God as the sustainer of the world), Jiva (individual soul), Maya (the subtle and gross material), Brahmand (the physical, astral, and causal planes) - all were brought into being by its motion.

Three Main Forces

All matter, emotions, mind substance, and energies move by the three modalities of 0 (neuter), + (positive), - (negative) polarity. This is the cosmic picture of energy modality, demonstrated by the orbits of planets around a central sun. Everything in this universe is bipolar because the atom is bipolar in its function. Every atom has a neutron (neutral charge), proton (positive charge), and electron (negative charge). Positive and Negative charges dance around a nucleus or neutron charge, like a central shaft. 

A Neuter charge is Source/God; the Positive/Masculine charge is 'Kal-Niranjan/Mind/Time'; the Negative/Female charge is 'Illusion/Matrix/Maya.' Everything in this universe is a play of Mind and Illusion; both take power from the 3rd source. e.g. Hair could be braided with three balanced sections. OR A straight line has three parts: Start, Middle, and End.


It may sound funny, but 'Time' is also part of the illusion. Have you ever noticed that time seems to pass quickly when we are happy? The concept of time and space is the notion that the external world is a product of the creative play of Maya (illusion) and Mind. This universe is changing every second. From subtle microscopic changes to cosmic changes within the universe, all are governed by time. Lord of Time is Mind/Kal-Niranjan. Only God/Soul is timeless. Otherwise, everything is bound to change, and every change requires time.

There is cosmic time in the macrocosm, called yugas, and in the microcosm, called prana.

Five Sheaths/Veils/Koshas

He has placed himself inside of all his creation, but he is hidden underneath five curtains. These five sheaths are Physical/Annamaya, Energetic/Pranamaya, Mental/Manamaya, Wisdom/Vijnanamaya, and Bliss/Anandamaya koshas. All these koshas are covered in the previous article.

Three Grand Divisions of Creation

The creation is divided into three primary levels.

  1. Spiritual Region (Soul): This is where the Lord Himself dwells and may be defined as the purely Spiritual Region. It is the plane that provides power to all other regions. This is free from the haunt of death and destruction. Whoever reaches this region obtains true Salvation. Kal Niranjan (Negative power/Time/Death) has no control over this region. There is no veil (curtain/koshas) in this region.
  2. Spirituo-Material Region (Universal Mind): This is where pure Spirit and a subtle form of matter are combined in varying degrees. This is the region of the universal mind. This region changes at the universe's destruction in the Grand Dissolution (Maha Pralaya) and Dissolution (Pralaya). A man in this domain is safer than in the one below it. Kal does have control over this region. All the regions of demi-gods and supreme demi-gods come under Kal's area. There are at least two veils (Anandamaya Kosh and Vijnanamaya Kosh).
  3. Materio-Spiritual Region (Region below Dasam-Dwar): Spirit and matter in their grossest form are called "Aand." It is the sphere of Maya/Illusion or matter. In this region, the matter has the upper hand, and spirit is subordinate to it, so much so that the latter feels dependent on the former for its manifestation. Kal has complete control over this region. Kal is the creator of the laws of nature, which are to be obeyed by all as long as they live in the physical body. Depending on the plane's category, there are a minimum of 3 veils and a maximum of 5.

The 3 main divisions are further divided into: 7 lower planes and 7 higher planes. Name of the 7 higher planes (as compared to Earth) are: Satya-loka, Tapa-loka, Jana-loka, Mahar-loka, Svar-loka, Bhuvar-loka, Bhur-loka (Earth - Middle). The names of 7 lower planes are: Atala-loka, Vitala-loka, Sutala-loka, Talatala-loka, Mahatala-loka, Rasatala-loka, and Patala-loka. The lower planes are also called Hells.

What is World

This whole world is just a play of 5 things: Naam (Name), Roop (Form), Sat (Truth/God), Chit (Pure Consciousness), and Anand (Supreme Bliss). These five things are famously known as the 'world.' Out of these, Name and Form are destructible and bound to go through transformations. Truth-Consciousness-Bliss neither dies nor transforms. This peace is called by names like God/Supreme-Consciousness etc.

'Name' and 'Form' are composed of five essential elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. These five elements are tangible (matter), and everything in the 2nd and 3rd divisions comprises various combinations of these five essential elements. At the same time, Truth-Consciousness/Bliss is the true self of everyone. Truth-Consciousness-Bliss is not three different things. It is different dimensions of 1 item. Immortal, eternal, and unchanging. The body has been given to this self for a limited time, upon which it will be taken away (known as death).

Macrocosm exists in the microcosm of the human body

The human body is the veritable temple of God, and this microcosm works on the lines of the universe. The three divisions mentioned above also exist in man on a miniature scale. To know about the cosmos, you must first understand the microcosm.

e.g. [ It is like Hologram. Every part of a hologram contains the image of the whole object. So, if you cut a hologram of, say, a vase of flowers in two, each half of the hologram will show a vase of flowers, not a half-vase of flowers or a vase in one hologram and flowers in the other. And if you cut those hologram pieces in two again, you'll have four holographic pictures, each depicting an entire vase of flowers. The only difference between the original hologram and all its pieces is that they will show the vase of flowers from fewer directions so that the image will have less detail. In the same way, He is within creation, and creation is within Him. ]

  1. Soul represents the region of the spiritual division. It neither takes birth nor dies. It for forever stationary. It starts from the Crown chakra.
  2. Mind, or the mental plane, refers to that of the universal mind. It is made up of Sato gun with five essential elements. It is the source of power that derives the body. It starts from Ajna/Third-Eye chakra.
  3. Material planesconsist of three bodies: the Causal, the Astral, and the Physical. It starts from the lowest chakras (including seven lower chakras) and extends to the Ajna/Third-Eye chakra. The human body is made of 24 elements.
    1. Physical body (Sthul Sharir or Pind): It comprises five gross elements and all five koshas. It is active in a conscious/waking state. The primary purpose of the physical body is to gain the ultimate knowledge of the Truth, to enjoy the bliss of God and God-related spiritual pleasure in this very life, and to transcend to the abode of God after death. This is the purpose of life, but this physical body is bound to die.
    2. Astral body (Sukshma Sharir or Aand): It is the subtle, psychological or functional body, and it includes three koshas: Pranamaya, Manamaya, and Vijnanamaya. It is active in a dreamland state. It carries the basic instincts for the protection and survival of a living organism. It consists of the rest of the 19 elements, 5 Pranas (winds), 10 Indriyas (5 entrance and five exit senses), four functions of the Mind/Antahkarana, namely, Importer-Exporter/Manas, Storehouse/Chitta, Ego/Ahamkara, Intellect/Buddhi.
    3. Causal body (Karan Sharir or Brahmund): It is the body around our soul and is the root cause of the other two bodies. It includes only two koshas (Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya). Its activity is confined to the deep sleep state. The causal body carries the information or knowledge acquired during the previous births. The deep desire for worldly objects and pleasures goes along with it. The soul is firmly attached to this causal body. After the physical body's death, it goes with the non-liberated soul wherever the soul goes unless it is wholly detached or freed from it. Once the soul is completely detached from its causal body made of Maya, it goes to the abode of God.

There are seven chakras (although there are seven lower chakras) in the body, corresponding to the centers in the Cosmos. These, in turn, are reflections of those in the purely spiritual region.

Relationship between 3 divisions in terms of Soul, Mind, and Body

The body remains in the mother's womb, birth, childhood, youth, old age, etc., and finally dies. But Soul, being formless, is witness to all these stages of life. It watches this play and leaves the body on death like a snake that sheds its old skin and never looks back. Peace and disturbance are stages of the mind, and Soul is their witness. If we have two drawings on a piece of paper, one of a still horse while the other of a running horse, paper is the witness to both. Similarly, the Soul is forever stationary.

We are not the body (3rd division) or the mind (2nd division). We are Soul (1st division) that never dies. The body is subjected to the "Law of Change," but Soul is not. Our soul is the son of God because it is a part of Him. He is a prince that has lost his identity due to ignorance. We are part of the totality, which is God.

e.g. [ Water is part of a wave, is part of the ocean. The wave needs to understand this because it feels like a separate part. You are the water, and water is everywhere. All water makes up the ocean. A wave is born out of the ocean, is sustained by the ocean, disintegrates, and goes back into the ocean. This tiny wave of consciousness (the small I) is part of the totality. In other words, the water of the ocean is present as one. The winds cause ripples, tides, bubbles, and foam, but they are all nothing but another form of the same water. There is nothing else but water. The seemingly separate waves are water too. Similarly, the ocean of Truth-Consciousness-Bliss Formless is also gushing. Our consciousness acts like wind, creating the waves (world) and bubbles (body) that appear but are nothing more than forms of the same joyous ocean of God. Only that one ocean of joy is gushing; it is the final form, and the entire nature is God's form. ]

e.g. [ Once, in a village, there was an illiterate man and his wife. The man planned to visit Mela (Fair), but he was scared that he might be lost in the fair. He shared his feeling with his wife. His wife suggested that she will tie a rope around his neck. He should check his rope; if the rope is not there, he should know that he is lost; otherwise, if the rope is still in his neck, he is not lost. He agreed and wore a rope around his neck at the fair. He spent all day at the fair, and at night, someone asked him why he was wearing a rope around his neck, and he told them the reason. When the man went to sleep, those persons removed the rope from his neck and tied it to another man's neck. Now, when the illiterate man wake-up in the morning and checked the rope in his neck but could not find it. Instead, he found it in another person's neck. He started saying that "I am you, I am you." Everyone was laughing at this illiterate man. In the same way, we are Soul, but due to Illusion, we think we are the body. ]

Division of creation according to types of Species (84 Lakh/8.4 million)

God has also created 84 Lakh (8.4 million) (the figure includes several astral or non-physical entities in the 2nd and 3rd division) species.

Division of creation according to the method of birth (Born out of ___)

  1. Egg (Andaja) contains 21 Lakh (2.1 million) species.
  2. Mother's womb (Pindaja) contains 21 Lakh (2.1 million) species.
  3. Earth (Uthbhija) contains 21 Lakh (2.1 million) species.
  4. Sweat (Swedaja): It contains 21 Lakh (2.1 million) species.

Division of creation according to Type

  1. Water species: 9 Lakh (900 thousand) are in the water.
  2. Plants: 20 Lakh (2.0 million) types of plants.
  3. Insects and reptiles: 11 Lakh (1.1 million) species of insects and reptiles.
  4. Birds: 10 Lakh (1 million) species of birds.
  5. Beasts: 30 Lakh (3 million) species of beasts.
  6. Human: 4 Lakh (400 thousand) species of human.

Humans are the only specie that can meditate, have free will, and achieve God; any other species cannot meditate on God.

Division of creation according to the koshas:

All beings, from gods to man, as well as the other forms of life, including plants, are classified into five categories in relation to the preponderance of one or the other of the faculties:

  1. Purely cognitive beings, like the Trinity, etc. They have two koshas remaining, namely Anandamaya and Vijnanamaya. They are freed from the shackles of the mind, the pranas, and the need for foodstuff.
  2. Beings endowed with mind-stuff: All demi-gods and goddesses. These have three koshas remaining, namely Manamaya, Anandamaya, and Vijnanamaya. They are freed from the foodstuff and pranas.
  3. Beings endowed with pranic vibrations: Yakshar, Gandharvas, other spirits, etc. The four koshas remain Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manamaya, and Vijnanamaya. They are freed from foodstuff.
  4. Physical beings: Men, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, etc. The creatures endowed with physical bodies have all the five koshas or coverings in them in varying degrees of density.
  5. The liberated soul (Jivan Mukta) has but a transparent veil of Anandamaya Kosh. Spirit in its pure and unalloyed form is the creator, for all creation springs from it and is sometimes known as Shabd Brahm.

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